Chapter 74: A Phone Call From Yao Na

After the meal, Cheng Yu was thinking of asking Yang Ruoxue out for a date. After all, the old man had duped him into being their majority shareholder. At least he had to think of ways to get his supposed wife into his hand. Otherwise, it was truly not beneficial for him.

However, the moment he stepped out of the doorway, his phone rang. The person calling him was actually Yao Na. He was puzzled. Why would she call him during the weekends? Yesterday night, when he asked her out to play over the weekend, she rejected him bluntly. Could it be that she suddenly had a change of heart?

Cheng Yu was elated. He quickly picked up the phone and laughed, ”Hello, Teacher Yao, have you changed your mind and decided to come out and play together with me?”

“Cheng…Cheng Yu, can you…can you lend me 200,000 dollars? I am in need of money,” Yao Na’s voice was trembling as she spoke over the phone in a depressed voice.

“Teacher Yao, what’s wrong? Where are you now? I will go over and look for you!” When he realized that the tone she was using was a bit off, Cheng Yu asked nervously.

“Something has happened to my dad and he is currently in the city hospital. You can come over if you wish to,” Yao Na sobbed.

Cheng Yu sighed in relief. Even if she was down with an illness, he was an immortal doctor and he could certainly handle curing any illness. How hard could it be for him.

“I’m sorry, Ruoxue. My teacher’s father has fallen sick. I will need to make a trip down to the hospital,” Cheng Yu looked at Yang Ruoxue and said embarrassingly.

“Your teacher? What does it have to do with you when your teacher’s father has fallen sick?” Yang Ruoxue asked because she was puzzled.

“Of course it is to save him. I’m an immortal doctor, and when it comes to saving people, I’m the best at it,” Cheng Yu said in a righteous tone.

“Your teacher, is she a woman?” Yang Ruoxue asked indifferently.

“Hehe. Should be,” Cheng Yu rubbed his nose and said.

“What should be. I knew it, your teacher is definitely a girl, otherwise, why will you be so anxious about it. Hmph! Go ahead. I am too lazy to bother with you,” Yang Ruoxue harrumphed and rolled her eyes at Cheng Yu before walking back into the house.

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“Ruoxue, I promise you that in the future, I will prepare for you the grandest date you will ever experience,” When he saw Yang Ruoxue had walked off angrily, Cheng Yu shouted from behind. After that, he ran into his car and sped towards city hospital.

“Hmph. This perverted lecher, even his teacher has also become his target. Scoundrel! I shall wait and see what you meant by grandest date. When the time comes, I will definitely make you suffer,” When she saw Cheng Yu had drove off, Yang Ruoxue said angrily.


After speeding through the highway, it took Cheng Yu 30 minutes to complete the supposed one hour trip.

Looking at the familiar hospital, Cheng Yu spat on the floor. Damn it! It was only a few days and I am already back at this stupid place. So unlucky! Every time I am here, there has never been a good event. However, giving it some thought, who would wish to come to such place?

After calling Yao Na and asking her for the ward number, Cheng Yu ran directly there. After he reached the floor the ward was at, the first thing he saw was Yao Na’s face was filled with tears as she was crying in the corridor.

“Teacher Yao. What exactly happened?” Cheng Yu went forward and asked.

“Cheng Yu, you are here. This is great. My dad fell down from the scaffold in his construction site. Both of his legs were broken in the process. The doctor said that he will need to amputate his legs. Otherwise he will…will. Sob!” Halfway through what she was trying to convey, Yao Na started to cry again.

“Alright. Stop crying. Relax. With me around, he will definitely be fine,” Cheng Yu wiped off Yao Na’s tears.

Yao Na felt embarrassed and retreated back a step before she continued sobbing, ”Cheng Yu, can you lend me 200k first? I will definitely return you back in the future.”

“Ok. Stop crying. Money is not a problem. I will give you any amount you need. Let’s go and take a look at your father first.”

“En, en. I will bring you over now,” When she heard Cheng Yu was willing to lend her the money, Yao Na felt relieved.

When he entered the ward, he noticed that there were several beds. On top of one of those beds, there was already a patient sleeping on it. Cheng Yu looked out of the ward and realized that it was the common ward. This was very obvious, and much worse than what Han Xue stayed in previously.

“Why is your father staying in this ward. With so many people in this ward, how could he possibly rest well?” Cheng Yu frowned.

“We couldn’t afford the VIP ward. Besides, those high class wards are meant for people who are rich to stay in. Commoners like us are only able to afford this ward,” After he heard what Yao Na said, the frown on Cheng Yu’s face grew worse.

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“Xiao Na, is this person your friend?” At this moment, a middle-aged woman walked over and asked.

The woman’s eyes were also red. On her face, there were a few wrinkles and one could see that there was visible white hair growing out on her head.

“Yes mum. This is my friend, Cheng Yu,” Yao Na was embarrassed to introduce him as a student. As a teacher, if she were to tell her mum that she was borrowing the money from her student, it would be the most embarrassing thing ever in her life.

“Hi Auntie. Regarding the issue with Uncle, you can be assured that with me around, nothing will happen to him,” Cheng Yu looked at the woman as he spoke.

“Mr. Cheng, I am really thankful for you making your way down to help us,” Mother Yao didn’t expect her daughter to find someone so young to help them.

“Auntie should just call me Xiao Yu. I am good friends with Na Na. Helping her with such matters is no trouble to me at all,” When Cheng Yu called out the name Na Na, he specially gave Yao Na a wink while doing so.

When Mother Yao heard Cheng Yu calling Yao Na so intimately, she looked at them for a few moments and realized Yao Na’s face had turned red.

“Since it’s like that, I shall call you Xiao Yu from now on.”

“Cheng Yu, can you help me to pay for my father’s operation first?” Yao Na looked at Cheng Yu and asked embarrassingly.

“Wait a moment first. Let me take a look at Uncle’s condition,” Cheng Yu walked towards the bed that Yao Na’s father was laying on. He looked around 50 years old and his skin was very tan and from that, Cheng Yu was able to tell that this man frequently stood under the hot sun.

Although the man had fallen asleep, he was still frowning in his sleep. It was most likely due to him experiencing huge pain from his legs.

When he saw the man’s legs were bandaged fully and also with spots of red showing on the outer layer of the bandages, Cheng Yu frowned. “Who handled this?”

“I did it!” At this moment, a middle-aged man in a white grown walked in. The man walked over and told Cheng Yu proudly, ”I did it. Is there a problem with it?”

Cheng Yu looked at the man in front of him and said indifferently, ”Quack! Auntie, we should go get a VIP ward for Uncle first. There are too many people here and the environment isn’t that convenient for me to treat him.”

“Little fellow, who are you calling a quack? So young and yet so rude. Besides, is the VIP ward a ward that you can afford? That ward is meant for those who are in the upper echelon of society. You should already feel content when you get this ordinary ward. You were given this ward because the hospital felt that the patient’s condition was at a critical stage. You guys should already be thanking the hospital for that,” The doctor said with arrogance.

“Look at you! Calling you a quack should already be praise. Call your dean over. I want to take a look, is Li Wenbo’s hospital meant to save people or to earn money?” Cheng Yu glared at the quack and said.

“You! You are very courageous huh. You actually dare to be so rampant in the City Hospital. The amount of time I have been working for this hospital is longer than what your age is. You dare to call me a quack?! Furthermore, the Dean’s name isn’t something that can be called by you!” When he heard Cheng Yu’s words, the doctor was furious. He stomped his leg and shouted at Cheng Yu.

Everyone inside the ward looked at them. Those inside the ward knew the doctor’s temper very well. Usually, he would be very arrogant and the way he treated the patient was as if he was their previous life’s parents.[1] Every one of the staff who saw him must lick his boot to ensure that he was doing a “proper checkup” on them.

When they saw someone had actually contradicted him, they all felt very satisfied in their heart. They had always hated such doctors, always thinking that the poor shouldn’t visit the doctors and have their illness cured.

“Even if you were to work in the hospital for life, you will never be able to save someone. Talking about your abilities, is this the way you save people? Can’t you see that the patient is still bleeding? Do you know the way you handled it is very dangerous?” Cheng Yu pointed at the man on the bed.

“This is my patient. I know what I am doing, I don’t need your opinions on how I handle it. Go back to where you came from. No money and you still wish to treat your illness. You think the hospital is a welfare home is it? Every day, there are so many patients who are in a critical stage. If we were to save them without asking them to pay, the hospital would had long fallen into bankruptcy. Since you are so great, you can bring the patient back with you, I will no longer bother myself with him anymore.”

He had been working in the hospital for more than 30 years. Today, he had actually been looked down upon by a kid who was only 18 years old. Furthermore, this was actually witnessed by so many people, so this was like giving a tight slap to his face. Since you acted like you are so good, bring the patient back! I want to see how are you will save him!

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