Chapter 46- And What Came After

Lousphure tossed his sword away, then went down on his knees beside his father. Luna was startled at the amount of raw, unfocused power that the half demon/half angel possessed. Lousphure took David’s dagger, then put it in his father’s hands before laying it over his chest.

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“Master Lousphure, David left specific instructions. You can stay here in this realm and rule justly, and with balance, just like your father did. Or, you can depart now and I will keep them running in your stead as a steward. Live your life to your choosing until you tire of wandering around, then you can come home to the realm of balance. Me and Dostitan will be waiting for you to take your rightful place. That is…. If you don’t take him with you.” (Luna)

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Suddenly, Luna and Lousphure turned their heads toward the doors.

“Now, what are they doing here?” (Luna)

Luna then got up and started walking.

“Vuirty, send word to every able fighter to meet me on the outskirts of the town immediately. I’ll be going on ahead.” (Luna)


Luna only stopped her advance long enough to be treated. Lousphure kept to her side up to the moment where lines of divine soldiers were keeping many of the town’s inhabitants from reentering, who shouldn’t even be here yet because of the recent battle. Draco was in front of them with his three children to keep them separated, then Luna moved forward and spoke.

“What’s going on here?” (Luna)

Luna demanded, then a four winged angel moved forward while responding.

“By command of the divine, we are claiming this lordless realm for the holy empire.” (Angel Commander)

Luna squinted her eyes.

“By the treaty of D and L, I void that order. I’m the steward to the lands of the demon and no such action is legal by the ancient pact. David the GREAT Demon Overlord is dead, but by the laws of succession, all lands and titles go to his only son.” (Luna)


Lousphure stuck his sword in the ground, then walked forward and stroke Luna’s neck. Any pain she had was now gone, and any hurt she felt was healed.

The angel took a step back in surprise.

“That, that isn’t right. No demon spawn can be born in the holy realm. It’s not possible.” (Angel Commander)

Luna leaned her head forward.

“Everyone knows by now about the wedlock between the angel and the demon. Not many angels1angelsspecies or mortals know that David’s the husband, nor do many people know about their child, Lousphure.” (Luna)

The angel became dumbfounded to the news that he just recieved, so he had to take a moment to think about what to do next.

“My orders are to take this realm for the divine.” (Angel Commander)

The angel then drew his sword, and the others under his command did so as well. Luna looked passed the angel to see several blades pointed at her children.


Luna was about to get angry, when another angel appeared between them.

“I will not allow you to hurt the innocents I have watched over for a great number of years.” (Suan)

Suan then drew her blade.

“You are a mere watcher. You have no authority.” (Angel Commander)

Suan interrupted him soon after.

“Authority! What instructions did you receive that gives you the right to kill these people who only wish to go home? Angels don’t kill the innocent. Angels don’t abuse their sacred duties.” (Suan)

The angel commander grinded his teeth after hearing that.

“My orders are to kill anyone that interferes, including you. Please, I’m asking you to yield this madness.” (Angel Commander)

Suddenly, the sky turned black as another divine portal opened.


All eyes turned to Lousphy as she passed through her portal. The sword in her hand was as white as a full moon at night. The demonic energy pulsing from it inflicted pain to every full angel present, but not the one holding it and Suan. She had never heard of such insolence before. Suddenly, Lousphy recognized who the other angel was.

“Captain Howard, stand down before you make me do something I regret.” (Lousphy)

Howard lowered his blade, then took to a knee.

“The sword of balance. It’s the sword that lets angels kill angels and demons2demonsspecies kill demons.” (Howard)

Lousphy put the sword right to his face.

“You once tried to pry into my memories against my will. This time, I won’t let you abuse your powers on those that I care for. Tell them to stand down.” (Lousphy)

Howard turned away as his flesh boiled on his face.

“Lower your arms.” (Howard)


Lousphy withdrew the blade, and its energy was contained again in the white blade.

“Captain, your post is in the kingdom of two bridges, and your task is to safeguard the evacuated followers of the realm of scales. You weren’t issued any orders to invade here.” (Lousphy)

Lousphy turned to the people between her and those of the town.

“Let them pass freely.” (Lousphy)

A few of them looked at each other before nodding. Three young dragons3dragonsspecies rushed in between them and went directly to where Luna was. She couldn’t resist cradling each of them when they came to her. Draco calmly directed the others to go through as well. Howard then looked up at Lousphy.

“Do you know what you’ve done? We may never have another opportunity to save these souls. To save the souls that all this realm’s wealth has to offer. There may never be another chance to get rid of the half breed.” (Howard)


Lousphy dropped her sword, then stuck it upright in the ground before grabbing the captain’s neck.

“He’s my son, you b******. I just saved the life of you and your men. Show the respect that you barely fathom.” (Lousphy)

Suddenly, Lousphy felt pain in her midsection. She reached down with her hand that held Howard’s neck, then raised it again and saw blood plastered on it. She backed away and looked down to see a white demonite dagger in her mid section. Howard’s hand was covered in her blood.

“You were always a power crazy fool. Where…. did you…. get such…. a blade?” (Lousphy)

Lousphy then fell on her side, never to move again.


Instantly, many things started to happen at once. Draco, Luna, and Lousphure rushed toward Lousphy, then Suan took Lousphy’s sword and held it to Howard’s neck.

“You saw it, didn’t you? She was going to kill me.” (Howard)

Another divine portal opened suddenly, and this time, several angels came through. Many of them were of great rank. Another portal opened as well soon after that, and Brandon walked through this time. What startled everyone there was that a black shadow appeared, and it held David’s body in its arms. It moved silently forward as everyone there was in amazement to the power that the shadow gave off. It moved beside Lousphy, and everyone but Brandon and Lousphure were forced to move away.

“Dad? I haven’t seen you outside your realm since….” (Brandon)

Brandon stopped speaking and went quiet, then the shadow lifted it’s head.

“Brandon…. here to look after Lousphure, I see. You should have come earlier. She would’ve lived if you had.” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)


The shadow then looked down again as it gently put David’s body beside Lousphy.

“If you would call that living.” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

The shadow stood up and straightened it’s back, then it looked at Lousphure.

“There is still a ways to go before you can fully control your power. As I thought…. it’s greatly affected by your emotions. To be young again and have them…. Child, do you understand what has happened here?” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

Lousphure nodded in response.

“Do you understand what the results from this will be?” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

He nodded again. The shadow then turned toward Brandon again.

“Now, I don’t care what you do, but if you do one thing to hurt their dreams….” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)


The shadow then pointed to David and Lousphy on the ground.

“I will personally see to it that you die painfully and slow enough to beg for death.” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

The shadow turned after saying his piece, then started walking away.

After walking away for a little while, he points at the sun.

“That goes for you too, you old bastard. Their dream is pure and innocent. H***, even reasonable.” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

The shadow then lowered its arm.

“It’s a d*** shame he had to die for his dream to live on…. A d*** shame she did too….” (Shadow of the Supreme Overlord)

It then faded into the light, like smoke in the wind. Several people moved around Brandon and Lousphy after seeing that scene.

“That, that, that was…” (Sir Ralph)


Sir Ralph stuttered as Brandon turned toward him.

“My dad, the Supreme Overlord. He must be really annoyed right now. Last time he left his home is when I fought one of his shadows. For three weeks, I wore my strength away as his seemed everlasting. I find it odd he left for David.” (Brandon)

Luna then moved in beside Lousphure. He touched her and she raised up, surprised.

“He says he wants to have a funeral for him. It’s kind of odd, since Demons don’t have funerals. They just consume their victims or let them rot. But this time, one shall have one, and not only Lousphure is saying it, but I am as well. As their friend who knows them the best, and he as their son, they should be together. David only spoke once of where he would be happy, and that’s being beside Lousphy.” (Lousphure speaking through Luna)


Luna put David beside Lousphy on his bed, then she turned on the news on the tv and made sure that the fridge had both fresh fruit in it, and a few of David’s choice drinks before placing the sword of balance in between them. She didn’t exactly know what was happening in the blade, as it shifted from black to white and white to black wildly, several times. She still knew for a fact though that the sword belonged to no one else but them. Luna then set out a bottle of the best reserved wine they had left, then set down two glasses for the two. She then sealed the door behind her and bound it shut with chains and magic. She knew two things for sure; Anything was possible with these two, and it’ll most likely only be a matter of time before something regarding them happens.

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