Chapter 157: Tiger blocking at the front, wolf chasing from behind

Dangers were closing.

Pressure as heavy as a mountain acted upon his mind. Qin Tian felt his heart tightened as he ran while urging Hei Yan and Meng Fanyi to run faster.
He was sure that the monster that was attracted by the blood of those Man-eating fishes was beyond rank eight.

Rank eight and six ocean monsters are of completely different levels.
200 Man-eating fishes would not be able to go against a rank eight monster. One can imagine the degree how terrifying a rank eight monster had reached.

Not only was that happening, other powerful ocean monsters were also heading there at fast speed. If they do not escape now, in less than a minute, they would no longer be able to do so.

Ocean monsters are bloodthirsty, but they have a greater interest towards cores.
Cores are useful to both cultivators and ocean monsters. To reach where they stand right now, they relied on gaining the cores of others to breakthrough.
They are the same as Qin Tian, walking on a road filled with blood. They began killing when they were born, swallowing cores to become stronger. They live in a world where the weak prey to the strong.

200 Man-eating fishes represent 200 cores, a huge haul.

Qin Tian left with his heart aching, feeling worse than having flesh cut apart.

After escaping tens of li away, Qin Tian finally stopped and turned back to his original form. He panted with a heart full of rage. Something he spent half a day dealing with had now become someone else’s dowry. Feeling terrible, he could not help but cursed, “F**k them.”
“Brother Qin, what’s with that?” Meng Fanyi asked while catching his breath. His face was pale. He ignored his injuries and ran with all his might, making him extremely exhausted.
Hei Yan was worse, feeling so exhausted that he did not have the strength to speak. He leaned against a rock, panting heavily and waiting for an answer.

“A rank eight monster.” Qin Tian replied.

At that moment, Meng Fanyi widened his eyes in shock. His breathing stopped as cold sweat emerged on his back.

“Eight……rank eight monster?” Hei Yan muttered like he could not believe it.

By judging using human’s cultivation realms, rank eight ocean monsters are in the peak ascension realm.
However, there are stronger than normal peak ascension realm experts. Their fleshly body had gone through thousands, or even tens of thousands of years of strengthening, extremely terrifying. Ordinary attacks are of no effect to them. This was also the reason why Qin Tian chose to escape.

One would only be courting death if they don’t escape. Also, it might not be truly safe even if they ran tens of Li away.


Qin Tian felt his rage grow, “Caught up.”

“The rank eight monster caught up?”

The trio stood up immediately and ran.
“Qin Tian, your time of death has come.”

Just as they moved, a cold snort travel into their ears. A strong pressure went towards Qin Tian from above. To withstand it, the Heavenly Dragon Form Scripture activated on its own.


Qin Tian, feeling anxious, halted and became cautious.

“Someone who wants your life.”
Soon after the voice descended, four figures appeared before the trio and surrounded them.

Feng, Yun, Lei and Dian armed with weapons released a dense killing intent.

“Violent Sky faction, Feng Yun Lei Dian, the four great killers?!”

Meng Fanyi knew who they were with just a glance. HIs face sank and he said softly, “They are all ascension realm experts. Together, they can release a powerful attack which even Rebirth realm experts cannot withstand.”
“Violent Sky faction? Four people?” Qin Tian stared into the darkness and asked, “Why is Violent Sky faction always making things difficult for me?”
“You’ve killed a supervisor of ours, committing a grave crime. Do you think Violent Sky young master will let you off?” Feng, the eldest of the four replied.

As he spoke, the ocean water moved like it was affected by gales of wind, producing vortexes.

Wind attribute ability?

“The war of power, life and death are in the hands of fate. Since he dared to enter the fight, he should have been prepared for death. Even the disciplinary hall did not deem me guilty, what rights do you have to do so?” Qin Tian spoke without fear. The power of Emperor Purgatory exploded out, destroying the vortexes that were forming.


“Rights? Haha……”

“Conversing with me about rights? Violent Sky faction is the rights. Since you killed someone from my Violent Sky faction, you must give up your life as consequence.”

Feng roared and a huge vortex was formed, heading towards the trio.

“I’ll go.”

Meng Fanyi slashed his sword down. His sword intent had reached the stage of endlessness. Facing the huge vortex, the sword intent pierced right through it, splitting it into half.
“Not a bad sword intent.”

Lei coldly said.

Qin Tian stepped forward, “Violent Sky faction? Is Violent Sky faction or Tianji sect bigger? Your Violent Sky faction’s so-called power is not even the same as one of the eight pillars. The disciplinary hall did not deem me guilty, so you all do not have the rights. Want to kill me? Are you not scared that the disciplinary hall will investigate?”

“Violent Sky faction is the Heaven, and Violent Sky young master is god. Tianji sect, eight pillars, disciplinary hall? Those are just Violent Sky faction’s stepping stones. While you……” Feng sneered and pointed his little finger, “aren’t even worth a stone as big as a little finger. “

“Killing you is simply too easy.”

Feng stared at Qin Tian disdainfully. He opened his palms and the water around seemed to have been controlled. Ascension force gathered on his palms as he sneered, “Die.”

“Fanyi, Hei Yan, find a chance to escape, I am the one they want.” Darkness force erupted as his eyes kept looking at the figure hidden in the darkness. The aura he exuded out caused Qin Tian to shudder.

“What is this ah? We are brothers……”

“I won’t go.”

“You will only be giving up on your life like that. Remember, if there’s a chance, escape. The further the better. Find me again in Evil Demon city 3 months later. I will be there if I’m still alive.” Qin Tian said and rushed forward.

They came to Jibei ocean to kill Qin Tian.
They may want to kill, but Qin Tian was not afraid. After all, there is no word called ‘fear’ in the Dao of killing.

Darkness force devoured the vortex.

Feng Yun Lei Dian would definitely not use their ultimate move immediately when the fight starts, if one of them is killed……

Their ultimate move cannot be used.

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However, the four of them had cultivated their ascension force for hundreds of years.

How could killing one of them be easy?

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Unable to kill?

Not far away, a rank eight ocean monster was staring greedily at them like they are preys. Qin Tian smiled coldly……

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