Chapter 69: Never Look Down on Ye Jian

He came close to her without her noticing, and her hair naturally stood because of the chill. She was not used to being so close to him.

His large and tough hands had already reached out for hers. Ye Jian could only groan and ignore her distance from him as his slender fingers met with hers. Finally, her hand showed the intended gesture.

“Understood?” He kept his hands and asked softly. His breathing was now extremely close to her ear.

His aura was light, and she could catch a whiff of mint from his breath.

Being unaccustomed to such actions, Ye Jian leaned her head away from the man whom she considered to be being too aggressive and pulled up Doctor Zhou who was squatting with her. With a soft voice, she spoke, “Auntie, I’ll knock on the door. Later on, I might need to trouble you a little.”

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“Okay. Be careful.” Doctor Zhou could only feel that there were more people around them, but with the darkness which enveloped around her, she could not see them clearly. However, their presence set her heart at ease.

Ye Jian lifted her hand and knocked a few times at the shutter. “Who needs to see my mother? Is there anybody in? Why is the shutter locked! If nobody’s here, we’ll be leaving.”

After saying that, she raised her voice again, “Mom, let’s go. Uncle Youde must have drunk so much that he came to tease us.”

Movement could now be heard from within the hall which had been silent before. The glass door inside was first opened before the shutters were raised noisily. In front of her now stood a male figure.

“What’s the problem! Is there a patient!” Doctor Zhou asked as her body was surrounded by the smell of ethanol. “With a power shortage, how am I going to see to the patient? Is there no candle or flashlight?”

As she spoke, Ye Jian had already walked into the hotel. “It’s pitch black. We’ll wait until Uncle De buys a candle back.”

It seemed that the place was too dark for them to see. Her foot must have tripped over something as her entire body was suddenly forced forward to the man who stood at the door like a gatekeeper.

The man did not expect a little missy to suddenly launch at him, and he was pushed out of the door in the next second. While he cussed… the two soldiers who stood by the entrance silently sneaked into the hotel as Ye Jian apologized loudly.

Behind the building, two other soldiers leaped and vaulted onto the second storey.

Xia Jinyuan did not head in immediately. In the dark, he secretly locked his gaze at Ye Jian and listened as she apologized before hearing her footsteps as she entered the hotel again.

Right at the moment when the man turned to pull Doctor Zhou into the building, Xia Jinyuan was like a cheetah as he rushed forward fiercely and grabbed tightly at the back of the man’s neck.

“Auntie, do not panic.” Ye Jian comforted Doctor Zhou whose hands were cold and quivering. Holding onto her hands tightly, she spoke with a clear and calm voice into the darkness, “Why aren’t you lighting something, where’s the patient?”

When Xia Jinyuan entered and followed after them, he was sure he had heard a man’s voice, “Stop shouting, wait a while!”

That voice… Xia Jinyuan’s dark eyes that were filled with shock immediately looked into the darkness… Wasn’t that voice from the man who fainted from his choke!!

He was surprised, and so was Doctor Zhou!

Movements could be heard from the floor above, and someone shouted from up there, “Brother Fei says to let the doctor in. As for the little missy, Brother Youde, why don’t you look after her for a while?

“This lass likes to follow her mother a lot. Let’s all go up. She can accompany us to talk.” Liao Youde’s voice came out from Ye Jian’s mouth. In the dark, it seemed so real that it could give others the chills.

Having understood the situation, Xia Jinyuan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. No wonder this lass was so brave—skilled and brave.

But where did this little lass learn such a trick?

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