Chapter 108: I feel like I’ve lost something very precious.

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In my battle against Scala, the momentum turned in her favor the moment I used【Tension magic】.


I directly attacked with a red fist of flame, so she crossed her hands to guard, but she wasn’t able to resist the intense flames, causing her to end up getting blown away.
“Aa!! Why am I not able to fight normally!?”

Scala complained, as she thought about her incomprehensible lack of strength. She didn’t even seem to be hurt from my attacks. While watching her moan in irritation, I revealed a slightly exhausted expression.

This woman is tough…

I’ve been striking her enough to make her give up, but she isn’t showing any sign of getting tired. Looks like【Tension magic】doesn’t influence her overly tough body. I’m the one who’s feeling like giving up here. She’s impressive.

I should defeat her with this attack.

I then silently clenched my fist. I’m the one who’s leading the fight this time around, and despite looking fine, Scala must be damaged as well. She doesn’t have any external wounds, but her breathing patterns reveal that she’s gradually getting tired. That’s natural after receiving all those strikes from me.

“I’m not gonna miss you next time!!”
Scala howled wrathfully; then she created a dark-reddish mist that surrounded her.

“What’s that?”
“I don’t have the patience to name all my skills, but this one will internally destroy anything it hits.”

With a plain face, she explained it to me while growing the black-reddish mist surrounding her. I thought that this was just an ordinary battle, but this woman is really planning to kill me.
I then cautiously observed Scala after hearing her explanation because I was expecting her to use an annoying skill like this.

“Do your best not to die.”
“Don’t use it if you don’t want me to die!”

While retorting to her ridiculous comment, I bent backward and readily dodged the Scala that rushed towards me with a black-reddish mist around her. Her movements became quite slow due to the tension magic skill, so I was able to continue to dodge her attacks without much difficulty.
“Ah! Why? Why am I not able to hit you!?”

Since I was evading all of her punches, she shouted at me and revealed her impatience. Instead of replying to her shout, I guarded one of her attacks before approaching her and punching her in the abdomen.

Her originally strong build made her nearly immune to my punches, but she staggered a bit from this one. Because of that, she dropped her guard for a brief moment, giving me a great chance to attack her.
I instantly teleported behind her before clenching my fist and preparing to hit her from behind.

The moment I uttered the spell, violently burning flames covered my fist. The flames that used to only cover my hand reached all the way to my shoulders this time as they stabbed Scala with an unbelievable speed.

A tremendous explosion suddenly occurred because of my fist clad in flames laying a direct hit and causing Scala to get blown away all the way to the mountains. A huge amount of dust clouds covered the area she fell in before a short moment of silence overwhelmed it.
BakuFuuKen is a combination of the explosion of BakuHatsuKen and the speed of ShiPuKen.
It’s the only technique that I could think of to blow Scala away. I wonder if she fainted with that.
Did I defeat her?
I then approached the place where Scala had fallen to find her laying down on the ground in a huge crater that I made that mowed down the trees all around us.
While I was staring at Scala just laying there for a while, she finally stood up.

“Ah, that was pretty effective.”
She then walked out from the dust clouds with tattered clothes, but still looking totally unharmed.
“Hey, come on now. This must be a joke…”

How was she able to stay so lively after receiving that punch?…
I revealed a dry smile after seeing her standing there like nothing had happened, but even that smile couldn’t show up on my face since it was twitching in irritation.

“Why are you still so lively?…”
“Well, I’m not really that lively. A few parts of my body are hurting even now.”
Sounds like a lie to me.
Scala then moved her arms around to check and see if she was wounded somewhere. I guess that’s the true difference in our levels. Out of all the people stronger than me that I’ve fought until now, I’ve never seen someone as tough as her.
I knew that she was in a different dimension than me, but not this far.
As I stared at Scala with a dumbfounded face, she finished checking over her body before turning around and looking at me happily.

“This is still the first time in a long time that I’ve felt this pain.”
She spoke with a delighted tone before she glared at me and continued.
“Thanks to you, I’m feeling fired up.”

She instantly started creating the same ambiance, causing her hair to stand up.
Of course, I would hide my astonished expression after realizing what she was about to do.

W-Wait! Just wait!? How is she able to use that!?

Her motivations must have been lowered because of my tension magic, but she’s about to use a skill that requires intense emotions. When I tried thinking about the reason why she could use it, I came up with a certain supposition, causing me to be in awe.

Did she take back the amount of tension I lowered?

Scala was delighted to have met someone that can harm her to such an extent. That delight raised the tension I took from her using my skill.

Ah, this cheat woman…

I know that I’m not in any position to be complaining about cheat abilities, but this is still too much.
The first thing I thought about doing in this situation was using【Tension magic】on her again.
“Tension down.”

I quietly chanted the name of the skill and a faint blue light appeared before surrounding her. Scala looked somewhat pained from the blue light for a moment, but she then quickly acted like usual.
“It won’t work!!”

It looks like her emotions were so intense, that despite lowering her tension, she ended up taking it back immediately. Just how delighted is she?!
“Ahahaaha!! I can fight with all my powers now!!”

Scala screamed with a good temper as her hair stood up. Come on, this is going too far. She’s making her way through everything!
Since she overcame my skill with brute force, I started contemplating another way to fight back. It’s not like I don’t have any other means to resist, just that I don’t really prefer to use that method. At this rate, I’m definitely going to get murdered by Scala.

I guess I have no other choice…

After strengthening my resolve, I went to give Scala a little warning.
“I’m going to defeat you now, but I can spare you if you give in. What do you say?”
“If you don’t surrender, I will defeat you.”

Scala tilted her head after hearing my incomprehensible declaration, but as expected of her, she guessed that I was about to do something unprecedented, causing her to be more delighted.
“Interesting! What are you gonna do?! Show me already!”
“You’re really crazy.”

Did she realize that I was giving her a warning just now?
I let out a sigh after watching her getting overly delighted over what I’m about to do. Maybe I’m not going to do it, after all. It can’t be helped I guess; I already said that I’m doing it. Feeling a bit down because I was about to do something I didn’t want to, I resolved myself and prepared for my last measure.

“Tension change.”
The moment I chanted the spell, a green light surrounded both me and Scala. Unlike the blue light, this light gently surrounded us and made me feel particularly hot inside.
It’s hot. My heart is burning and my mood is getting elated.
I wonder what this feeling is? I can sense myself smirking for nothing. Everything suddenly seems so unimportant to me. I only want to concentrate on the battle I’m in now.
“Haha… hahahaha!!”

Before I realized it, I was laughing because of extreme delight and pleasure. It was the kind of laugh that usually wouldn’t leave my mouth. It was like I changed into a different person.
The only way to relieve this elated feeling would be to defeat the enemy in front of me.
“W-What!? I’m out of strength again!! … and what’s this sudden feeling of laziness…?!”

Scala was confused while exuding an unusually lazy ambiance. Her standing hair went back to normal and the aura she was exhibiting had just now vanished. She looked around her body trying to find out the reason for her sudden mood change, but I wasn’t so passionate to wait for her to do that.

“What are you blankly staring at? Let’s resume the fight already!”
“Eh, w-wait!?”
“Not even in your dreams!”

I then lost complete control and assaulted Scala like a savage beast. Scala immediately took a defensive posture and followed my movements with her eyes, but soon after, she was astonished.
“You’re too slow!”

While making sure that she was guarding her front, I teleported behind her and punched her head. She was about to fall down after receiving my unpredictable strike, but I then instantly teleported to her front and kicked her away. Her chin faced the sky as she floated in the air.
I didn’t stop there though.
I created a strong wind that circled around my arm while I kept grinning.
With speed faster than sound, my first was a direct hit on Scala.

Scala was blown away over the mountains and destroyed all the trees that she bumped against on her way until she disappeared from my sight.
While watching her flying into the distance, I had a pleasant feeling of satisfaction as I looked up at the sky.
I’m in a really good mood. I wonder why I’m feeling this hot and brimming with energy?

I see. I understand.

I finally found out the genuine reason behind this feeling. I wonder why I didn’t notice it until now; why I didn’t notice that the battle that I thought was nothing but a pain is actually this entertaining?
The reason for my sudden character change is related to the skill that I just used. Tension change. It serves as a switch my mood for my enemy. Before using it, I only thought about this fight as a troublesome pain and wanted to go back home as soon as possible. I was full of negative energy. On the other side, Scala was brimming with energy and delight.
This is the outcome of swapping moods with Scala.
Tension magic helps raise the power of skills the more that person’s tension increases.

Due to its effect, I was able to bring up more strength in my skills.

More, More!!!

I want to defeat more people and enjoy myself some more.
I already became addicted to the sensation of punching Scala in the head and desired more.
The intense craving for punching her some more inadvertently pushed me to teleport in the direction she flew in after bumping against 10 or more trees and finding her shaking her head while complaining in pain.

“Daa! What’s going on!? How did he power up that much…!”
“It’s because I’m feeling great!”
I answered Scala’s utter with an exhilarated voice, causing her to immediately stand up in a fluster. She did receive some damage, but she still looked lively. My usual reaction would be to make an annoyed face, but this time around, I was grateful to her toughness. I was genuinely happy that she was still lively because I thought that I could use that skill on her.

“W-What’s up with that face? Disgusting.”
I answered her with a loud voice, “Don’t mind it. I’m feeling happy right now.”
I was probably smirking even though I haven’t done so once in my life. I didn’t know that fighting someone was so enjoyable. Although, no matter how delighted I feel, I still can’t overcome the barriers of magic and stamina.
I don’t want to faint in the middle of the fight for a lame reason like running out of magic.
That’s why I decided to launch a flashy final skill.

“Next! My next move will be the last one. Do your best not to die!”
I warned Scala, while pointing at her with my index finger.
She revealed a dumbfounded expression at first, but she instantly changed it into an interested grin.
“Interesting. Do it if you can!”
Scala then formed the black-reddish mist that surrounded her again and rushed towards me, although it was less intimidating with her current mood.

“You’ve been way too easy to read!!”
Following that scream, I created a wall of the earth below me. Scala reacted to its abrupt appearance, but she bumped into it because she was too late to stop her movements.
Of course, I wasn’t expecting her to be stopped by a wall.

After she destroyed the wall, the first thing that entered her line of sight was me close by and already clenching my fist. The wall was just a distraction to make her lose sight of me for a brief moment.
While preparing my fist, I launched the strongest and greatest punch I could think of.

“Full Blast!”
My first was then covered with a strange orange light that seemed to condense all of my strength into. Eventually, the orange color reached a dazzling amount of brightness, which I took as a sign to attack her.

“Get blown!!”
Along with that howl, I layed a direct hit on Scala’s abdomen, making reveal a tormented face she had never shown before, before obliquely flying away.

Full blast.
It’s a skill I created as a secret move before fighting against Scala. It allows me to condense all my strength in my fist and release it in one punch. However, as compensation for using it, I will be unable to move for 10 minutes. To top it off, I will start feeling extremely lazy and using it again will become impossible. It was just like the 【Skill creation (with restraint)】mentioned about the skill disappearing one it’s used.
It was really a secret skill. Scala must be over from that.
Watching her getting blown away, I gradually started feeling befuddled.

“Ah, that’s why I can’t stop fighting!!”
I screamed with a satisfied face while looking up at the sky. This refreshing feeling. The only thing that could make me like this is fighting!
“More! Let’s fight Mor–?!”

My heart and body were still boiling from excitement, but the green light suddenly covered me again. Looks like I’m already out of time.
I stopped screaming and gave up to the green light that eventually vanished after taking effect.
At that time, I stiffened in place and thought quietly about one thing.

I want to die…

That was the only thought I had in mind after going back to my usual mood. I can’t move my body after using the full blast skill, but if I could, I would have buried myself in a hole.
What was wrong with me earlier?!
What did I mean by ‘that’s why I can’t stop fighting?!’ If I could stop, I would have long ago!!
Changing my mood was the only way to win against Scala, but giving up my pride that way made me feel like dying. Even though I won against her, I feel like I’ve lost something very precious in return.

Let’s just take a rest for now…

Let’s just heal the heart that was wounded more than my body from this fight.

I don’t think I can keep living my life otherwise.

I then promised myself not to use the mood swap skill anymore before closing my eyes.
All of a sudden, I terrifying presence struck me out of nowhere.

I unintentionally turned to the direction where I sensed the presence.
It was the direction where I blew Scala away.
A large amount of sweat started running down my entire body because I could feel a bad premonition overwhelm me.
“You have guts to make me go through all that pain…”

Scala, looking all worn out, was standing there. She had serious wound all over her body, but surprisingly enough, she managed to stand up. She was way over a normal level of toughness, she was a monster. All I could do at this point was stare at her.
“This is the first time in my life I’ve been beaten up this far by someone. Who knew that someone as strong as you still existed.”

She was full of such serious wounds, but her face was certainly smiling. Along with that smile though, the severity of her presence amplified. This is bad, she also got back her tension.
I came back to my senses after realizing that she survived my last strike and prepared to escape, but due to the skill I just used, I couldn’t control my limbs.

No way! I can’t move!!
My patience ran out as Scala’s presence grew further.
I couldn’t do anything; not even wriggle against the death drawing closer.
“It’s my win!!”

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Scala shouted with a deafening voice.
So this is my limit, huh…
I then closed my eyes and accepted my approaching death.
So I’m going to die this way…
That is what I thought before a third party interfered in our fight.

“Both of you, call it there.”
It was a sharp and strong-willed, but familiar voice.
When I opened up my eyes to see the person behind it, I found Sara, the angel we met in Metron’s island standing between me and Scana.


Photo Peeping

“Ah, that was tiring…”
“Good work, Kamiya Yato.” ⇐ Lina
“Thanks. That Scala was such a monster.”
“I think you’re a monster as well though.”
“She’s more of a monster than me. Didn’t you see the troubles I had to go through because of her?”
“Ah, that. It was rather interesting. I got to see an unusual side of you, after all.”
“…Hey, what is that thing that looks like a video camera your holding in your hand?”
“It’s not a thing like a video camera; it’s an actual one.”
“…Did you film me?”
“Give me that camera right now!!”

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