Chapter 364 – New Recruits Ranking

That simple?

Huan Qing Yan was in great joy, she gave a thumbs-up while picking up the eyeballs.


At the instant when Huan Qing Yan killed the Wave Goblin, changes were happening on the New Recruits Rankings!

“Yue Guo’er*, Kill Count 1…” Several teachers were startled.

(Cuppa: ‘Guo’ also means fruit, this is the Fruit Princess mentioned in the previous chapters. The title was a result of her name.)

Currently, there were five teachers in front of the ranking list. They were the five teachers who went to recruit from the Five Great Empires!

They were all Mystic Spirit Masters.

There was no permanent position of Hall Master within the Sky Pivot Hall.

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The rule set since the past, was that the Hall Master would be always selected from the five teachers who did the recruitment.

So how was the selection done?

Very simple, the one whose recruits reached the first place in the ranking would hold the position of Hall Master for this period!

The five teachers anxiously stood in front of the erected New Recruits Ranking when all the recruits entered the channels. They were, in fact, even more anxious than the new recruits themselves; all of them were secretly hoping that the first place would be a student that was recruited by them as it would have a direct impact on their benefits and reputation.

A youthful looking teacher laughed out loud, “Truly not bad! I have been saying earlier on, Yue Guo’er was called the Violent Princess of Immortal Ripple Empire. She possesses a bull spirit treasure and is a Six Star Spirit Master with immense strength! Hahaha, looks like it is my turn to be the Hall Master of Sky Pivot for this period. Aiyo, this younger brother is not talented, I truly feel embarrassed about this!”

This person who was unusually pleased with himself was the teacher who was in-charge of the recruitment at Immortal Ripple Empire. His name was Bai Ya Xin.

Yue Guo’er was recruited by him and she also left a strong impression on him.

On the New Recruits Ranking, after a series of movements, Yue Guo’er’s name quickly stabilized at the number one spot.

“Do not be too happy yet. It was just a good start, I have also recruited good talents at Purple Sky this time…” Teacher Cui Jun Hua, the recruiter for Purple Sky Empire, looked like a middle-aged scholar and was also the most experienced and oldest of the five teachers.

Kang Hao Ming also added, “Indeed, what is there to be pleased about? Look at what this old man has recruited… the rankings are moving again!”

With focused attention, after Yue Guo’er, another person moved up.

Huan Qing Yan, Kill Count 1.

Kang Hao Ming at first felt unbelievable, “Huan Qing Yan? This name sounds familiar… I remember now, she is only a Five Star Spirit Master, so how did she manage to kill a Wave Goblin so quickly?”

The other teachers were also in disbelief, “What! A Five Star Spirit Master? Could you be mistaken?”

“During the previous New Recruits Assessment, a Five Star Spirit Master was knocked down after receiving a Wave Goblin’s water arrow in the face, nearly getting disfigured due to that attack. Can a Five Star Spirit Master kill a second Wave Goblin this time? I do not believe it is possible!”

Four of the five teachers did not believe it as well, and only one of them kept silent and adopted to observe longer.

Very quickly, more changes happened on the list.

“Bai Chen Feng, Kill Count 1…”

“Wang Chao, Kill Count 1…”

“Hua Shu Jie, Kill Count 1…”

“Xiong Qing, Kill Count…”

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Many names begun to shift, causing the eyes of the teachers to blur, and after some time, the most excellent of the new recruits had all killed their first Wave Goblin.

It was unknown who shouted as the person exclaimed, “Quick, look! That person called Bai Chen Feng’s Kill Count is increasing so quickly! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… that speed is too absurd!”

“Our Immortal Ripple’s Yue Guo’er is also not bad!”

“No, look at that recruit called Huan Qing Yan, she is pulling away from the ordinary ones by a large margin as well!”

“What are those remaining two hundred pig heads doing? They did not even manage to kill a single Wave Goblin after so long. It seems like we will be having another large batch of imbeciles for this year again.”

Bai Chen Feng was currently standing on the surface of the ocean while the seawater underneath his feet was stable and motionless.

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