Chapter 10: The Virtues


At the same time, Su Le was drinking coffee and adding to her online novel. Although it was raining outside, she, unfortunately, had to stay up late to write her novel, while Chen Yue had already gone to bed.

Initially, for the past few days, Chen Yue was worried that Su Le would do something stupid due to her breakup, but now Chen Yue had already stopped worrying and let Su Le live as she pleased. She was relieved to see Su Le still eating and drinking like she normally did. Also, Su Le did not act crazy like other people do when they go through a bad breakup. In fact, looking back, Su Le felt a bit regretful and thought she should have pretended to be a bit more delicate.

Suddenly, Su Le stopped typing and released a sigh when she heard the rain hitting the glass windows. She first started writing novels while she was in university after she had finished an internship, but Zhuang Wei had never asked her anything about it. He didn’t even remember her pen name, but she did not mind at the time because she thought that he was not interested. She now knew the real reason. It wasn’t because he wasn’t interested, but because he was not thinking about her. No wonder some people say ‘when a man says he loves you, it may not be the truth. But when he says he doesn’t love you, then he definitely doesn’t love you.’

Su Le rubbed her forehead. There are so many good men in this world, so why did the heavens give her a scumbag?

Drinking a mouthful of strong coffee, Su Le continued to concentrate and work on her novel. In her novel, the male lead was currently being careful and attentive to win over the female lead. Reality may be bitter, but at least in novels, it was very sweet. Su Le even suspected that one day she would suffer from a personality disorder, the cause being mixing reality with fiction…

After typing up and proofreading the chapter to her satisfaction, Su Le posted the chapter online. She then checked the time and saw that it was 11pm. It was late, but she couldn’t sleep. Could this be like the legend where people suffer from insomnia after a bad break up?

Su Le decided to play an online game for a while. Alone, she went to the west lake to light up a lantern and make a wish, before going to the wishing tree to make a wish. She then went to a cave at the bottom of the cliff to kill monsters. Despite it being an MMORPG, she turned it into a single-player game. Since she didn’t like getting married in games or joining a sect or a group, it was no wonder she was playing like it was a single-player game.

After playing for a while, Su Le started to feel bored, so she released the mouse and stretched her body. Quietly, she climbed into bed and grabbed her mobile from the bedside, only to discover that she had an unread message.

Su Le opened the text message and read it. The text was sent an hour ago. The sender was Wei Chu. Su Le froze. In her heart, she thought elites like Wei Chu would not use text messages. Ah … As expected, she turned this person into a demon in her mind.

The text contained a corny joke. It was something that was often seen online. Su Le pondered, extremely solemnly, for some time. Was Senior Wei lonely?

Decisively putting the mobile to the side, Su Le pulled up her blanket and went to sleep.


The next day at 9am, Su Le struggled to get out of bed and open the curtains and wash her face. It was still raining. Sitting at the desk, Su Le yawned before switching on the computer to open up the website hosting her novel. Her mobile rang as she was reading the comments left by her readers. She picked up her phone and saw that it was Wei Chu again. If she hadn’t been told by the person himself that he wasn’t interested in her, she would have shamelessly thought Wei Chu had fallen in love with her at first sight and that he was now calling because he missed her!

“Morning, Senior Wei,” said Su Le as she opened up the online game to change her character’s clothes.

Wei Chu glanced at the time and saw that it was 9:40 am. It was still not considered late, so he smiled, “Morning, do you have time tonight?”

Su Le divided her attention, as she moved her character into a building while replying to Wei Chu. “I don’t have anything but time recently,” and opened her inventory to pull out some materials to sell. “Is there something wrong, Senior Wei?”

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“It’s like this; tonight there’s a gathering but my secretary has applied for maternity leave. Can you attend as my partner?” Wei Chu lifted his head and saw his secretary entering the office and carrying a cup of coffee.

This was the first time that Chen Xu heard about him being on maternity leave. He expressionlessly placed the coffee in front of Wei Chu before looking at his boss’ handsome face that was currently smiling brightly without any guilt. He released a sigh and turned around to leave the office.

“Maternity leave?” Su Le unconsciously nodded, “Ok.” Afterwards, she hung up as she saw her character had frozen, so she quickly grabbed a weapon from her inventory to turn around to see who was causing mischief.

Wei Chu heard the call had ended and couldn’t help but smile. Originally, he had prepared another excuse, but he didn’t expect that the other party would agree so quickly. However, it was obvious that she was preoccupied.
Putting down the earphones, he saw that Chen Xu had walked in with a file in his hands after hearing the knock on the door. Wei Chu looked up, glancing at him in silence.

“How come I didn’t know that I have applied for maternity leave,” said Chen Xu, as he placed the file down. “Lao Da, don’t you think you should give me some mental comfort?”

“I don’t mind finding a secretary that requires maternity leave,” Wei Chu took the file and scanned through it. He saw it was consistent with the previous project plan and signed it, “If you are too idle, you can re-do one of the project plans from yesterday.”

Chen Xu looked at his boss silently. As expected, capitalists that exploit workers are all too hateful.

“Boss, are you trying to pursue a girl?” Chen Xu interestedly asked, “Which girl requires you to spend so much effort to pursue?” It was really not easy for this block of wood to get enlightened. Chen Xu thought about the numerous naive female colleagues that were practically groveling at this person’s feet. In the end, this person, who had never even blinked an eye at them, was finally captured by someone.

It was rare for Wei Chu to listen to Chen Xu’s blabber.

“Women need to be coaxed.”

Wei Chu carried on reading the documents.

“Women need to feel secure.”

Wei Chu’s hand that was flipping through the pages paused.

“Right. Women also need us to cherish them. When situations require you to be romantic, then you should be romantic. When they require you to be honest, then you should be honest. Never say sweet nothings when being honest. Women are getting more and more cunning nowadays. Saying too many flowery words would make them think that you’re too fickle, but being too honest would make them think that you’re too dull. Us men really don’t have it easy.”

Wei Chu stopped all his movements.

Chen Xu noticed this and his spirits improved swiftly, “Come, come, I’ll tell you the eighteen things you need to be aware of when pursuing a girl. One, you cannot constantly bother her. Two, you need to be able to cook and host. Three ….”

“For chatting during work hours, your this month’s salary is reduced by 200.” Wei Chu closed the file and looked at Chen Xu. “Right now, you need to go out, turn right, and return to your office to work. And while you’re at it, close the door behind you after you leave. Thanks.”
Chen Xu gaped and speechlessly turned around to leave. After he left, he clenched his teeth. “Someday, a fierce woman will come and sort you out!”


Once Wei Chu was alone, he quickly typed out some words on the keyboard to search for something. Many results came up, and there were links to; 《Twenty Steps To Get A Girlfriend》,《What Type Of Men Do Women Like The Most?》, 《How To Be A Good Man》, 《A Discussion On The Development Regarding The Feasibility Of Pursuing A Girl》, 《How To Get Her To Love You More》, etc. It could be said that there were all kinds of links and an abundance of information.

Randomly clicking on the most popular link 《Essential Requirements For Pursuing A Girl》. He started to read:

You don’t have to be rich, but you definitely need to have an apartment. This is essential for pursuing girls.

Wei Chu nodded to himself. He had a small villa, so this requirement was already achieved .

You don’t have to have a sports car, but you cannot forget to take your girlfriend back home, no matter what the weather is like.

Wei Chu nodded again. He could also do this step since he had a car.

You don’t have to be good-looking, but you must be gentle. On the other hand, if you have a great appearance, then make sure that you’re not too close with lots of different women. Otherwise, you’ll just give off the bad impression of being a player.

Wei Chu started to wonder if he had too many close relations with women.

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You don’t have to be wealthy, but you must be considerate. Such as helping your girlfriend carry her bag, accompanying her to go shopping, being able to cook, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, and mopping the floors. You must be able to do at least the majority of the list above.

From the list above, Wei Chu felt like he could do all of the things mentioned.

If you’re good-looking and rich, and you own a villa and a sports car, then congratulations, but you only have two unfortunate options. One is finding a vain and narcissistic girlfriend. While the other option is to fall in love with someone who doesn’t feel secure with you. If it’s option one, then you’re unlucky. If it’s the other option, then you’re very unlucky. Not only do you need to be virtuous, understanding, and earn money, but you also need to find a way to convince the woman you love that you are sincere.

Wei Chu’s brows knitted together while his hand unconsciously touched his chin. He heard that a certain country’s plastic surgery techniques were pretty good.

Even though nothing had started yet, CEO Wei needed to work hard.


After closing the game, Su Le felt that something was not right. Suddenly, she remembered the phone call with Wei Chu. Su Le felt that her muddied brain had started to clear up, and there were two letters hanging from her. One letter was ‘S’, and the other was ‘B.’

“Why did I play online games!?” Su Le opened her novel-writing friends’ group chat. In the chat, the group of women were happily messing around with each other. Until another author, who Su Le had a good relationship with, posted an announcement, “This lady is getting married.”

Su Le’s fingers stiffened slightly. Although the other party kept complaining about how tiring and senseless the wedding preparations were, Su Le could tell that her friend was in fact very happy. Exposing a slight smile, Su Le responded with a “Congratulations.”

Very quickly, the group of ladies started to mess around with each other again. Su Le thought in her mind that in this group of people, there would be people who sincerely felt happy for this friend while feeling melancholic over their single status.

In a lifetime, there were many things that people can get by without or find a substitute for. The one exception is marriage, only this type of thing could not be forced or done with anyone.

“The wedding ceremony is going to take place at J City. Ladies that live nearby, don’t forget to bring wedding money with you when attending.”

Su Le laughed silently towards the computer. Isn’t J City close to where she’s going?

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