Chapter 43- Batten Down the Hatches!

“We strap on our boots and tighten our belts, because today we die and tomorrow we’re immortal!”

Yelled several people in David’s armory.

“Today we fight and tomorrow we die, because of power immortal!”  

Yelled several in David’s battlements.

“We now sharpen our blades and dull them later, because that is the way things are!”

Yelled those in David’s forge.

“We feed to survive and eat to die, because of things that never were!”

Yelled the ones in David’s kitchens.

“We watched death approach yesterday, but we greet it today, because that is our destiny!”

Yelled the ones in the towers.

“We cut and stitch, then maim and heal, because that’s what we decided!”

Yelled everyone in the infirmary.

“I lead and I decide the ways things go, because I hold the strings of fate.”

David said to himself, as he watched the army approach his home.


*The day before!*


“Do you really want to do this now, Carlton?” (David)

The young human male nodded in response.

“I’ve been training diligently for almost twenty years for this moment.” (Carlton)

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David was standing up, then took out his dagger and turned it into a sword. David took a ready stance as Carlton took his with a sword and a shield in his hands. After a moment, David lowered his sword again.

“And you Brandon? Don’t you have an overlord controlled by Locerous to slay? I can’t rightfully cheat with you watching can I?” (David)

Brandon shrugged his shoulders in response.

“He’s your hero? I’m his teacher.” (Brandon)

David sighed, then put his free hand to his forehead.

“Persistent brat. I haven’t had dealings with you in nearly two decades. There should be a time limit on human annoyances.” (David)

Carlton turned, ready to fight as David moved beside him.

“It’s called our life span, demon.” (Carlton)


David then raised his hand from his forehead.

“And this! No respect whatsoever. There’s no gratitude for me allowing him the unique privileges he receives. He wants to kill me and Lousphure, then inherit my realm. He’s even half angel and rarely speaks, why kill my son? In addition, I can walk into town right now and be thanked by a dozen divine followers for the blessings I bestow on them every day. H***, I like the appreciation. It makes me think that I’m…. What’s the word….? Honored?” (David)

Brandon sighed.

“Respected, David. Rules are rules though, it’s the term for heroes. It’s when a hero wishes to fight and manages to breach into the inner sanctum.” (Brandon)

David snapped his fingers, then pointed toward Brandon.

“Ahaa, I knew a loophole. That isn’t it though. This is my place of governing. My inner sanctum is my bed room.” (David)

Brandon shook his head, disappointed.

“David, do I really have to take us to where you have your smelly socks?” (Brandon)

David straightened himself up, insulted.

“They aren’t smelly. They were washed last month. Besides, it’s too small. Luna can’t fit her whole body in there anymore unless she uses shrink magic, and even if she wanted to….” (David)


Luna raised her head from watching to interrupt.

“Don’t bring me into this. It’s my day off. I was going to take a bath with Draco and my children, but when word reached me about this, we couldn’t resist.” (Luna)

David turned toward the white dragon.

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“You.” (David)

He then put two fingers together and moved them left to right. Luna put her head back down. David then noticed that Carlton was out of his stance.

“Why are you so against this? Afraid of something?” (Carlton)

David sighed, then raised his sword again. Carlton was as ready as before again.

“Yes. In fact, I’m really known as a peaceful demon, and I like that image. It gives me….” (David)

David turned his head as he lunged his sword.

“Peace.” (David)


Carlton blocked with his shield, then also lunged forward with his sword, which David quickly blocked.

“I mean, how would it look if word got around that I beat a hero? To a demon, they would be glad that I finally popped that cherry, but the rest of existence….” (David)

David quickly spun away from a blade strike, then struck at the hero’s legs.

“Though, to a demon, beat isn’t really anything to them unless the word killed is used in the status of the vanquished also. Mortals use being beaten and slayed as implied all the time. I would really gain nothing from this.” (David)

David suddenly faked low, then got his sword past Carlton’s shield. David was behind him and his dagger sized blade was aimed at Carlton’s neck, but then he withdrew it.

“Now you see why I can’t fight him Brandon. Winning or losing wouldn’t do any of us any good.” (David)


David then sheathed his dagger and walked toward Luna.

“Fresh orange twister, and something for the others.” (David)

Luna then got up to get the drinks after David’s order.

“So, what are your plans now Carlton? Now that you know being my hero has no point now. You are nothing more than a town guardian now, it’s not a bad place to be one though. Church tributes are handsome, and there are lots of young horny beastkin females.” (David)

Brandon coughed, amused.

“Are you speaking from experience?” (Brandon)

David raised his hand with the white digit in response, which he transformed into a catalyst to absorb all the power from his machine.

“I’m married, remember? Cheating isn’t t a very smart thing to do as a demon. Especially if you don’t hold all the power.” (David)

Carlton moved beside Brandon as the dragon handed them wine glasses.

“So, who wears the pants in your relationship then?” (Carlton)


Brandon nearly choked on his wine as David thought his question over.

“Lousphy is always in those angel skirts. They show a lot of leg.” (David)

Draco chuckled, then Luna ‘dropped’ a cup of very cold water on his lap.

“But if I was to say honestly, it would be Lousphure.” (David)

The area went silent until Carlton broke it.

“How come?” (Carlton)

David gave a wicked smile.

“Have a kid and you’ll know. Right, Draco?” (David)

Draco stood up, then moved back.

“Leave me out of it. Luna already drenched me in water once.” (Draco)

Luna took out a cloth, then handed it to Draco so he could dry himself and the floor. Draco then put his hand on Luna’s chin afterwards.

“They are worth it however.” (Draco)

Suddenly, the three young dragons3dragonsspecies started climbing on his back. David smirked, then returned to his throne.


The moment David settled on his throne, an armored wyvern busted through the front doors. David then stood up again.

“He’s here master. Locerous is alone and is walking here as you said he would.” (Armored Gatekeeper Wyvern)

David then turned toward Draco.

“Go through the back. You know the way.” (David)

Luna got up, then lead them out the back. The wyvern spotted Brandon, then backed away.

“You’re dismissed. Back to your ranks with you.” (David)

The wyvern turned toward David, then nodded in response.

“Yes, master.” (Armored Gatekeeper Wyvern)

It took a few minutes for Locerous to barge through the gates as if he owned the place. He then paused when he saw Brandon.

“What’s HE doing here? I thought the old bastard locked him up.” (Locerous)


Brandon shrugged his shoulder.

“You thought wrong, ‘little’ brother.” (Brangon)

Locerous ignored the comment and looked toward David, who was sipping a cocktail of strawberries and a cow’s heart.

David then snapped his fingers and the doors closed once again.

“You say something, Locerous? I thought a gnat was talking for a moment.” (David)

Locerous took out a scroll, then tossed it to David. The skin parchment was fresh.

“Why do I care about this? I got everything I want right now. Right down to an angel that I can rape without risking a holy spear in my back.” (David)

David tossed the scroll away lazily after setting it ablaze, then took another sip of his drink. Locerous became annoyed from seeing that,

“One day soon, I’m going to challenge the old man and I’m going to kill him. Then, you will have no choice but to bow down to me. If I don’t kill you first of course.” (Locerous)

David stopped mid sip.

“Kill me as you are right now, Locerous? What a laugh. Your chances of hurting the old man is as good as our sisters, but me….” (David)


David smiled before speaking.

“I already scratched the old fart with that sword when I revealed it at our summoning.” (David)

Locerous squinted his eyes.

“Then I’ll have to take it from you.” (Locerous)

David took another sip.

“It’s not mine anymore. It’s not even in this realm right now, or any realm that I own. Do you think I would be stupid enough to give you the chance to use it against me? Come now Locerous, you wouldn’t be here now if I didn’t wish it. You won’t be able to leave either unless I wish it.” (David)

Locerous stood still before looking at Brandon.

“Do you think I’ll need his help? Think again. Since he’s here, Brandon, could you show our brother the way out when you leave. Your students hero challenge must occur on another day.” (David)


*Six hours before!*




The time has come and these may be my final words to you. I love you and I love Lousphure as well. At this moment, I am recalling every soldier of mine as I write this. From the moment I came to this land, I tried to live my life without regrets. I tried to live a life as a demon and as an overlord. I look back and I think I did well doing these things. This day has been coming for a long time. I hope it’s Draco that delivers this message to you, as I am sending it with him and his eldest two children since his youngest chose to stay by our son’s side. I remember the day that we met for the first time. You’re still the same beauty with your smooth skin and free flowing hair, but you’ve had lots of different experiences now. You smile less now, but each one of them has more worth than the last.


If Luna should survive, I gave her leave to live her life how she wishes to after I’m gone. If she doesn’t, then that means she died beside her friend, as I have little hope of survival. If I’m to guess by the numbers available to me, Locerous has about five times as many soldiers that I’m going to have. These will be his personal reserves. It’s mainly hordes of weaker minions, but there are at least three groups of more elite fighters. His best of the best. Luna has trained my army well. They have been waiting for this day for a long time.


Your husband, David


P.S. I have also enclosed a new version of my predictions based on the info I have at this time. May it serve you well in the future.


Draco stood beside Lousphy as sweat streamed from his face.

“I got to you as fast as I could, Lousphy. There was a lot of confusion between the gates from David gathering his strength to the evacuation. I wanted to stay, but I know how much this means to you. I have to get back to my people now after getting my eldest from Luna.” (Draco, Out of Breath)

Draco then turned to an older Suan, who had her own sword now. She took him away with her through her own divine portal. Lousphy collapsed on her knees and started crying as a hand was gently placed on her shoulder.

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