Chapter 71: Our Difference

Amidst the loud shouting, beads of perspiration formed behind Doctor Zhou’s back which was pressed against the wall. Her legs gave in, and she sat on the cold hard floor.

The wind was blowing out from the room without a back door. Ye Jian who let out a sigh of relief suddenly felt suspicious. How could a closely shut room be blowing out a night breeze?

After some thought, it suddenly came to her and she shouted, “Xia Jinyuan! Below!!” She was already like an arrow that was released from the string of a bow as she rushed down the stairs to the first storey.

Her actions were so fast that she disappeared before Xia Jinyuan could even open his mouth to speak.

He pressed the headset to his ear, and he listened to a report made by his comrades deployed behind the building as he went after Ye Jian while giving an instruction, “Hold the target down and escort him out tonight! Battalion Commander Yang, inform the power supply bureau to power back the electricity.”

No less than ten seconds later, the lights were back and the entire town’s power supply was returned to normal.

Chasing until the hotel’s lobby, Xia Jinyuan slowly stopped under the bright lights as he quietly watched the slim back.

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After a while, he walked over to her slowly and smiled, “Weren’t you amazing just now? You look somewhat down now.”

Ai, a lass is still a lass. No matter how awesome she was, she was still a child in the end.

That little face of hers was like the days in the month of June, changing ever so quickly.

As he ran to the first storey, Ye Jian was already sure whose footsteps it belonged to. Remaining silent after being asked the question, she finally let out a sigh.

Raising her gaze, she looked at him with her bright black eyes. “I saw the difference—the gap between you and me.”

“How old am I and how old are you?” Xia Jinyuan coughed before letting out a laugh. Seeing the serious expression on her face, he quickly kept it back and coughed again before comforting her, “You were already amazing. That voice technique has brought both me and my comrades a great shock.”

How old am I? If you were to know, you’ll definitely freak out!

Looking at Xia Jinyuan who had suddenly turned into a sensible and brotherly soldier, Ye Jian pursed her lips tightly. Her eyes glistened and she let out a maiden’s laugh, “It’s not about the age, but the environment and exposure.”

Regardless of what she had learned, the her now who had never been taught the systematic command to take action was a step behind. And thus, she panicked when she figured the target had fled through the window.

What kind of person was Xia Jinyuan? How would he not have any arrangements done beforehand?

“What did those have to do with our differences?” Xia Jinyuan raised a brow and thought for a while before nodding his head politely. Smiling at the little girl who always liked to criticize him, he answered seriously, “The environment and exposure indeed do affect performance, but in the end, it all depends on one’s personal efforts.”

“You’re now being trained by a world-class sniper and a Chief Sergeant 1st Class. Your environment and exposure is far greater than many who live in this world! Their purpose is to provide the environment you need and imbue you with exposure. And as for you, you will need to give double the efforts they put in for you.”

As he spoke, his tone changed into a serious one in an instant, “There are many out there who are helping to refine you, but you’ll have to cherish it! Also, there’s one more thing I’ve to remind you: to become a soldier, you must first understand what ‘obedience’ is!”

So he was going to make her pay after all. Ye Jian stealthily lifted her foot towards the outside, but only after a step, her arm was grabbed from the back, “Trying to slip away?”

His ridiculous tone made Ye Jian feel somewhat embarrassed, and she straightened her back before turning towards him to apologize, “I’m sorry, I was wrong! But I’m sure there won’t be a second time!”

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