Chapter 40- Council of Demons

David sat at the head of the table as he pet the top of Luna’s head. She was giving the best cold stare that she could, down the line of plates and chairs. After a minute of that, she stopped then David took his hand back.

“Just like that David?” (Luna)

David put a hand to his forehead.

“You need more malice in your stare. Maybe some low growls as well.” (David)

Luna took the pose again. This time, her stare was a little less void of emotion, but she soon stopped and shook her head.

“I can’t hold a pose like that for three days straight.” (Luna)

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David gripped his forehead again.

“Why not let her be by herself?” (guard)


David lifted his hand away.

“You hear something?” (David)

Luna looked around.

“Probably just one of the flies that are buzzing around. This acting rehearsal is pointless and becoming annoying.” (Luna)

Luna reached behind her, then gnawed under her wing for a moment. She came out with a black bug, then crushed and swallowed it.

“That’s the fifth one in an hour. For something that keeps trying to gnaw on my scales, they’re tasty.” (Luna)

David looked up at Luna, then smiled.

“That face. That one right there.” (David)

Luna became confused and David sighed as he slumped back into his seat. Suddenly, he saw someone approaching him, so he returned to his official sitting position.

“Lord Adam.” (David)


The angel stood at David’s side.

“I don’t know the strings you can pull demon, but I do hope that whatever you’re planning better not bode ill on my realm.” (Lord Adam)

David sighed, then slumped down again.

“I have no plans. I was asked to intermediate a meeting. You’ve been told what is requested of you. If any demon, even me, breaks their word, you can slaughter us to your heart’s content. There’s one meeting. When they arrive, they’re to come here. When the meeting is finished, they are to immediately leave. This is as far as being neutral to every participant I can get. Personally, I would rather have it setup in my own realm, but it is what it is. I do have a few concerns as well. You may not know this, but when demons2demonsspecies gather; we’re rather loud, obnoxious, and vile to the senses to everyone but ourselves. Caution yourself about this.” (David)


David then had a thought.

“Take every precaution you can think of. Each of these demons likely have been in control of their realms for three thousand years or more. Each one is strong enough to take on the leaders of the warring demon factions when they were in their beginnings. The only reason why they

re not now is because they want to seize control of them. It would cost too much for what little would be gained.” (David)

David then turned to Luna.

“I could go for an apple slider.” (David)

Luna left David’s side, then went into an icebox and brought out a premade smoothie. She gently put it in David’s hand. He took a sip before looking back at Adam.

“No, no harm will come to you or your realm. There will only be reputation or damage around this table. The only one’s reputation at risk is mine.” (David)

David then slouched in his seat again, as he sipped his drink before setting it to the side and straightening his back. Luna took position as well.

“Perhaps, if I come in after flying?” (Luna)

David sighed.

“That would seem like it would abuse the power that’s granted to us in this realm.” (David)


David knew one thing for sure…., the other demons were going to be punctual. Three hours after the first one arrived, the last did. David overlooked them in amusement as each of them sat down, with their escorts standing on the right. Some of them were the same types of demon as others, while some had those types as servants. Three others had wyrms and there was one at the table that was a wyrm demon. Luna looked at them and knew immediately that she could take each of them in wyrm combat. After the last one was seated, David waited for a minute before snapping his fingers and plates of food and drink were set in front of each of them. They watched each other eat so they could find out what each of them prefered. David sat there drinking red wine. After about ten minutes of gluttony, the wyrm demon started to think about getting food from his neighbors, and in the middle of trying, David exerted a vast amount of demonic power.

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“At my table, you follow my rules. You only eat what you’re given.” (David)


David snapped his fingers again, and the wyrm demon’s food and drinks were taken away and replaced with a trough of water.

“If you want to act like an animal, go ahead and be my guest.” (David)

Everyone there looked at the wyrm demon for his response, then he slowly dipped his head and started drinking the water until the trough was dry. This point was made to all the demons present.

“Now, you’re all here. I’m currently hosting you in a neutral realm that we chose. As long as the rules that were set are followed, each of you shall return whence you came. If one of you get it in your head to start something that’s not agreeable to everyone else however, then each and every one of us shall perish.” (David)

David raised his hand.

“Go ahead, continue eating your fills.” (David)


Instead of someone taking another bite, he spoke.

“This is a matter that concerns each and every one of us. We are followers of the old supreme one, but we each know that the moment he’s dead, we’re to either immediately chose a side, or be destroyed as well. Each one of us has grown powerful under his rule. So, I ask what can be done to prevent our downfall?” (Orc Overlord)

The wyrm demon stood up before responding.

“We can have the trial of blood. Whoever’s the victor will reign with the power of all of us.” (Wyrm Overlord)

A second person spoke next.

“You only say that knowing he wouldn’t be apart of it.” (Satan Overlord)

Another one then said.

“The one that barks the loudest is usually the weakest.” (Elemental Overlord)

The wyrm suddenly stood up.

“I’ll show you who’s weak!” (Wyrm Overlord)


The wyrm didn’t notice David had a sword to his until he finished speaking.

“One more time, Wyilong. Try starting something one more time, and I’ll behead you as an example to keep the rest in line.” (David)

Wyilong sat back down after hearing that.

“Of course, host.” (Wyilong)

David floated back to his seat and sat down with his blade still unsheathed. The one to the left of the wyrm then said.

“He’s correct though. It would be the only sure way to have someone with enough strength to match an overlords spawn.” (Orc Overlord)

Someone at the other end of the table across from David, then said.

“Who here is confident enough that they’re able to be the victor in such a contest though?” (Troll Overlord)


They all turn to look at David at that moment for his answer.

“As I said earlier….I won’t partake. I’m only here to advise and keep the peace as a host.” (David)

David took another drink of wine, then Luna noticed his cup was nearly empty, so she grabbed a bottle and filled it up again. Suddenly, the oldest demon there spoke, who was over five thousand years old, and the first one to arrive, so he sat right next to David.

“So, we either go with the old ways, or we try something new. Never in my days have I ever dreamed of one day setting foot in this realm and leaving it alive. but here I am. The second part has yet to come, but there’s still a chance. Personally, I would prefer a different path than something that I would have less than a ten percent chance of winning in.” (Sage Overlord)

Wyilong kept quiet, despite opening his jaws to speak. He knew his chances, as the rest of them did. Many of them were lucky enough to have a one percent chance, while everyone else had nothing better than eight. Wyilong raised up again to speak.

“I was born a proud wyrm, but I’m now also a demon through my parasite demon. Every day that passes, I know that we each know what we are. Let’s not forget that no matter what we do, we do it as demons.” (Wyilong)


Then, there was silence. David could tell that each and every one of them had no idea how they were going to survive. After an acceptable five minutes passed, David stood up.

“Well then, I’m here to give advice. I have a suggestion…., learn from your enemies.” (David)

The ones that were immediately within David’s reach understood the comment, but the others were a bit puzzled. Wyilong did the obvious.

“Don’t speak in riddles! We can’t learn anything from your siblings that we don’t already know.” (Wyilong)

David sighed, then sat down again. The one on his right spoke again.

“He speaks of the heroes around us who won’t hesitate to cut your head off, you barbaric wyrm. He also suggested for us to use what the heroes and kings call the noble system.” (Sage overlord)

Wyilong sat back down, and finally noticed that his trough had been refilled with wine, so he started drinking it. After he was done, he gave enough thought on the matter.

“It could work…. It works for mortals after all. Grudges last though, and each one of us here has at least one with someone else here. It may just last until the end of the inheritance war, but that may be long enough. I think it’s time that I heed a wyrm part of me that I rarely use…. Just sitting down and listening.” (Wyilong)

Which is exactly what he did, as well as David.

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