Chapter 159: Laozi teach you to sing songs of praise

Sand covered the surroundings, affecting one’s sight.

Feng had lost sight of his target and got anxious.
Never did he expect that Qin Tian could escape from his move. He was clear about the strength of his wind gale. A rank eight spirit refining cultivator would not be able to escape it unless he knew which direction it would attack from……
“Qi shield!”
Suddenly, Feng’s expression changed and his eyes widened. He finally realized how Qin Tian escaped his wind gale.
“Qin Tian, you are smart.”
“However, smart people always die early.”
Staring at the muddy water, a sneer appeared on Feng’s face. A white light radiated from below his feet, revolving around like a hurricane. Power filled him.
Divine Wind Art.
A masterpiece among all wind attributed abilities.
The corresponding arts of the others are Divine Cloud Art, Divine Thunder Art, and Divine Lightning Art.
Violent Sky young master killed Zhentian demon king and found the four abilities in Zhentian palace, which he gave to those four. They cultivated together for thirty years and formed a joint attack.
After thirty years of cultivation hidden from the world, they finally had a great achievement.
The joint attack of Feng Yun Lei Dian can showcase an unimaginable power. It was a guaranteed kill, which even Rebirth realm experts cannot escape from.
However, the activation time of that move was very long. That was its biggest flaw.
Hence, someone had to hold down the enemy and allow the other three to gather energy, which was Feng. As his comprehensive speed was the greatest, the amount of time he needed to gather energy was the least. When Qin Tian was escaping from his wind gale attack, the Divine Wind Art started revolving, quickly trying the join the other three arts.
At this moment, there was no need to worry about Qin Tian escaping.
Once the four arts joined together, every space between them was just like a cage. No one can escape.
However, Qin Tian did not even think about escaping.
Feeling a strong pressure acting against him emitted from four different directions, his heart tightened. Immediately, he understood that their joint attack was a type of formation, and those inside would not be able to escape.

The only way out is to disrupt the forming of the formation.
With that in mind, Qin Tian attacked using all his might against Dian who had the weakest aura.
The attack struck Dian’s chest, only for it to vanish.
“How could this be?”
At the same time, Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan did the same thing, but no damage was dealt.
“How is this possible?”
“Could it be that at such a stage, they are invincible?”
“It can’t be.” Qin Tian calmed down. Seeing the frown on their faces and aura becoming increasingly stronger, they can’t be fakes. So why can’t he damage them? His mind kept pondering, “ There must be a reason, there must……”
“Qin Tian, stop your vain attempts.”
Feng laughed madly, “Now that you three are surrounded by us, you’ re all already dead people, haha……stop your vain struggles and wait for death, haha……”
The auras of the four were slowly merging into one. From the four positions, a pillar of light rose each.
Countless silklike lines were produced, interwoven with one another, becoming like a spider web. The trio was trapped within.
“Fanyi, Hei Yan, attack Feng. Doesn’t he love to shout? Let’s make him shout to his heart’s content.”
They had already tried Yun, Lei and Dian. Only Feng was left.
There must definitely an oddity among the four.

As long as he could find the right direction to walk, as long as he could destroy the eye of the formation, it will lose its strength.
There was only Feng left.
Meng Fanyi roared and the Taixu swordsmanship erupted. Hei Yan attacked at the same time.

Feng was taken aback and his blood circulation had a sudden halt before carrying on as normal. However, that small stop sold him out already. Qin Tian was just trying to probe Feng by saying that, he wanted to know whether Feng was the same as Dian.

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It seems like Feng is the key to break the formation.

Qin Tian smiled.
His three abilities combined and a pillar appeared, striking towards Feng.
The four were now at a critical point and cannot lose focus. Seeing Qin Tian’s Pillar striking towards him, anger grew in his heart.
“Laozi will smack you to death. So what if you’re in the ascension realm, still needed three others for help to kill me. Just with you four prawns, what qualifications do you all have to kill me? Even if Violent Sky young master comes personally, Laozi will not be afraid.” Qin Tian swore continuously with no signs of wanting to stop.
He wanted to enrage Feng. As long as anger takes over him, the joint attack would no longer be successful.
“You all are only Violent Sky young master’s dogs.”
“On behalf of you four, Laozi genuinely feels ashame. For four ascension realm cultivators to be needed to kill a rank eight spirit refining me, you four are not even worthy of being s**t.”
“Laozi will make your dog master kneel below my feet and sing songs of praise……”
“Know how to sing songs of praise? No worries, let Laozi teach you……” Qin Tian sang, putting all his emotions into it.

Soon, Meng Fanyi joined in the cursing war, with each curse being worse than before.
Cursing is also a form of tactic. Such tactics often piss off others. In Qin Tian’s previous life, whether it was the speed of his thinking or the strength of his curses, they were absolute.
Feeling the changes of Feng’s aura, Qin Tian knew that the cursing was effective and started to curse more joyously. There was no repeat.

Feng felt his rage overflowing, unable to hold it back anymore.
With his anger rampaging about inside of him, it was of no use trying to gather energy. He alone was enough to kill Qin Tian anyways, there was no need for a joint attack.
Why kill a chicken with a butcher’s knife?
Now, just seeing Qin Tian’s face would make him tremble in rage.
“Laozi will kill you……”
Feng gashed his teeth and howled. His rage is nearly costing him to lose his sanity. The only thought left in his mind was to kill Qin Tian……
Feng move and the power from the joint attack disappeared. Elated, Qin Tian shouted towards Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan, “Escape now!”
“Take care.”
“You must return alive.”
Without the power of the joint attack restricting them, Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan shattered their space escape talisman.
Space escape talisman. Unless one had the strength of the Rebirth realm, they would not be able to prevent it.
Meng Fanyi gave Qin Tian one last look. Filled with hatred, he vanished.

Hei Yan actually wanted to stay but decided against it after seeing Qin Tian’s gaze.
Qin Tian felt relieved. Since the two of them were no longer here, he had no more qualms.
He stared into the darkness and sneered, “Still not coming out? The joint Attack is already broken……”

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