Chapter 73: Duped!

Inside the study room, Yang Tianhu sat down on his chair and spoke to Yang Ruoxue, ”Xiao Xue, bring over the thing I asked you to prepare.”

Yang Ruoxue brought over an envelope and placed it on Yang Tianhu’s table.

“Xiao Yu, since you said that you treat us as family, then I will shall be frank with you. The Wanmei Group was established by me. However, over the years, the performance of the group has gotten worse year by year. In addition, my health is deteriorating and my sons don’t have the talent in managing my business, so I had to ask Xiao Xue to drop out of her university to help me to handle the company. At that point of time, Xiao Xue didn’t disappoint my expectations for her and she did have the talent in handling our business. Under her management, the company gradually improved. After a few years, she established a name for herself in Yunhai and no one was able to compete with us, the Wanmei Group, in Yunhai. However, all these years, the growth of the cosmetic products are very fast, especially for overseas products, and they occupy the majority of the market. Even in our country, their products are quite well known. That’s why, Wanmei Group may seem to be very successful, but it has been very long since we actually developed a new product. However, after we were acquainted with you, and you brought out the Rejuvenation Pill and Eternal Youth Pill to collaborate with Xiao Xue, this actually helped us turn our situation around. I also saw the reports on your pill, and the impact it has had on the cosmetics industry was very huge. The current Wanmei Group could be said to have endless potential and all this was thanks to you, Xiao Yu,” Yang Tianhu looked at Cheng Yu while saying seriously.

“Grandpa Yang, you are really overpraising me. All these are thanks to Xiao Xue. I only contributed the formula and the rest was handled by Xiao Xue. If there wasn’t the excellent management from Xiao Xue, all this wouldn’t have happened.”

“I know. I know that Xiao Xue also contributed towards this success. However, without your formula, no matter how capable Xiao Xue was, it was impossible for her to create such successful pill. So, it could be said that the current success of Wanmei Group was all created by you. When I saw the Wanmei Group that I established had this great success, this old man here was very happy. Also I want this success to last for generations and need someone as capable as Xiao Xue to handle it, so after discussing with Xiao Xue, we have decided to give 50% of the company shares to you,” Yang Tianhu passed Cheng Yu the sealed envelope.

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“No way. Grandpa Yang, the joke you play this time is way too big. Wanmei Group was established by you, how can you give it to someone else like that?” When he heard what Yang Tianhu said, Cheng Yu was startled. He didn’t expect this old man to use this sort of method to pull him into their company.

“Xiao Yu, listen to me. Although it’s true that the Wanmei Group was established by me, I always wished for it to grow further. Besides, if the company were to be managed by you, I will definitely feel relieved.”

“Impossible. In any case, I will not accept it. I can’t do such thing. The Wanmei Group exists as this establishment today because Xiao Xue and you have put in all your efforts to manage it. Although I helped you in the midst of bringing it to the success it has today, it still doesn’t belong to me.”

“Xiao Yu, listen to me. Even though the collaboration you had with Xiao Xue was 50:50 profit distribution and the 50% shares I am giving you, the agreement that you signed will not change. Furthermore, you will also become the company’s largest shareholder. In the future, whenever we collaborate, it will no longer be a partner relationship, but will be an internal matter inside the company,” Yang Tianhu laughed.

“It turns out that Grandpa Tian was thinking of such matters. I still think it’s better if Grandpa Tian were to keep the 50% shares himself. Even if you didn’t give me the shares, I will still collaborate with Xiao Xue. There isn’t a need for you to do such things,” After he knew why was Yang Tianhu giving him such a large percent of shares, Cheng Yu promised him.

Cheng Yu had never thought of collaborating with someone else at all. If he wanted to collaborate with someone, naturally the ideal partner would be his “future wife.”

“Xiao Yu, you also said we are like a family. Even if you were to become the largest shareholder of the company and manage the company, I believe you wouldn’t treat our Xiao Xue unfairly. For all these years, Xiao Xue has already been working very hard, and not only has she been finding ways to treat my illness, she also had to manage our company. This kind of suffering was very pitiful. As a lady, she wasted her prime on the company. I hope she will be able to find an ideal husband to take very good care of her so as to help her shoulder some of the responsibility. That’s why I hope you will be able to treat her well,” After numerous rejections from Cheng Yu, Yang Tianhu had to play the sentimental card.

“Grandpa Tian, aren’t you trying to betroth Xiao Xue to me?” When he heard what Yang Tianhu had said, Cheng Yu felt that something was very off.

“What? You aren’t willing to marry my Xiao Xue?” When he saw Cheng Yu’s surprised expression, Yang Tianhu stopped smiling and said.

When Yang Ruoxue who was standing at the side heard what her grandpa said, she felt something was fishy. She felt that her grandpa was trying to marry her off to someone else. Suddenly, she felt her cheeks burning as she looked at Cheng Yu for his reaction. She was shocked, could it be he was really unwilling to marry her?

“Haha! What is Grandpa Yang talking about? Of course I’m willing. I have been dreaming to marry Xiao Xue and bring her back home. However, you said it too suddenly, causing me to feel puzzled,” Cheng Yu replied excitedly. He winked at Yang Ruoxue while replying, causing her to feel shy, yet at the same time furious.

“That will be great. Sign here, or don’t even think about getting our Xiao Xue.”

“Alright, but if you were to give me these shares, how much would be left for Xiao Xue?” Cheng Yu looked at their expressions before he nodded and promised.

“There’s still 30% of the shares with Xiao Xue. The other 20% are all with my other investor friends.”

“En. I can agree to accept these shares. But I have to declare that you mustn’t let anyone know about this. In addition, Xiao Xue will still remain as the company’s chairman. The only thing that I will need to know is the situation of the company. That is all.”

“Regarding this, no problem!” Yang Tianhu was very happy when he saw that Cheng Yu had agreed.

When he saw the old man’s expression, Cheng Yu felt that he had been duped. After he signed the document, he gained nothing other than a company.

Previously, when he signed the pill contract with Yang Ruoxue, there wasn’t a hint of responsibility for him. Now, he held 50% of the company shares, and he would get an additional 50% dividend at the end of the year from the company, but he was actually being tied to the Wanmei Group for life. In the future, no matter what he must do, he had to make sure that his company will not be in the midst of facing bankruptcy.

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This meant that the owner of the Wanmei Group had changed on paper, but, in reality, nothing changed at all. Furthermore, in the future, all the good things he was going to produce would have to be given to the Wanmei Group. “Aish, this old fox, he actually used his granddaughter in this scheme. He is lucky that I am someone who would fall into his trap. Well, at least I obtained such a beautiful wife. Haha!”

“Alright. Haha! Although I don’t really wish to own all these shares, since I have gotten Xiao Xue to be my wife, it can be counted as though I have received a great benefit from this deal,” Cheng Yu looked at Yang Ruoxue before signing the contract.

“Haha! Since you signed the papers, in the future, we will truly become a family.”

“Grandpa, when can I get married to Xiao Xue then?” Cheng Yu looked at Yang Tianhu and asked. Even the way he addressed him changed, as he had straight up called him grandpa.

“Haha! To get my granddaughter, it will depend on your abilities. I will not meddle with it.”

“What?! Didn’t you promise me that you will betroth Xiao Xue to me?” Cheng Yu stood up surprised and asked.

“I didn’t say that I will betroth her to you. I just said that I didn’t want you to treat her unfairly. I have finally seen it myself, you truly love our house’s Xiao Xue. Therefore, I will also support you, but whether Xiao Xue will approve of it, that’s for her to decide,” Yang Tianhu had actually duped him.

“Aren’t you trying to dupe me? I accepted these shares all because of Xiao Xue,” Cheng Yu said furiously. At first he thought that he had obtained such a pretty and capable wife, but it turned out that it was all a dream. How can Cheng Yu not be angered by this?

“How is this duping you? I didn’t disapprove of you liking Xiao Xue. You can’t possibly force Xiao Xue to marry you, right?”

“Xiao Xue, what’s your opinion on this?” Cheng Yu looked at Yang Ruoxue pitifully and asked.

“Hmph! Who is going to marry you?” Yang Ruoxue left the room straight away. When she saw Cheng Yu’s expression just now, she felt extremely elated. At least Cheng Yu truly liked her and wished to marry her.

However, this small lecher was too perverted. At the moment, he had so many women outside and the only women she knew of was the attractive policewoman and Lan Ya. Now, she mustn’t succumb to him. Otherwise, he will definitely not treasure her.

He looked at the transfer contract and then looked at Yang Tianhu’s happy expression, Cheng Yu felt that he was such a failure. He had unexpectedly fallen into such a scheme. Furthermore, it was very clearly a honey trap.

Cheng Yu vented all his sadness on the dishes. When they looked at Cheng Yu stuffing food down his mouth, everyone seated at the dining table failed to understand what was going on. Only Yang Tianhu and Yang Ruoxue had smiles plastered all over their faces.

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