Chapter 63: Really from the Mafia

When Su Ke2Su KeMain Character thought about the urban rumor regarding Liu Fei Hong’s nickname as the man-eating demoness, his heart beat wildly. This is the real mafia! He might be able to deal with regular hooligans like yellow hair, but against their boss, he was powerless.

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The kind of people that attack her face death!

“Hu!” Su Ke deeply exhaled the stuffiness in his chest as he forcefully calmed his tensed heart. Besides, the situation had already reached this point, so he might as well calmly face it!

“Dīng!” At the sound, Su Ke suddenly lifted his head and saw Liu Fei Hong light a silver-white lighter. It looked like a high-class Zippo product. He could hear a sharp and clear sound before a small flame danced on the lighter. With her right hand, she took out a cigarette from the cigarette case.

Seeing Su Ke’s gaze that was directed at her, she gestured the cigarette in her hand to him before asking, “Want one?” At this time, Su Ke noticed that the cigarettes in Liu Fei Hong’s hand were not the kind of filter-tipped cigarettes that were meant for women.

“No need, I don’t smoke!” Su Ke hurriedly waved his hand. Her actions somewhat puzzled Su Ke because it totally didn’t seem like she was making things difficult for him. The more he pondered over it, the more he felt like it was weird. If she wanted revenge, she definitely wouldn’t have invited him to a meal!

Liu Fei Hong didn’t force Su Ke. After his refusal, she lit the cigarette and deeply breathed in a breath. After a moment, a faint silver smoke was blown out. The whole smoking process was done very smoothly. Hidden within the smoke, her appearance instantly seemed somewhat charming and alluring.

“Come over here and eat!” Liu Fei Hong naturally didn’t neglect Su Ke, as she invited him to dig in. However, Su Ke didn’t start eating even though the dishes before him were very appetizing. “May I know what business you have with me?”

Liu Fei Hong had already guessed that Su Ke would ask this question, so she smiled before replying, “I’m Qing Qing’s older sister!”

Su Ke was briefly stunned by her reply and he stared blankly at the lady before him. Liu Fei Hong and Liu Qing Qing. After careful contemplation, he noticed that their eyes and eyebrow areas had some resemblance, but in the next moment, another question suddenly appeared in his mind.

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He had already rejected Liu Qing Qing’s confession, so what does Boss Liu want to meet him for? Give her little sister some support?

It then turned out to be a feast at Hong Men.

“Eat!” Liu Fei Hong wasn’t as scary as the rumors, but from her every action, he noticed that she had a certain might as the female boss of the mafia. However, she was still approachable much more than what he imagined.

“En!” Su Ke nodded his head. This time, he didn’t think about Liu Fei Hong’s purpose for her actions, as he now had Liu Qing Qing as his buffer. Liu Qing Qing’s older sister shouldn’t have any bad intentions towards him. Thinking until here, Su Ke began to fill his belly.

All along, Liu Fei Hong had a smile on her face and it seemed like she had a good impression of Su Ke’s performance. Since it was like that, she watched Su Ke eating down the food. Only when her cigarette was burnt down to the butt did she open her mouth to speak.

“I invited you here because I actually need your help with a certain matter!” Even though Liu Fei Hong and Su Ke were separated by a big table filled with dishes, her sentence seemed like it came out together with the flower pick up system’s beeping sound in his mind.

Su Ke was distracted. When he lifted his head during that moment, he entered the system’s space. On the LCD screen, there was another line regarding the new mission.

“Mission: Accept Liu Fei Hong’s Request. Reward: High School English Proficiency (Advanced Level).”

“Woah, this mission has prospects!” Su Ke’s heart was in ecstasy. The reward was very helpful for him to have on next week’s monthly test. No matter what, he had to accept Liu Fei Hong’s request.

“Sister Fei Hong, please tell me what I have to do!” Since Su Ke was now aware that she’s Liu Qing Qing’s older sister, and with his training from the Humble Fragrance, he had the courage to call other girls sister. Sure enough, when Su Ke called her sister, she smiled at him.

“How should I put it? Qing Qing’s personality has actually had some problems in the past due to family circumstances. Due to our father passing away at an early age, it caused her to often seemed eccentric and introverted. Other than those two girls that might be called her friends, she basically never communicates with anyone!”

While speaking about her, Liu Fei Hong’s expression became somewhat bleak. She then unconsciously took out another cigarette and lit it.

After exhaling a puff of smoke, she slowly opened her mouth, “Of course, I won’t allow anybody with ulterior motives to approach her!”

Su Ke felt a sudden chill. Looking at Liu Fei Hong’s sneer, he believed that she had already eliminated a great number of people with ulterior motives. Otherwise, just with Liu Qing Qing’s appearance, there should be a lot of people wooing her. Until now though, she hasn’t dated a single guy.

“You’re the only one that she took the initiative to approach her. Also, I found out that Qing QIng seems to have confessed to you!”

“Uh! I didn’t agree though! After all, everyone is still currently in the studying phase, so it would be best to not get distracted!” Su Ke hurriedly explained as he was afraid that Liu Fei Hong would misunderstand him. For the sake of protecting her little sister, she would surely eliminate him and make him a disabled person. He didn’t doubt for a second that Liu Fei Hong had that kind of ability.

“You don’t have to be so nervous, I won’t really object if you two dated. I’ve seen the video of you catching the thief. The falling of a single leaf heralds autumn, so I believe that you aren’t a bad child!” Seeing how nervous Su Ke was, she could think of what he was worried about. Afterall, she was the older sister that even hatefully despises young love.

Su Ke hurriedly nodded his head before agreeing. “That’s right, I’m really a good person!”

“So, I hope that when you’re free, you would spend some time to accompany her. She’s actually really lonely!” When she spoke those words, her voice unconsciously softened and her expression exposed how much she pampered her little sister.

“En, no problem. Actually, I had already promised Liu Qing Qing that when I’m free I would accompany her! Uh, Sister Fei Hong, is this what you invited me to help you with?”

“Yes, so I’ll leave this task to you then. If you encounter any problems in the future, you can come here and find me. I owned this restaurant, so you can find me here most of the time if you ever need me. Of course, calling me will also do!” Liu Fei Hong then nodded her head after she finished talking.

“Please rest assured that leaving this problem to me is the best solution!” Su Ke was all smiles because of the beep coming from the flower pickup system, indicating that the mission was now completed and his high school English test won’t be an issue.

At this moment, a ringtone sounded from the phone that Liu Fei Hong had left on the sofa. Nodding her head at Su Ke, she stood up and walked over to it before picking up the black phone. When Liu Fei Hong heard the voice on the other end, her expression instantly turned dark and angry.

“What?! You said the five brothers are injured?”

“Who let you decide to take people there? Is there nothing in your head?”

“What should we do? You still have the nerve to ask me something like that? Go and call some other people right now! Also, give Second Brother Xu a call, have him gather everyone under him. Since it’s started already, we’ll go all the way. Go!”

Su Ke then watched Liu Fei Hong hang up the phone. Her expression was still somewhat dark and she was frowning. Su Ke’s heart was suddenly alarmed. Does this mean that the mafia is going to have a fight? She’s 100% a man-eating demoness.

When Liu Fei Hong returned, she suddenly had two racks of RMB that looked to be around $20,000 RMB. “Accompany her some more, you even take her shopping if you like. First of all, take the money and just regard it as this elder sister giving it to you so that the two of you can buy the things you want!” She then put the money down on the lazy susan and turned it to Su Ke.

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