Chapter 30- Tournament Opening Ceremony

It wasn’t hard for the three of them to find the gathering spot of the Eastguard camp.

Along with a few familiar npc’s, there were a lot of new ones and a few players.

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Many of them looked at the three in amazement.

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“Eastguard’s champion.” (Surprised Eastguard Person)

Those were the words they heard. Some said that in the background of Eastguard soldiers, Astrid7Astridcharacter and Yirk were barely even noticed. It wasn’t long before a figure moved over to the three. The approach was as if they were lifelong friends, but KMega6KMegacharacter knew nothing about the individual so he took a safe approach to the situation.

“We’re weary and must rest before the ceremony.” (KMega)

There was a stunned look on the man and many others.

In fact, KMega was in a half sleep state because he just spent the last ten in game hours liberating a prisoner camp.


While KMega slept, Yirk found out about the situation while Astrid repaired his armor and did other crafting chores. She didn’t mind doing such things, but all the eyes on her made her scales crawl. Of course, for the few that were with her as a child, they didn’t need to see her, but only a few of them were here now. Most of the people here are liberated individuals who never saw her or came to the army after she left. At one point, when someone moved close near her, a surprise appeared, as KMega was holding the outstretched person’s hand that was about to touch her shoulder. His bloodshot eyes induced even more horror to the man when KMega stared at him.

Even Astrid was shocked at his sudden appearance, even if she was aware of his hand reaching out to her.


“If she needed aid, she’d have asked for it!” (KMega)

Those were the words he wanted to say, but all that came out was a low growl.

After the ‘warning’, KMega let go of the hand he was crushing and started to walk away back to his bed. It’s annoying, but his automatic skill was triggered when a pervert is about to touch his husband (Author Note: KMega has the title of dragon4dragonspecies’s wife!). This skill forced him to act instantaneously to stop it. This was a ‘wife’ trying to keep her husband from cheating on her, but in KMega’s case, it was just some jealous man being overprotective of his npc little sister.


After the rest of the participants flooded in, the tournament details were finally announced.

With the fact that KMega has the largest contribution in the war for Eastguard, and the fact they’ve been sorely beaten, he was their sole champion in a 32 man tournament.

The man also came over to KMega again, but he was brushed off as another noble who probably gained the support of the army after he left. Little did KMega know was that the man is the future king of Eastguard. As for his assumptions, some of the details that he thought about were in fact true, in that he was a noble that was looking for support. This solidified his position as a knight of the people of Eastguard as he brushed aside politics in order to do what was needed. This is the same thing he did when he left Jork fortress. It made the hierarchy of the kingdom all but pointless, turning it into a senate state after the tournament.


A herald of the god of war escorted KMega to the stadium with Astrid at his side. He would have brought Yirk because of his superior experience in fighting, but Astrid insisted so Yirk yielded to the young love. In fact, he’s realized that during the months of the slaver camps liberations, he’s already been surpassed by the two. He still felt honored at the fact that they think they need him around though. The only reason he didn’t lead one of those freed camps back to Eastguard was because of his personal stake in the mission.


In the arena, thirty-two pairs of participants, including KMega and Astrid appeared. Each pair had a flag of the symbol of each other nations. Twelve others were from the union, while nineteen were from the empire. The other union nations had three people each.

With the notice of the rules and regulations, in his eyes, KMega could only see thirty one pairs of enemies.

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