Chapter 365 – Thank You

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The Eagle Wing Windbreaker Blade in his hand was as thin as a cicada’s wings. It moved quickly like a tempest; with every stroke and strike, a Wave Goblin would fall.

Although his manticore was acting in an unsuitable environment, its rank was regardless still high; while its stature was taller than a human, it also possessed a speed that was not slow as well.

The human and spirit treasure duo proceed like a grain harvester. Any Wave Goblin that they touched would all fall without question; the process was extremely relaxed.

Yue Guo’er that was given the title of Violent Princess, was standing on a bull-like spirit treasure; the strength behind its power of impact did not seem to be weaker than Huan Qing Yan at all. None of the Wave Goblins could stop it in a direct confrontation.

Yue Guo’er seemed to be wielding a long and huge metal ruler with both her hands, using it to attack from the back of the bull spirit treasure.

This metal ruler seems to be half the height of Yue Guo’er. Any Wave Goblin that touched it would be killed in one strike.

However, although the metal ruler was powerful, the energy consumed to wield it wasn’t low; it only after a while and Yue Guo’er had started to pant.

In comparison, Huan Qing Yan might have a lower rank, but she possessed two spirit treasures. Thus, ordinary people were unable to contend, and the speed of her kills was not slow as well.


When the time was up, everyone was expelled from the channels and returned to the plaza of Sky Pivot Hall.

On top of the stage, everyone saw the erected huge New Recruits Ranking Board!

At first place, was Bai Chen Feng’s name, his kill count was 300 Wave Goblins!

“Isn’t Bai Chen Feng a prince of Hanging Cloud Empire? Truly powerful!”

“That Yue Guo’er in second place had a kill count of 220, that’s awesome! I heard that she is the princess of Immortal Ripple Empire; the genetics of the scions of royals are indeed extraordinary. They are much stronger than commoners.”

“Indeed, those in high position would arrange marriages based on Star Talents, so the higher their Star Talents, the excellent their descendants would be…”

The crowd was in great commotion as sounds of conversations bustled through the air.

When Huan Qing Yan saw her rank, she was also rather satisfied.

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She was after all only a Five Star Spirit Master, and she did not take any action at all and completely relied on her two spirit treasures. She had no other choice, as till now, she had yet to find a weapon that suited her.

She swept her eyes through the top hundred rankers. The kill counts for a majority of them were above 80.

As for the last hundred rankers, their kill counts were basically in the single digits.

This was actually a very huge gap.

Huan Qing Yan checked in detail and noticed that Huan Meng Yue’s name wasn’t on the list. When she thought back, it seemed like Huan Meng Yue had disappeared from the moment she stepped into Surging Wave Academia, without leaving a trace.

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As Huan Qing Yan looked at the rankings, Hou Ning Xue, who happened to be beside her, said, “Lady Huan, thank you.’

Huan Qing Yan swept her gaze and noticed that her name was not in the last hundred rankings.

“Not bad, you killed thirteen of them and got ranked 350th…”

Just as she spoke halfway, a proud voice was heard from her side, “Yo, I thought you would be powerful and would stand out, yet you only killed thirteen and ranked in the three hundred range!”

It was Lin Fei Fei with an arrogant expression. If she possessed a tail, it would likely be raised high into the sky.

Her cousin Wang Chao was following her like a shadow and had an expression of ridicule as he looked down on Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan covered her mouth and smiled gently, “I am indeed not very powerful, but I am very sure that I am just slightly more powerful than you.”

Lin Fei Fei laugh out loud, “You want me to die from laughter? You only killed thirteen and ranked 350th, what is your name? Hou Ning Xue? You dare to say that you are stronger than this lady! Hahaha!” She had heard Huan Qing Yan speaking earlier on and incorrectly concluded that Huan Qing Yan referred to her own ranking.

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