Chapter 45- The Tale Has Been Told

“Oh, you’re so good Luna. Why did you stop struggling? It made it so much better. Why don’t you move some more?” (Xolrum)

Xolrum then pulled back Luna’s arm behind her back.

“Stupid male. The only way you get hard is from combat and torture.” (Luna)

He started licking her neck, then pulled on her arm again, dislocating it. He pushed in her further as she yelled in pain.

“You’re enjoying this as much as me, Luna. Admit it, I feel you enjoying it, as I am in you.” (Xolrum)

Xolrum leaned back some more to enjoy the moment.

“I guess it’s because you’ve never been with a real dragon before.” (Xolrum)

Luna looked at David’s body, then a tear left her eye.

“I suspect your master wants you back Xolrum. He likely wants his b**** as much as you want me.” (Luna)


Xolrum made Luna regret the comment by clawing into her back.

“He’s probably looking for David’s angel whore. Besides, he said that I could take my time with you.” (Xolrum)

Luna smirked at the thought. She knew the blood pooling under them was more his than hers. She knew that she needed just a few more seconds.

“Come on Luna, struggle for me one last time. I want to finish you off excited.” (Xolrum)

Luna looked back at Xolrum.

“I’m going to rip that thing off of you.” (Luna)

Xolrum growled excitedly as he felt her tense up, ready to struggle again. He readied his grip to prepare for her struggle, when he realized that he lacked the strength and she broke free. Luna came from under him by standing on her hind legs, forcing him to bend with her before going over backwards onto his back. She quickly rolled and bit into him as he sounded pleased in losing his manhood.


Luna then spat it out into his face.

“You b****, you knew I couldn’t resist, so you made me bleed out. Locerous is going to kill you for that.” (Xolrum)

Luna leaned right in front of Xolrum.

“My mate is a real dragon, and his name is Draco, you lizard.” (Luna)

Xolrum looked at his pride torn from his body and laughed. Knowing it was his defeat and death.

“And all I really wanted was a kid. D*** that Supreme Overlord ba****d for taking that from me. Mocona is my mate, you know.” (Xolrum)

Suddenly, Xolrum’s breathing started becoming rapid and shallow.

“That’s no excuse though. We should have never left the WCL. I wonder if she still loves me?” (Xolrum)

Xolrum became tense as he tries to grab his dismembered part. His body soon became limp before he succeeded in the task. Luna sighed as she closed his eyes and put his part in his hand, which he was reaching for.


Luna turned to tend to David’s body, but she found a black winged angel looking down at him. She then slowly moved to his side.

“Dad’s dead….” (Lousphure Whispering)

Luna lowered herself to focus her body on healing a little bit after she experienced a huge shockwave across her entire body after hearing Lousphure’s whisper.

“I know. Locerous is looking over my treasury right now, I suspect. If we don’t leave now, he’ll kill us too.” (Luna)

Lousphure stood still as tears left his face. Luna then noticed the emotion that he was producing. He was confused how David could be beaten by someone so weak, and he was angry that he lost his father. Suddenly, they heard a voice appear from the middle of the room.

“Xolrum, you better be done by now. We have things to do.” (Locerous)

They turn around to the voice, then saw that Locerous had just come out of the tunnel with a bloody mox in his hand. Before Luna could tell, it changed into a blade that was keeping Louphure from killing him as he was thrown back into the wall.

“David’s brat. This saves me the trouble.” (Locerous)


Locerous changed his blade to lightning again, then charged, colliding with Lousphure, as Locerous flung Lousphure through the front doors.

“That takes care of that. Just one more left.” (Locerous)

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Lousphure soon came through the busted doors again in such speed that Luna was turning toward the doors when the blades collided again. Locerous then screamed in pain with his shoulder having been cut.

“Insolent brat.” (Locerous)

Locerous flung Lousphure back again, but he extended his wings in the middle of the room to come to a complete stop before slowly drifting back to the ground. That’s when Luna noticed it. The monitor showed David’s army had pushed the invaders to almost extinction. David must have sent battle plans out for situations to occur until his last breath. Even though David lost his life, Locerous had lost his entire army. It seems Lousphure had calmed down as well. Any moment now, reinforcements will arrive.

“You’ve lost, Locerous. Either continue your fighting here, or flee while you can.” (Luna)

Locerous was about to laugh as Vuirty led in two armored wyverns. He stepped back, then faded into a shadow while holding his injured shoulder.

“This isn’t over. You hear me! I WILL finish what I started eventually.” (Locerous)

Locerous’s presence was then gone from the realm.


Lousphy sat and waited as Sir Ralph and some of his superiors looked at a few of David’s predictions. Each of them came were filled battle strategies used on both sides in the immediate major conflicts. Saint John moved from the table, then to Lousphy.

“How did you get these? We didn’t even come up with some of these scenarios.” (Saint John)

Lousphy took out the letter she got from David, then showed him. He quickly read it, then folded it back up and gave it back to her.

“I see. He must have been planning this long before we even started.” (Saint John)

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Lousphy raised her head before speaking.

“His entire life. He adapted and changed, just as his plans did.” (Lousphy)


Lousphy gripped her hand, hard. She then felt for the rings on her hand.

“Sir, may I ask? What are we going to do about David now? Doesn’t he deserve our protection?” (Lousphy)

Saint John took a knee, then gripped her hands gently.

“There’s a trend with the plans that your husband gave us. In all them, he’s not in a single one. They all start right after the battle that’s currently being waged against him right now.” (Saint John)

A tear left Lousphy’s eye once she understood what he meant.

“You know as well as I do that the divine can’t interfere.” (Saint John)

Lousphy sat quietly and looked down.

“All he wants is to be left alone. Why can no one leave him be?” (Lousphy)

Saint John sighed lightly, then stood up again.

“It’s not in our nature to question the natural order. It’s our role to see it pass as seamlessly and painlessly as possible. He is very brave in accepting this in full force. He is being selfless not letting you share his fate.” (Saint John)


Suddenly, the room went quiet, then a voice message started playing.

“Lousphy, in all my years of planning, I have finally come up with a strategy that has good odds of turning the tides against Locerous. In my last free moments, I ask that you forgive me.” (David in recording)

Lousphy stood up, then quickly rushed to the table. She found that the battle that played out against David was the key to turning the war on its head. There were already several different commands being given to move troops and resources. The plan gave strategic places and battle strategies with a small window of success, then the table’s image changed to a video.

“Louphure?” (Lousphy)

He was standing over David’s still body.

“Dad’s dead.” (Lousphure Whispering)

Lousphy immediately grabbed her ring finger.

As the feed was cut because of the shockwave of power, one of her rings crumbled from her touch.

Sir Ralph noticed the look on Lousphy’s face before anybody else.

“Tell me this is fake.” (Lousphy)

Saint John put a supportive hand on Lousphy’s shoulder, but she swatted it away.

“It’s a live feed.” (Sir Ralph)

Lousphy then saw Lousphure suddenly charge toward Locerous.

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