Chapter 70: Cooperation

With what Ye Jian said, Xia Jinyuan who was hidden in the darkness no longer had to hide his own footsteps. Playing the role of ‘Liao Youde,’ he stomped quickly up the stairs.

The man waiting for them above did not doubt anything. Instead, he took out a lighter to help them light the way. “Doctor, carry your things carefully and watch your steps.”

The light burned for no longer than a second when Xia Jinyuan’s hands, armed with combat gloves, shot out like lightning. He extinguished the light source and swiftly covered the mouth of the other party at the same time.

With a step forward, he closed in on the man and aimed a jab at the back of his head with his left hand. A dreary groan had sounded softly before the second storey turned quiet again.

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When the light was once again lit, Ye Jian, who was waiting patiently, saw the steel-faced Xia Jinyuan giving a gesture, signalling her to advance forward.

Before the light source was put out again, she pulled Doctor Zhou’s arm and whispered, “Auntie, there’s still the final step.”

The final step was to rush into the room where Brother Fei had hidden and restrained the suspect.

The second storey of Chunyang Hotel was for accommodation, and there were a total of five rooms. From the headset, Xia Jinyuan received a report from the soldiers who had sneaked into the second storey earlier on. Several attendants were already safely secured, and the target was situated at the second room.

Going up the steps, Ye Jian took the initiative to approach Xia Jinyuan who stood near the wall. He revealed his slender fingers, and using his powerful arm, he transmitted a message over to her.

“Second floor, second room. Two people.”

After receiving the message, Ye Jian’s voice turned into An Jiaxin’s and she complained, “I should have brought a flashlight with me. It’s so dark and not a single candle is lit.” Standing outside the second room, her voice revealed a sensed of dissatisfaction. “Uncle Youde, where’re you going!”

“To bring a flashlight here, you troublesome lass!” Once they heard Liao Youde’s voice, it was followed by footsteps gradually walking away…. Those soldiers in hiding who heard it were all taken aback.

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Watching her as she switched voices to impersonate the different characters, Xia Jinyuan could no longer hold back the grin on his cold face.

The way she did it made it seem so real!

Doctor Zhou wanted to laugh, but in such a situation, that laughter couldn’t seem to escape. She raised her hand and knocked on the door, “Do you need to see me? Aren’t you going to open the door?” she spoke with the town’s accent.

“Of course, or why would we bring you here in the first place!” This time around, Ye Jian voiced the man who was handled by Xia Jinyuan not too long ago.

From inside, Brother Fei spoke while lying on the bed, “Light the candle and let the doctor in.”

The room covered in darkness finally saw a faint glow of light as it illuminated a corner. It also lit up the pale and weak face Brother Fei had as he spoke to the man guarding him by his side 24 hours a day, “Keep a tight eye on the doctor’s daughter and let the doctor in.”

He gritted his teeth as he spoke with eyes filled with menace.

The moment the door was unlocked, Ye Jian’s response was quick, and she pulled Doctor Zhou to a side to let the soldiers who were standing by rush in at any moment.

Standing right in front of the door, Xia Jinyuan raised his right foot like a powerful sword and kicked the door that was slightly ajar. “Bang!” the loud noise rang through the entire building as the entire door was slammed inward.

The speed of his leg when he kicked was ferocious, to a point where Ye Jian who stood near a wall could feel a breeze against her face. Although faint, she could feel its raw intensity.

The man who opened the door was pushed to the floor by the sheer force of the door slamming against him. Before he could get up, the soldiers hidden within the building quickly rushed into room, and a black gun barrel was pointed at the man who was still on the ground. “Do not move!”

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