Chapter 42- The Calm

Lousphy heard very little about the land she called home. She also heard very little about her husband, other than the alliance that he formed. She looked over the map of the known realms, and saw that they were labeled in five colors. White are divine lands, black is specifically the demon Locerous’s, Evilirnm’s are blue, and red was controlled by the council of demon lords. Based off the map, Locerous seemed to be winning the war against his sister Evilirnm, who held only a third of the territory as her brother. The council of demons2demonsspecies lords also held one third of the territory. They were neutral to everyone though, and they even brokered a non aggression pact with the divine. ‘Leave and let be’ were the words they chose to heed. No demon would risk their life to gain control of the others there. They each prospered and traded resources between each other. Finally, there was the small area of green, which were the realms controlled by David. The war had been going on for nine years, so Lousphy wanted to take a break, which she decided was today. She reached out, then grabbed her sons hand as she left, full of relief.


They soon arrived in her husband’s lands, and were surprised to see that the lands were white. Two armored wyverns were beside each other, keeping close to one another for warmth. They were obviously mates. There was a horse drawn carriage blocking the path with a human sitting inside it, and the Oul perching on it.

“Madam, your chariot.” (Oul)

Lousphy was surprised as she opened her mouth, stunned silent.

After a little while, she finally found the words she was looking for.

“How did he know I was coming? I was going to surprise him.” (Lousphy)

The oul chuckled.

“How indeed? Only an angel can arrive over here privately. You don’t need to be a genius to figure it out.” (Oul)

The oul then looked at the boy as he spoke.

“Your just like your father. He left a gift for you.” (Oul)

Lousphure ran toward the cart after hearing that, then picked up the sword after finding it. Lousphy was going to command him to put it down, but she stopped herself quickly after seeing him actually respect the blade, instead of swinging it around like a toy. Lousphure held it in front of him in a combat stance, before turning it from side to side to check its balance. He then put it away before going back to his mother. She smiled as she led him back to the cart.


A few minutes passed by before the cart was underway, then a warm blanket was put around them by Lousphy. She held it close to them as they moved, then she noticed that it was barely cold enough for snow. It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the town’s border wall. A half dragon man wearing a robe, and a staff in his hand was guarding the entrance.

“It warms my heart to see you again Lousphy. I see you brought the little one too.” (Draco)

Lousphy smiled.

“Draco, it’s good to see you as well. You seem surprised though. Did David not tell you that I’ll be here today?” (Lousphy)

Draco shook his head in response.

“No, I’m here for another reason.” (Draco)


Suddenly, a great red dragon swooped down from the skies and landed beside the cart. Draco moved around behind it, then three young dragons3dragonsspecies jumped at him from the red dragon’s back. Draco took to the air and each of them grabbed a part of the staff in their jaws, then Draco gently set them down.

“These are my children Lousphy, if you don’t remember after all these years. Their named; Drakloc, Juyst and Dostitan, from left to right respectively. Little ones, this is Lousphy if you don’t remember her.” (Draco)

The red dragon turned his head to look at him.

“No introductions for your old father, Draco? Angel Lousphy, I’m Dragboclese. Draco’s father, and the little ones grandfather. When I heard about them, I just had to see them.” (Dragboclese)

Draco happily turned toward his father after hearing that.

“I’ve got to meet their mother. She’s from very fine stock. It’s a shame I couldn’t woo her myself.” (Dragboclese)


Dragboclese then chuckled.

“She chose well in my boy. So, when’s the next litter coming?” (Dragboclese)

Draco choked on his own breath, then the three young dragons started chucking like their grandfather.

“Come on dad, you know that such occasions are rare.” (Draco)

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Dragboclese then turned back to Draco.

“You’ll never know how rare they are until those moments are extinct.” (Dragboclese)

Draco opened his mouth to speak, but kept silent as he hugged around his daughters neck.

“Lousphy, what’s your boys name? I was never told.” (Draco)

Suddenly, a voice came from behind the cart.

“My sons name is Lousphure.” (David)

Everyone then turned around and saw David standing there.


David then took the reigns of the horse from the driver and dismissed him. The dragons went on ahead to enter through Luna’s private gateways. As they left the town, no one said anything. Then, they came upon a mansion where the outside gates were wide open. There were armored personnel guarding it on both sides of the gates entrance and on the walls. They then turned to face them as they passed. Lousphy was amazed at how disciplined they were. David stopped the cart beside the door’s entrance, then the guards opened it and closed it soon after they went completely through. David then snapped his fingers, causing torches to light up in columns to a raised throne.

“Impressed?” (David)

Lousphy was wordless for a moment, before Lousphure let go of her hand.

“It’s just like you David.” (Lousphy)

David reached behind her, then took the blanket and tossed it beside the door after folding it.


Lousphure immediately started walking toward the throne, but David was already sitting in it before he arrived.

“Your time will come if you’re strong and wise enough Lousphure. Until then, this is MY seat of power.” (David)

David smiled, then reached out his hand and found his gift inside it.

“This sword was made from a very rare metal. Demons like myself call it infinity silver. Angels like your mother call it miracle metal. Mortals like calling it platinum. Each demon gives their spawn one weapon that’s capable to harm them. This is mine for you.” (David)

David then quickly took a dagger from his belt.

“As this is the one I was given.” (David)

David reached out his arm to the side, and the blade grew. David stared at Lousphure while smiling, then retracted the blade and put it away.

“You have power and inherent wisdom Lousphure, but not experience and support from others. I was never alone or by myself. I was like you once, then I met people better than me. Lousphy would say that no one is greater than her heavenly father, but for me, I would say your grandfather on my side. Dark days are coming, my boy. Very dark days where nothing is for certain. Nothing except….” (David)

David gripped the sword by holding his sons hands, causing the blade to come very close to cutting his neck open.


After a moment, David leaned back into his seat after letting go of his son and his sword.

“I’d like to show you something.” (David)

David snapped his fingers, then the floor split open. Lousphy had to move quickly out of the way after seeing that. A table came out of the floor with all the known realms on a map placed on top of it. David then gestured toward the table as he spoke.

“It’s only a prediction, but if my brother isn’t stopped, this is the outcome…..” (David)

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Lousphy recognized that the map was drawn the way it was before they met. The Supreme Overlords currently reigned areas are gray. Suddenly, a green dot appeared on the map, then a black and blue one in the gray areas. The black and blue ones were quickly devouring the area as the green ones slowly took over a few white areas. Almost as soon as most of the gray was covered up, a red color appeared where the gray was. Then suddenly, the green dot was consumed by the black, before it consumed the rest of then blue, then finally the red started to fade away.


It turned into a tug of war with the last color of white, as the black area slowing gained ground until there was one large push and a flood of black overcame the board.

“Locerous was always the most greedy and most intelligent to know how to get what he wants. Did you notice he took out the green first? Did you also notice how the blue and white areas took over his while he pushed into the green area? He’ll come here in strength with everything he can spare. I sent word to Evilirnm about this, and I expect she’ll take advantage of the situation to figure out how to benefit herself from it. I thought of sending word to the demon lords for support, but they know that as long as I hold the divine shield, they can’t help me. I know I’m not important enough to be saved in such an occurrence.” (David)

David leaned forward, then put his hand on Louphure’s shoulder.

“I will make sure, with everything I can muster, that I have an end worth remembering. If Locerous ever speaks of his greatest battle, it won’t be between my sister or my father, but with me. I am the greatest hurdle he is ever going to face.” (David)

David smiled, then looked up at Lousphy.

“He knows this as well as I do too.” (David)


Suddenly, the large back doors widely opened and several dragons and one half blood entered the throne room. No one notice that the table disappeared, then a new one replaced it with already prepared food. David didn’t eat, he played with his dagger instead. Lousphy walked up to him, then put her hand on his arm.

“David, it’s not often that we’re all together. Stop thinking and come on down.” (Lousphy)

Lousphy grabbed his arm, hoping that he would come down with the subtle pull, but he didn’t budge.

“I’ve had years to think Lousphy. I’ve been preparing and giving contingencies. You know, for a time, I hoped you perished.” (David)

Lousphy was about to turn and smack him, but she suddenly stopped after seeing the slender tear leave his eye.

“That way, you wouldn’t have to live without me. Without my distractions. Perhaps, Lousphure would liberate this realm and claim it as his own and lord over it for a long time. The plans that lead to that are the slimmest to happen though.” (David)


David’s stare turned from those at the table, to Lousphy.

“Would you mourn me? I would mourn you. I don’t know how, but I would. I see them and they’re distracted, which is good. It won’t work on me though.” (David)

David quickly, but gently, moved to grab Lousphy’s hand.

“I’ve come up with twenty four thousand six hundred and seven plans. Of them; I see less than two hundred where I survive, less than a thousand where Luna survives. There are only a few more after that, seventeen hundred to be exact, where Draco and maybe one of his children survive past ten years after I die. There are no plans where everyone here lives, not including Draco’s father of course” (David)

Lousphy was shocked, but paused before asking a question.

“What do you mean not including Dragboclese?” (Lousphy)

David shook his head.

“He’s an unimportant statistic. He affects the odds as much as any another wyrm. I don’t even count my soldiers toward everyone’s survival except their numbers and types.” (David)


Lousphy gripped his hand.

“Then, why mention him at all?” (Lousphy)

Dragboclese stopped eating, then looked at them.

“Because I sense the unending pain in him, and for the first time in a very long time, he doesn’t feel it. He’s at peace now.” (David)

David smiled, then leaned his head against Lousphy’s mid section.

“Dumb angel…. Fixing my worries by revealing what’s really bothering me.” (David)

David remained still as Luna walked up to them.

“I’ll take him now, Lousphy. I think this is the first time he’s rested since my pregnancy.” (Luna)

Lousphy looked down at David, then noticed that his eyes were closed. His hand was still gripping hers.

“No, you be with your family. I’ll take him.” (Lousphy)

Suddenly, she brought David through her divine portal and directly into his bed in the cave where he had slept so many times before. She gently undressed him, then covered him in the same old cover before kissing his forehead and smiling as she left.

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