Chapter 41- Meeting Adjourned

There were four days worth of discussions. David watched each and every demon make a blood oath on the skin paper agreement, which was faster than predicted. David was the one that wrote it up to how they desired it, and he was overlooking it, as each demon’s name appeared in their own blood beside the symbol of their house. David carefully covered it in wolf skin before rolling it up. He could tell that many wished he joined them. He raised his hand, then snapped his fingers while pointing at the ground to signal for an angel to come over to him. He did this so the angel can hear the end of the meeting, and begin to prepare for the departing overlords.

“It’ll take about an hour for you to be escorted back to your individual realms. If you have other means, you may use them if you wish now. By now, it might’ve been noticed that you’re vacant from your individual realms. As the host of this meeting, I’m obligated to assist them in their defenses if need be over the next week. After that, my obligations end. If you have any individual trades, deals, or any other form of discussion to perform, now’s the opportune time.” (David)

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Many of the demons2demonsspecies took hold of their escorts to either take them with them, or be taken. About half a dozen demon lords remained, one of which came up to David.

“I would like to have a word with your dragon.” (Wyilong)

David raised his hand to wave the rest of the attendees, then quickly gave up.

“Whatever, I’m stuck here until you all leave anyways. Just…. don’t take forever.” (David)

Wyilong moved in front of Luna as she was digging under her wing. She brought out two bugs, then crunched them.

“Pesky things. I’ll have to go through a cleaning before returning home.” (Luna)


Wyilong looked at her, a little surprised. Scale bugs were extremely hard shelled, but she ate them easily.

“Well, get on with it.” (Luna)

Wyilong raised his head back.

“We know someone in common. How’s Vuirty? I wish to know.” (Wyilong)

Luna was about to go under her wing again, thinking the other wyrm just wanted to socialize with the only other one left there, but stopped.

“Give me one good reason why I should tell you.” (Luna)

Wyilong lowered his head.

“She birthed me.” (Wyilong)


After twenty minutes of explaining a shortened version of his life, Luna gained a new perspective of the pain Vuirty must have went through in her life.

“I wasn’t always a demon. This curse was unwantedly cast on me by a leach demon that I eventually overcame. I’ve used it to protect many of our kind, but at the expense of other kinds. I know that among everyone here, I’m the weakest based off my army and body. I may just barely make the grade because many of my numbers are wyrms, but they don’t actually fight. Out of the eleven thousand in my realm, only fifteen hundred are real warriors. I’m not in poverty but I know my means barely support me and my realm. I have neither the means to expand, nor the importance to be conquered.” (Wyilong)


Luna came from under her wing and brought out several more bugs.

“They seem to multiply every minute. They are tasty snacks. but they quickly become dull.” (Luna)

She crunched down two, while a third escaped her. As it was scurrying away, Wyilong clamped it under his claw.

“So, why tell me this then? If you want to meet your mother, I can give you her coordinates to the realm she watches over. It’s one of David’s by the way, so you better go there in peace.” (Luna)

Wyilong lifted his claw, and his body had already absorbed the bug.

“I’m tempted too, but no. One day, we shall meet again, but I wish for it under proper conditions.” (Wyilong)

Another bug crawled from under Luna and went toward Wyilong. It jumped on him, then his body absorbed it.

“There was a plague of these in my realm once. They killed over three hundred before we figured out that they don’t like the cold. Go somewhere where there’s ice for a few days, and they’ll vanish.” (Wyilong)


Luna nodded in response.

“She’s well. There’s a hole in her life, but she’s at peace and content.” (Luna)

Wyilong stood up, then saw three more bugs come from Luna toward him.

“I bet the other wyrms are being driven mad by those by now. Well, I’ve now finished all I wish to do here.” (Wyilong)

Wyilong turned to leave, but suddenly stopped.

“I’m tempted to try and rape you, but after hearing the tale of how your half breed mate stood his own ground to Xolrum, it gives me second thoughts to attack the stronger of you two. About time that someone showed him his place. Wyrms with malice in their core should never live long.” (Wyilong)


Wyilong turned away.

“I learned that the hard way.” (Wyilong)

After a moment, he took to the skies, then realm hopped like Luna can. Luna flapped her wings, causing over a dozen bugs to fly off of her.

“David, I have things to do right now. I’ll be gone for about a week.” (Luna)

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David just raised his hand in response to signal to her that she could go.


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