Chapter 39- War Council

Lousphy didn’t like having to wear the armor that she was in. The carriage that Lousphure was put in was also more of a hindrance to her and the baby than protection. She knew that no normal means could hurt her child from what Brandon told her. She was rocking him with a single hand, as two humans ran into the command post.

“General, the left flank is falling.” (soldier)

Lousphy turned toward the table, and had it renewed. It was true that the flank was falling. The damage done to the wall there had made it a perfect target for a breach. She devoted more troops there than normal, and it was now time to set her trap in motion.

“Order the left flank to fall back to the middle lines. Anywhere they can fit, as long as it’s on the eastern side of the stream.” (Lousphy)


Suddenly, three flags above her went up, then more were raised  in the distance. Her sight then went directly to the battlefield.

“Prepare the bombardment. Anti-aerial support, get ready as well. Reserves, prepare to secure the flanks. After everything is completed, signal everyone to secure the wall again.” (Lousphy)

Lousphy could see more of the horde of demon minions flood over the breach and some went into the angled line as most of the others spread out into the opened field. She waited right until she could see the white of a leopardo minion’s eye, before calling the bombardment. It got within spears length of her before an explosion landed between them as cannons started destroying anything between her and the wall. She saw the claw that was reaching toward her land at her feet, so she picked it up, then threw it out of the command post. As predicted. the aerial units were sent in and Lousphy gave the command for the griffin and pegasus squads to get airborne as well. She then rolled her shoulder in her armor, she would much prefer to be in less constricting things than silver.


It took another six hours to cause the losses to the demon hoard to be great enough that Lousphy sent a direct attack at their base camps. The success of the raid was far greater than she hoped for, and she exhaustedly sat down. Lousphure just laid there, watching the battle unfold in silence. Lousphy rocked the cradle a few more times, before closing her eyes. When she opened them again, it was to another female angel shaking her arm.

“General, you have a visitor.” (Angel)

Lousphy moved her arm, then leaned forward to see her child.

“How long has it been since my last report?” (Lousphy)

Her subordinate immediately answered.

“About an hour ago, madam.” (Angel)


Lousphy exhaled hard. There’s no helping it, she thought.

“Are they coming, or am I going out to meet them?” (Lousphy)

All she did was look over her shoulder, then she saw that a dragon was looking in.

“Luna, it’s been some time.” (Lousphy)

Luna nodded in response.

“I heard you were using some of the tactics that David taught you.” (Luna)

Lousphy squinted her eyes.

“Taught?” (Lousphy)

Luna nodded again.

“He teaches by showing. Our war games were far from just entertainment, you know. To the point though, I’m here now. We can go into pleasantries and politics afterward.” (Luna)


Luna lifted her head out of the doorway and Lousphy knew she would prefer to talk somewhere less constrained. Lousphy went to the doorway, but didn’t go past it.

“Speak up Luna.” (Lousphy)

Luna bowed her head. After they were alone, she began speaking.

“Well, David is going to be having a gathering of demons2demonsspecies shortly. These ones are similar to David, and don’t wish to be apart of the civil war, they wish to relish in what they currently have. I don’t know exactly what David has planned, but he wants me to request that we find a suitable area of land for this meeting. David needs to show his pull in this situation, his pull with the divine specifically. So, we thought that we could have the meeting in a divine realm, a realm that’s known to every demon around. It’s the realm of heroes, of course.” (Luna)


Lousphy took a moment to grasp this concept for a minute.

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“Wait, are you telling me David, whom is a conniving mastermind that can set plans ahead of time, decades or even centuries in avance, is wanting to go back to the one place that every demon fears?” (Lousphy)

Luna thought about that.

“Well, not exactly. David isn’t afraid of that realm after all.” (Luna)

Lousphy paused, stumped. Luna cupped her claws under her body as she laid down and looked past Lousphy to a baby carriage.

“They grow up fast, don’t they?” (Luna)

Lousphy turned around, then smiled.

“I don’t even have to give my milk to him anymore. He’s already walking and has started talking a little bit.” (Lousphy)


Luna nodded.

“Mine are speaking perfectly, as I had weeks after I hatched. They groom and care for themselves now, but they love being around their dad. Originally, I desired young to help out David, but in the end, I’m afraid to lose them and leave them in town most days. I love them and everything, but there are a few things I just can’t bare. I couldn’t bare to lose you or David either.” (Luna)

Lousphy put a hand on her red gauntlet. Luna then took a deep breath and held it for a moment before releasing it.

“Well, I have other things to do, and girl talk wasn’t on the agenda.” (Luna)

Luna raised herself up, then she was soon already in the air. After raising over the flagpoles, she vanished. She wondered when Luna gained the power to traverse realms without a proper gate. After a sigh, she went back in and started rocking Lousphure again. A few minutes later, she was about to fall asleep, when she heard someone else come into the command post.

“Madam General. A few of the officers were wondering what the dragon wanted?” (angel)


Lousphy opened her eyes.

“My husband rules a realm of his own. It’s the one I used to watch over. She….” (Lousphy)

Lousphy stopped to smile.

“She’s a personal friend that cares for my husbands needs. I just got an unusual request that I need to take to the higher ups. Send word to Sir Ralph. Tell him that my husband has an unusual request.” (Lousphy)

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David was sitting on his throne and watching the news about the incidents from around the realms. He then felt a presence he was expecting, but not how he wished for the meeting to start, as he grabbed the intruding angel by the neck.

“I have a door for a reason. Use it next time.” (David)

David then let go of Sir Ralph, and flicked his finger, causing the television to rise and shut off.

“Lousphy sent you, as I expected. Can I get you anything? Bourbon or a baked potato?” (David)

Sir Ralph rubbed his neck, not realizing how powerful the demon had become.

“No thank you. I came here because of your unusual request.” (Sir Ralph)


David leaned back into his throne.

“There have been several requests of me to aid other overlords. Some wish for me to join the fighting, but I won’t. Others wish to only be left alone with their holdings. Of them, there are twenty three that have a force of ten thousand or more. So, these few will be chosen to come to the meeting. All of the rest of them will have to fall in line with one of these houses, while some already have. They wish for me to oversee this meeting, and given that they are demons, they demand that a tribute of power be shown. By now, it’s known that I have terms with your kind. So, I need use of one of your realms. Now, I know you would probably outright refuse….” (David)

Sir Ralph cut him off.

“Not at all. Worse comes to worse, we get rid of a few powerful demons. Their hoards should be easy enough to handle without leadership.” (Sir Ralph)


David smiled slightly.

“So, no games this time. Each member will be allowed only one escort. The realm we want is” (David)

David was cut off again.

“The Realm of Heroes. It’s the obvious choice. Each of them will have to bring all that they desire for this meeting, as I doubt they’ll trust anything that we bring.” (Sir Ralph)

David scratched his chin.

“Actually, that’s my responsibility. However, I’ll be under the same restraints as all the others. I only get one escort, which will be Luna. Well now, I’ll have to tell the cooks, suitors, and everyone else that they’re needed now. The final thing however….” (David)


David paused, then Sir Ralph took the opening.

“A Divine security force. Heros that are the bane to each overlord as well as extra personnel of both mortal and angel kind.” (Sir Ralph)

David looked at the console by his right hand, then he pushed a button.

“Luna!” (David)

A voice came over the speaker on the side of his throne.

“Master, this is the third armory. Luna is on six.” (Speaker)


David sighed, as the connection was broken and he lifted his finger off the button. He swore a few times to himself about the blasted thing, before finally hitting six.

“Luna!” (David)

Her voice soon came over the speaker.

“I’m on my way now. Please wait five seconds.” (Luna)

A few seconds passed, then Luna came through the back doors with a trolley stacked high of gold.

“I did say no games this time. This is to cover costs on your end of things if you agree. War isn’t cheap, and I’m very rich. One more thing…. They want everything prepared by the end of the week.” (David)

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