Chapter 68: Ye Jian’s First Battle

Doctor Zhou could not understand what was going on, but deep down, a faint uneasiness slowly slipped into her heart.

Liao Youde, who was behind them, stopped dead in his tracks as both his hands went into his pockets, seemingly searching for something.

After feeling his pockets numerous times, his expression changed and he spoke about something with a man who came over before turning back to the direction of the town’s hospital.

“Auntie, let’s go.” The edge of Ye Jian’s mouth curled upwards to reveal a faint smile as she looked in front of her with her black pupils. She was calm and without any signs of weakness. “Just see me as Jiaxin and treat it as me wanting to go out for a walk with you.”

Chunyang Hotel was not far from the town’s hospital. After making a big turn at a corner, the hotel which was near the entrance of the town could be spotted from afar.

It seemed that the lights in the hotel had been terminated. Ye Jian could clearly feel that the man’s footsteps from behind her were becoming more anxious, but they quickly calmed down.

It was not only Chunyang Hotel which had a blackout, but the entire town as well.

Chunyang Hotel was a two-story single building. Behind it was a field, and in front of it was the road. The right and the left sides of it were unoccupied.

To sneak in, terminating the lights would make catching the prey much easier… and doing so to the rest of the town as well would not cause any suspicion.

“Move quickly!” The stranger pressed his voice and urged. The whole town experiencing a blackout made the man’s heart somewhat uneasy.

Doctor Zhou remained silent as she grabbed Ye Jian’s hand tightly. Carrying her medicine box, she began jogging a little with the intention of finding an opportunity to let Ye Jian run away safely.

However, all she heard was Ye Jian humming a song, as if she were treating this entire situation like an enjoyable summer night.

She had hummed all the way until they were almost at Chunyang Hotel before the chirp of a nightbird could be heard vaguely.

It was Xia Jinyuan’s response for arriving late. It was a signal to tell Ye Jian that the deployment was complete.

Had it not been for Battalion Commander Yang’s telling him that the one using the special communication method was Ye Jian, his response would have definitely been even later.

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The shallow smile on Ye Jian’s face instantly disappeared, and she reached out to the medicine box which Doctor Zhou was holding in her right hand. Grabbing the handle of the medicine box, she turned and took a glimpse before hurling the box and smashing it heavily on the head of the stranger.

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The change of events was too fast to the point that before Doctor Zhou could even shriek, she had already been dragged into the dark by Ye Jian.

The little song was once again hummed by Ye Jian’s mouth. This was a secret signal for removal.

“Uncle Gen and Old Chen really did not teach this lass in vain.” Battalion Commander Yang revealed a slight smile on his cold face and spoke with admiration, “Go handle it. Do not be careless.”

Hidden in the dark, Xia Jinyuan gently released his clenched fist. His dark eyes darkened a little and he spoke, “She’s here with a town doctor. This lass really is virtuous. Battalion Commander Yang, I’ll leave the outside to you.”

This Ye Jian, what a brave lass! Very daring! She doesn’t even give a thought about her still being a student!

As he signaled back with the sound of a night bird, he watched several dark figures moving stealthily like a cat at night. Two approached the hotel’s entrance while the other went straight to Ye Jian and dragged the man whom she had knocked unconscious before disappearing into the dark.

“Student Ye Jian, you really are disobedient. Were you born to be bad?” Another dark figure approached Ye Jian. It was so close to her that she could feel its body temperature. It was Xia Jinyuan who was now squatting near her. The sound of his breathing could be heard from above Ye Jian’s head. “Do you know how to signal with your hands? Show me your hands.”

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