Chapter 31- Opening Ceremony

[Tournament of the era’s first war.


You have been chosen to be the champion of Eastguard.

The higher you place in the rankings, the Eastguard will receive more benefits.

Rewards are locked and cannot be changed.

Bets on yourself will only pay out when you win that match.

Only one assistant is permitted, and this individual will carry your stock of potions and conduct repairs between rounds.

Only allowed on

Any use of magic is forbidden because this is a martial tournament.

No god’s blessings are allowed to be cast. The gods are impartial judges in this contest.

There are no death penalties and it isn’t permanent. There is also no gear drops. You will immediately respawn upon death. Auto-resurrection options will not be possible either…]


It then continued listing the other rules and rewards of the tournament. Quite naturally, most of the other contestants were npcs, but they’re was one player other than KMega6KMegacharacter, the person he met before. Terrar was the empire’s absolute last choice. To be frank, while this tournament was disadvantageous to everyone but the empire, it wasn’t a good opportunity for them either. For starters, they held a large advantage in the war. This of course meant numbers and the already acquired land. This tournament was a chance for them to swiftly secure all of it without recourse, but they would have rather gotten these things and more from a prolonged war.


Their plan was largely stopped because KMega went on a rampage with his double stacked blessings. Secondly, the empire showed very few of it’s cards in the war because it kept the best of their reserves defending the capital. They also brought in an ace to secure their win while they threw everyone else a bone based on their contributions because they only needed one person to ‘win’. Finally, they’ve seen everything the union could throw at them. With the sole exception of the unknown Eastguard, there were no surprises that the union could make.

To the empire’s dismay, they counted out KMega and his group because they considered Eastguard already conquered and forgotten history.


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This event was obviously scheduled ahead of time. In IRL, there were many broadcasting stations, as well as betting scouts watching the contest because the winner will naturally receive a portion of the coin they made. If an npc won, that coin would go to the company that made the npc. Since Sword Kingdom had another jump in popularity in the last month, the number of IRL views were a lot higher than they expected. This lead to a larger coin pot then they initially thought, which caught the attention of the regulatory committee that was in charge of gambling. They were formed after the great gambling riots of 2070. They monitor and regulate the gambling human race to make sure that there’s no unfair advantages, fight throwing, etc.


After the opening ceremony to show off the contestants, they introduced the background and the reason for the tournament. KMega and Astrid7Astridcharacter moved over to the rest area that was prepared for them. He then handed Astrid his short sword and shield to do extra maintenance on them as he worked on his great sword until his first match began.

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