Chapter 158: Danger

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Qin Tian sensed it. Feng Yun Lei Dian also knew about that.

However, they were not worried and showed no signs of being flustered.
Feng clasped his palms and the ocean water around fell into turmoil. A look of disdain flashed past his eyes. To him, Qin Tian was not worth him going all out.
Not even Qin Tian with his group together had the qualifications.
Rank eight spirit refining realm, simply too weak.
“Dying in my hands can be considered as your fate. In your next life, remember not to provoke Violent Sky faction, or else……hehe, you will die again!”
Killing intent descended and the aura around changed tremendously.
Two huge crescent wind gales appeared on his hands. They were more than ten times stronger than those of rank six blood eye lion. The power contained within was terrifying, as the wind gale shot out, the surrounding ocean water seemed to erupt like they were released from compression.

A force stronger than the turbulent currents rushed towards Qin Tian.
Although Water Avoidance Pearl allows one to avoid water, it does not block out outside forces. Still, the currents formed from the movement of water would hit his face like knives.
“If there’s a chance, escape. Remember, the both of you must escape.”
“If I do not die, we shall meet again three months later at Evil Demon city.”
“If I die, avenge me……”
Suddenly, Qin Tian looked towards the heavens and laughed. The power of the dragon and elephant erupted. Under the eight times attribute increase, his body looked like it was being roasted. White gas came out of is pores.
“Your Qigong cultivation is truly exceptional, to actually burst out strength. This is the first I’ve seen it.”
“However, it will also be the last.”
Feng’s expression might be sinister, but he was stunned. He did not expect that Qin Tian’s Qigong cultivation to be so profound, reaching the ascension realm already.
It was also because of this that his determination to kill Qin Tian solidified even more. The two wind gales doubled in size, completely caging the trio, blocking off any route of escape.

Feng Yun Lei Dian, any one of them are much stronger than Yao Qing or Wang Xie, those that had just entered the ascension realm.
Just their cultivation period of their ascension force was a hundred years. They have a thorough understanding of ascension force and are proficient in using it.
“Later, hide behind me……”
Qin Tian roared and the Qigong suppressed within his body erupted, “Emperor Purgatory, godly dark art……”
Along with the rank two berserk, the powers of the three abilities merged.
The Emperor Purgatory force and darkness force merged. After that, under berserk, a huge pillar emerged from Qin Tian’s body and a pressuring cry sounded.
It was four times stronger than that in Evil Demon city.
“What is this ability?”
Feng’s heart sank as he bellowed, attacking with all his might.
“I was waiting!”
A cold smile appeared on Qin Tian’s face. The huge pillar pierced towards Feng.
A resounding cry sounded.
The ocean floor was in unrest as trembles occured in the surroundings.
Feng sneered as the veins on his arms bulged, “A rank eight spirit refining realm cultivator wants to flip the sky? Ridiculous……”

(TLN: The Sky refers to Violent Sky faction)
One wind gale transformed and disappeared within the ocean while the other struck towards the black pillar.
Qin Tian frowned in shock. The wind gale that disappeared was surely aiming at them. Now that it disappeared and its aura could not be felt, where would it attack from?
“Come forth!”
Without a choice, Qin Tian roared. His Qigong decreased rapidly as purple flame aura emerged, forming a huge shield that covered the trio.
“Qi shield?!”
“Haha……rank eight refining realm punk, even if your Qigong is profound, how can it withstand Laozi’s wind gale that contains ascension force? Truly reckless.”
Feng laughed and slammed a hand down. Silk-like lines emerged from his fingers.

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A powerful force appeared above Qin Tian……

Meanwhile, the other wind gale collided with the pillar, producing a huge bang. Sparks flew.
Qin Tian felt the incoming force going against the pillar and his heart tightened.
Not allowing him to have time to ponder, the huge crescent wind gale above him radiated with a silverish glow. In less than half a breath later, it descended.
The spirit refining Qi shield would definitely be unable to withstand the wind gale that contains ascension force.
Qin Tian did that only because he wanted to use it as a medium to determine the position of that wind gale.
With the Qi shield out, any small movement could not escape Qin Tian. What the Qi shield senses was purely the movement of Qigong. No matter how powerful ascension force was, it was still something formed from Qigong.
Hence, it cannot escape the detection of the Qi shield.

Before the wind gale appeared, Qin Tian already knew the direction of where it was and immediately informed Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan. The trio soon made a plan.
Once that wind gale descends, the three of them will immediately separate.
From the time when the pillar emerged, Qin Tian never stopped using his law of aura. Among the four, only Feng made a move while the others stared expressionlessly in silence, not moving a bit. It was strange.
At first, Qin Tian thought that they could not lower themselves to attack together.
However, he no longer assumed that was the case now. From the moment they appeared, the aura within their body was intensifying continuously. Then, he thought about what Meng Fanyi said, about the four having a huge move that even Rebirth realm experts could not withstand.
Next, he thought about the hidden expert in the darkness.
He was not laying low, for there was no need to do so.
He was hiding to escape the huge move of Feng Yun Lei Dian, he was afraid of being affected by the move.
“Just what kind of strength would make the rank nine ascension realm expert stay hidden?” Qin Tian’s heart sank, but he no longer had the time to ponder. The trio rushed towards Yun, Lei, and Dian each.
Before the wind gale come into contact with the seafloor, the trio had already rushed out. Immediately, sand flew.
Sand covered the surroundings like clouds, making one’s sight be of no use now.
Among the sand, none of them could see anything……

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