Chapter 363 – Xin Nuo

Xin Nuo slowly walked up and obediently said, “Auntie, the eldest young mistress of Shang Qiu Clan, Shang Qiu Yan has arrived to pay a visit to you…”

Her tone was also very gentle and clear, when it entered the ears of people, it was like a warm chord.

Madam Ru revealed a smile that possessed unknown intentions, “They are pretty fast.”

“Miss Ling Ling from the Shang Guan Clan also came…”

Madam Ru lightly acknowledged that as well.

The Eight Great Clans had always been connected to each other by marriage across their histories; in addition, the Ji Mo Clan had been growing stronger over the past several years. Therefore, the other clans would naturally have intentions of establishing a connection with the Ji Mo Clan via marriage, and the most ideal candidate of a marriage connection would naturally be the young master of the Ji Mo Clan, her son.

The genius of the human race that only appeared once in a thousand years!

Seeing her son possessing a high market price, she was also glad. As for those young ladies of great clans that came and delivered themselves, she also needed to take a look at them personally.

However, the position of main wife would likely not be theirs to have, as it was likely that the clan patriarch already had a candidate in mind, but the position of concubines on the other hand, would be available for her to plan.

It was natural for an excellent genius like her son to increase his progeny…

After Ji Mo Ya’s dangerous experience, Madam Ru also got very determined; although the main wife candidate could not be confirmed, she could still accept a couple of concubines first so that if her son encountered similar dangers again in the future, he would at least have some descendants left behind.


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After the new recruits entered the seawater channel, a huge crystal was erected on the plaza of the Sky Pivot Hall, written on it were the large words ‘New Recruit Rankings’.

Other than that, there were also numerous densely packed names on it. It seemed to be arranged based on the new recruits’ order of entering the seawater channel. Each individual’s name was also a number; at the moment, those numbers were all displaying 0…

The teachers on the scene were either showing a relaxed expression or a silent and expressionless face; they would occasionally sweep their gazes through the names on the rankings.

When Huan Qing Yan entered the seawater channel, the scene in front of her changed greatly after taking a few steps. As far as she could see, she did not see anyone else and was the only person around.

Not far from where she stood, she saw the eyes of a… demon?

This demon was round like a ball and blended in well, looking the same as the surrounding seawater. If not for its pair of piercing green eyes, Huan Qing Yan would surely have assumed that it was just an underwater current…

That’s the Wave Goblin?

How was this demon formed? Huan Qing Yan was rather curious.

The reincarnated girl answered, “Wave Goblins are said to be reared by the academia for the explicit purpose of training new recruits. They do not possess strong attack capabilities and only know small scale attacks such as water arrows, water bullets etc. that do not pose much of a threat to new recruits. However, killing it is not an easy task as well as they are made of water.”

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While the reincarnated girl was giving an introduction, the Wave Goblin did not hesitate and dashed towards Huan Qing Yan, looking very threatening as it created a surge of water currents along the way.

At the same time, it cast a water ball that smashed onto Huan Qing Yan, causing her to be startled for a moment!

“Who said that its attack powers are not strong! Look at the back of my hand, it is now red due to its attack… How do I kill it?”

“During my previous life, I remember Bai Chen Feng mentioning that to kill it, you have to hit its eyeballs and detach it from its body.”


That was strange indeed!

However, let’s release the spirit treasure first.

Little Piggy came out and dashed towards the Wave Goblin while grunting. With a dull knock, the Wave Goblin was pushed far away, as for detaching the eyeballs… It was still far from happening.

Little Leafy came out and moved through the water like a fish happily; its slender body moved as though it was dancing and appeared in front of the Wave Goblin in an instant. It extends its stem, wrapped it around the Wave Goblin, and gave it a pull. With two popping sounds, two eyeballs fell off, and the round, ball-like Wave Goblin dispersed and transformed into seawater.

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