Chapter 72: If You Were My Soldier

Her attitude towards admitting her mistake was good, but it did not work on him.

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“You were rushing down anxiously because you were worried that the target person will flee. That intention is understandable.” The edge of Xia Jinyuan’s lips was hooked as he looked into the star-like eyes of the little girl, then he said jokingly, “Your attitude when admitting your mistake is good. Is it because you’re afraid I might scold you?”

“What’s there to be afraid of? I’m not even your soldier.” Ye Jian gazed at him coldly, but she sent out the same smile he had on his face. “And what’s more, I was actually going to find my friend, but I happened to run into Auntie Zhou and so I came.”

So what if she ran down? He had already laid an invisible net to make Brother Fei’s escape after jumping through the window impossible. She was only overreacting a little.

Her answer made Xia Jinyuan raise his brow. Thereafter, his eyes turned cold and dark.

Looking straight at her, his smile vanished a little, and he said, “If you were my soldier, Student Ye Jian, you will definitely end up very miserable.”

“The law of a soldier consists of rules and regulations that are set and which must not be defied. A soldier who takes it lightly after several serious warnings will receive demerits or greater punishments depending on the seriousness of the situation.”

When talking about the law a soldier should have, his expression became inevitably fierce.

After he was done, the face of Xia Jinyuan, who was focused entirely on Ye Jian’s expression, gradually softened into a smile. “And so, Student Ye Jian, to become a qualified soldier, the first thing you’ll need to learn is how to obey orders.”

His smile made him even more handsome, and a touch of elegance was added to the cold aura he had around him after he had flashed his smile which gave him a prince-like charm.

The military uniform he donned could not conceal his noble background. The environment he grew up in was definitely never of the ordinary. Like the saying where a place has its own way of supporting its own inhabitants, the environment was definitely important.

“Thank you for your teachings, I understand.” Ye Jian gently bowed and kept his advice to heart.

“Obeying orders is the duty of a soldier,” Principal Chen and Grandpa Gen had told her personally before. However, she placed her emphasis on improving her own ability which led to her throwing away subconsciously the most fundamental mindset of a soldier that she should have possessed.

Footsteps could be heard from behind. They were from the soldiers upstairs who had come over. “Reporting, second storey has been cleared!”

“Inform the police to make an arrest.” He kept his smile, and his expression became cold again. Turning around, his back gave off the cold aura of a soldier. “Gather and return.”

His clear and cold voice instilled a sense of deterrence. Over his shoulder, Ye Jian could see the stiff expression on the soldier’s face. That face was extremely serious to a point where Ye Jian could tell that whatever instructions Xia Jinyuan were to give, he would absolutely obey.

Ye Jian pursed her lips tightly. Obeying orders is the duty of a soldier… She might have understood.

Looking at the mountain-like back of the towering figure, Ye Jian’s eyes darkened. A man like him did not just convince the rest of the soldiers to obey him with just his ability but also in all other aspects.

Once all the instructions were given, Xia Jinyuan walked out of the hotel together with Ye Jian and Doctor Zhou.

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“Tonight must have frightened the two of you, and I’m really sorry because of our inability to complete our jobs. Again, I’m very sorry.” His voice was sincere as he apologized while seeing them off across the road, “The target and those at the scene were already handled cleanly. To prevent any public distress, I hope that the two of you who were pulled into this will not speak of this incident, and we will not trouble the two of you from today on.”

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