Chapter 29- Rules Of Engagement

War was fun to a certain degree, especially for gamers.

As there is none, or at least just a few real world effects. It settles conflicts and lets people get their frustrations out of their system. Most wars are settled in a few months. However, when war begins to increase in the scale of bloodshed, it then starts taking longer. War loses its appeal at this time, and it’s cruel and dark side appears. Many games have lost their popularity because of a games long standing feuds. A system was devised for Green corporation games that prevents prolonged war because of this, the tournament of gods. Each game has had this feature in it for over the last fifty years, and it’s well known to the business’s clientele.

First, there is usually a format based on the way the war will be played out.

It usually starts with a 1v1 tournament, then a full force free for all.


The system bases this on many factors; the cause of the war, the attacking and defending sizes, and how victorious the war has been for each side. The equation is always fairly sound and predictable. However, an unforeseen variable happened this time. A single individual has infiltrated the empire in what is being called the first war of the new era. As there has been many small skirmishes with the union and the imperial army, it was anticipated to be a squad vs squad scenario. It would have been fine in this case, but it was in face KMega6KMegacharacter completing over a dozen successful slave camp raids.

KMegam, and a few other hero like individuals, have stemmed the order of things.


KMega and his party were then instantly teleported to the tournament grounds. This wasn’t the first time he’s come here either. He figured that when the time came, he would be chosen as a warrior of Eastguard, but he was hoping for at least another month to look for Kieser.

Yirk put a hand on his shoulder, understanding both the situation and KMega’s frustration.

After all, Yirk was also angry that the time they had looking for his son was cut short.

However, he was also a man of the gods so he understood.

“Let’s go find the Eastguard staging area.” (KMega)

KMega was indeed frustrated as it carried into his voice.


The god of war of Sword Kingdom was overlooking the stadium, watching over a small human with two companions. He was one of the six major gods of the game.

Long ago, game developers stopped giving names to such characters because it became annoying to do such a thing over and over again.

“So, that’s the one you’ve had your eyes on god of war?” (God of Love)

The one that came to to his side was his younger sister, the god of love.

“We should have delayed the tournament another month. That young man was so close to finding what he was looking for.” (God of War)

The god of love gave a weak laugh before responding.

“Are you meddling in the affairs of mortals again? This is like when you brought that boy to your fortress and he asked to leave.” (God of Love)

The god of war kept quiet.

In fact, he found it admirable to be refused. The reason was good for him.


He wasn’t like his little sister that hated being refused by anyone.

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“It was an intriguing show, nothing more. I know very well how you love to make couples, so it’s basically the same as getting two rival’s together and being cut short of doing the deed.” (God of War)

She pouted her cheeks just thinking about it in annoyance as she moved away. The god of war sighed. His relationship with his sister was a love/hate one. They were in fact near opposites of the same coin. The next god to walk over to him was the god of harvest.


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Naturally, he was a drinker and a gambler as well. With a goblet in hand, he wrapped his arm around the god of war before speaking.

“That dragon4dragonspecies lady with him is rather cute.” (God of Harvest)

On top of that, the god of harvest was a perverted lolicon. The god of war restrained the headache his younger brother gave him. He knew one way to get this annoyance away from him in a hurry.

“I’ll make a wager with you. Huriger, my best war mount, if you can’t match the prize against that young man, then be gone.” (God of War)

With a little negotiation of a fair price, the god of war was left alone again.

They then bet a preliminary prize that he’ll later receive.

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