Chapter 44- Storm of the Ages

David grabbed his dagger, ready to use it at any moment. He then looked at the screen that showed his units and his brothers. He had already lost over a thousand units, but Locerous had lost several times that. David pointed at the screen with his dagger, then made a few different motions. David saw that his elite gatekeeper wyverns just started taking on a pack of banshees, while an armored unit blocked off a path from goblins. David waited for the next move by taking a sip of his drink. David then turned toward a screen to the right, which showed what would be the special units to a battlefield. His cannons were something that had nearly unlimited uses, but it could only be used once every three of his turns, or every three minutes. They also posed a risk to any units in the air or around the target area of choice.

“Cannons one through eight, fire on locations c twenty-seven to f twenty-five.” (David)


Suddenly, thunderous explosions came from David’s keep battlements, then he saw the small hole that was made from it. David quickly filled the hole with over twenty soldiers, but then he quickly withdrew his order to send them back, as Xolrum moved out ahead of his post.

“Luna, you’re up.” (David)

David said, as he hit the six on the right hand keypad. The screen soon showed them engaging each other.

“Cannons nine through twelve, prepare to fire on location b eighteen.” (David)

After fifteen seconds, David gave the order.


Luna smirked as cannonballs nearly took Xolrum’s head clean off. They didn’t kill him, but he was grazed in a few places and Luna was on him in his confusion. She dealt several bloody blows before he forced her off of him. She was going to go in again, but she noticed how close to the front she was, so she pulled back to the wall where a team came up to her and washed her, then put a paste on her wounds. She then drank some clean water, and the paste dried and crumbled to her movement as she no longer bled. She was ready to go out again if needed.


Suddenly, a thunderbolt cut through the battlefield. It started roughly where Locerous’s main base was and was coming right toward her. She was slightly worried until the energy shields caught the blast. They shimmered as they held it. Luna sighed in relief before the cannons shot again, but his time, only four of them went off. She watched where they landed before observing the rest of the battlefield.


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David looked over the battlefield, a little surprised that his forces were doing better than he estimated to. The war songs were still being sung and heard over the battlefield by his forces. In between orders, he was startled, but suddenly, his lines were starting to be pierced sharply and deeply by a single enemy unit. David smiled as he opened the path, before sealing it behind the new player. Luna was by his side when Locerous crashed through the doors on Xolrum’s back. The black dragon was painted red, and barely treated. Locerous was lowered to the ground and came right for David. David got his blade up in time to block, then Luna charged at Xolrum.

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Luna used the momentum and power to her advantage in delivering a blow. The wound was long, but slender, and not very deep. Suddenly, Xolrum countered, with his fangs nearly reaching her neck. She avoided his attack, then slashed at him with her tail on his right eye. They were then facing each other, growling insults and obscenities before Xolrum started laughing.

“Here we are, Luna. It’s about time too. I haven’t been this hard in ages.” (Xolrum)

Luna snorted as Xolrum raised up to show her. It was just enough to not change his combat stance though.

“All the easier for me to take it off then.” (Luna)

She announced as she charged. She knew that it was a provocation and it worked, but she was going to attack him anyways. They collided together and started biting and clawing whatever they could of the other.


David blocked the swords lunge before trying to deal one himself.

“You should have accepted, David. Under me, you could have grown your hobble of realms into an empire.” (Locerous)

Sparks of fire flew out from where their blades connected.

“A slave is a slave, no matter the title. Couldn’t you come up with anything else? I never knew you to be as half witted as our sister.” (David)

Locerous lunged again, but this time, with force. David blocked it easily before shoving him back a few steps. David made a sign of not being very impressed, before Locerous charged again. This time, striking with his blade imbued with fire against Locerous’s imbued with lightning.

“I’m going to kill you, David. I’m going to kill you, and that b**** of an angel you f***.” (Locerous)

David’s sword flared up bright white, then Locerous took his power up another level as well.

“I surely hope this isn’t your limit Locerous. Dad would be disappointed.” (David)

Suddenly, Locerous increased the force of his power even more, which was enough to throw David backwards in surprise.


Luna separated from Xolrum. The shock waves of power were increasing. It was at a rate were she wasn’t certain that it would be safe for her to be near them. Xolrum spat out a mouthful of blood before speaking.

“You’re giving me one hell of a workout Luna. I’ve got to really relish this rod you’ve given me. I think it’s about time we wrap this up. Locerous is never going to let me finish if he gets done first.” (Xolrum)

He then charged after saying that. Luna raced toward him as well, determined to finally end it once and for all as well. Xolrum grabbed her wrist, then Luna returned the move with her own as well. Xolrum forced them to move on their hind leg, and Luna could hear him thinking that it was nearly there when Luna let go of her capture and grabbed his neck. She received a blow as well, but Xolrum landed in a way that he wouldn’t want to wake up from. Luna took a moment before finishing him off to look over to see how David was fairing, and she saw that a sword was pierced through his chest. She quickly turned back to Xolrum to deliver the killing blow before Locerous could stop her, but she was too late.

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