Chapter 75: An Immortal Has Descended To Earth!

After what the doctor had said, Cheng Yu ignored him as he had never once decided to let him save Yao Na’s father. However, as for Yao Na and her mother, they were both scared. If the doctor was not willing to do the treatment, who would?!

“Doctor, my friend was just too worried about the patient’s condition and has spoken a bit too harshly. Please don’t take it seriously. We will go and pay for the operation fees now,” Yao Na pulled Cheng Yu away and apologized to the doctor.

“No need to. I am so talented yet, now I am being looked down upon. I will not tolerate such behavior. You should go and get another specialist to help him to do the operation,” When he saw the patient’s family was getting worried, he was filled with pride. I see you were so arrogant a moment ago, but you still need me to save the patient. What losers!

“What’s going on? Little Brother Cheng, I didn’t expect you to be here. Do you need my help with anything? Don’t be polite and tell me about it. I will definitely let you feel satisfied with the service,” Li Wenbo walked into the ward before speaking.

A moment ago, when Cheng Yu entered the hospital, he was seen by a nurse who was acquainted with him during Han Xue’s incident. Previously the dean had mentioned that in the future, if Cheng Yu were to enter the hospital again, they had to alert him immediately. Just now, the nurse told him that Cheng Yu had come to the hospital, so Li Wenbo quickly finished up the documents he had on hand and rushed over.

Cheng Yu was a treasure in the medical field. An Immortal doctor! No matter what means he had to use, he must definitely let him work for him in this hospital.

“You, old man, came at the right time. It’s lucky that you rushed over or the one who would be entering the operating room first would be your doctor. I would really like to see if his medical skills would be able to save him the moment he entered the operating room,” Cheng Yu’s voice was filled with traces of rage. The doctors here all had the same attitude, and the hospital was not an exception.

“Haha! Little Brother Cheng, is there a misunderstanding? If there is something that our hospital has done wrongly, do tell me. I will definitely amend it,” Li Wenbo wasn’t concerned about the tone Cheng Yu had used against him as he spoke politely in response.

When they saw the dean’s reaction, everyone present at the ward was startled. Who was this young man? How can he speak to the dean in such manner? Besides, the dean wasn’t even angry at his tone, but was still extremely polite towards him. This was their first time witnessing such situation. This kind of thing would only appear in their fantasies!

“My friend’s father had broken both of his legs and the condition was very serious. Take a look, the wound is still bleeding now. Just because they don’t have enough money, your people didn’t bother to put any efforts in treating the wound. I really want to know, your hospital, is it really saving people or saving money?”

“Indeed, this is somewhat our fault. But the hospital regulations are that if the patient wasn’t able to pay for the operation fees, we will not operate for them,” Li Wenbo looked at the patient on the bed and saw that the outer layer of the bandage indeed had a few red spots in it. This evidently shows that the wound was still bleeding even to this point.

“Don’t tell me what f*cking regulations. If you were to be the one lying here, do you want them to save you first or find the money for the operation first? Do you know why your hospital’s death rate so high? It’s because of all of your stupid regulations. That’s why I called all your doctors f*cking quacks. They, being inside the hospital, even if they did manage to save them, they will not be able to ensure the patient’s full recovery. Previously, Han Xue’s incident was also the same. It’s all because of your f*cking regulations. Supposedly you would be able to save them, but because of that, they have no choice but to die. But even if they die, you still earned their money! Do you think there’s even a need for your hospital if it’s like that? If in the future, you were to anger me again, I will buy over your whole building and tear it down. By that time, all of you will have to beg for food on the street. Furthermore, you even dare to invite me to become a doctor in this sh*thole. Wait till you guys have realized the responsibility a true doctor should have and that time, maybe I would accept your invitation. Now, get me a room. I will save someone,” This time, Cheng Yu was truly angered. The previous time was like this and now it was also like this. If the patient had no money, they wouldn’t even bother saving them. The more Cheng Yu thought about this, the more angered he became.

Everyone at the scene was stunned. What was this situation? A dignified dean of a hospital got scolded so badly, but he still didn’t show signs of getting furious.

Yao Na was also stunned. She had never once seen Cheng Yu being angry before. She didn’t expect him to be so formidable the moment he became angry. Even the dean was speechless after his scolding. What kind of man is he truly?

At this moment, Li Wenbo’s complexion was very ugly. Indeed he was speechless. After all, it was somewhat the doctor’s fault. But as a hospital, they had to follow the regulations or the state of the hospital would definitely be in a mess.

When he recalled Han Xue’s incident, if it wasn’t because Cheng Yu lent a helping hand, the person coming out of the operating room would be a dead person. The hospital would definitely have to shoulder the blame for it.

Li Wenbo immediately ordered the nurse behind him to prepare a separate room for the patient.

“Do you really think that just because you have aged, your medical skills have also gradually become more skillful? In front of me, you aren’t even worth to carry my shoes for me,” Cheng Yu looked at the doctor who was still wearing his white gown and said. After that, he walked to the different beds in the ward and looked that those patients’ conditions.

It was all skin injuries, knife injuries or burn injuries. Cheng Yu decided to show them some ruthlessness and let them know how formidable he was.

“Everyone, remove your blankets and open up your wounds,” Cheng Yu said to all the patients inside the ward.

Everyone inside the ward had no idea what to do. However, after they had witnessed how Cheng Yu had scolded the dean, they didn’t dare to defy him as they helped the patients to open up their wounds.

“Today, I shall let every one of you witness what is called formidable medical skills,” Cheng Yu stretched out his right hand, and slowly, a light started to shine from his hand. Gradually it got brighter over time.

All the patients inside the ward started to feel extremely comfortable as their wounds and fatigue in their bodies started to disappear. What was more mysterious was that thread after thread of white light floated towards the patients. The moment the threads of white light landed on the wounds of the patient, the wounds started to vanish.

“Ah! The wounds are recovering!” One of the patients looked at the long knife cut on his tummy and shouted.

“Ah! It’s really recovering!” One of the family members shouted surprisingly when they saw their burn wound was recovering back to its original skin.

“Ah!” Continuous screams kept on coming from the ward.

Li Wenbo and the quack doctor widened their eyes. What is this? Immortal techniques? He can actually cure the patient in such way? This is indeed too unbelievable. If they had not witnessed it with their own eyes, even if they were whacked to death, they would never believe such a technique actually existed.

10 minutes later, after the burn wound patient had fully recovered, Cheng Yu retrieved his spiritual Qi, ”Alright, all of you have recovered. You all can be discharged already.”

“Thank you Immortal, thank you Immortal. You are really an immortal!” All of them kneeled down on the floor and said excitedly. How can he not be an immortal. Only immortals would possess such techniques.

Li Wenbo went forward and touched the burn patient. His burn wound had already recovered. The skin that had replaced the burn wound was even smoother and glossier. “This!” Li Wenbo looked at Cheng Yu. He was extremely excited. Could Cheng Yu really be an immortal?

When the nurses came in and pushed Yao Na’s father out of the ward, Cheng Yu kept his silence and pulled the stunned Yao Na along with him as they headed to the VIP ward.

The moment Cheng Yu left, the doctor collapsed onto the ground. “This…this…” he actually dared to contradict an immortal. Was he trying to defy heaven’s will?!

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“Alright. All of you wait outside first,” When they reached the VIP ward, Cheng Yu told everyone and entered the room himself.

When they saw the immortal technique Cheng Yu had used just now, Yao Na and Mother Yao’s confidence shot up. There was no longer a need for them to worry anymore as their mood brighten up instantly.

“Xiao Na, how did you get acquainted with him? He’s actually an immortal!” When she recalled what happen just now, Mother Yao looked at Yao Na and asked.

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“I am also not that sure what is going on,” Until now, Yao Na was still startled by what she had witnessed. Was this still her student? The student she had been tutoring for so long was actually an immortal? She truly could not convince herself to believe that all this was real.

However, when she saw those patients and their family members walking out of the ward happily, she confirmed that all this was real.

“Xiao Na, I can tell that Cheng Yu likes you a lot. You see the way he handled your father’s situation was so caring. You must definitely treasure him!” Since her husband can be saved, naturally Mother Yao’s mood had also brightened up as she laughed at her daughter.

“Mum! What are you talking about? How old is he? How can I be together with him?” When she heard her mother was trying to convince her to date Cheng Yu, Yao Na blushed as she replied.

“Stupid little girl. So what if he is still so young? Have you met anyone so capable as him? Besides, he’s an immortal. Maybe because he is an immortal, he looks young, but his actual age isn’t what he looks like? He has the potential to become a very good son-in-law. You must definitely get him. Otherwise, once someone else snatches him away from you, you will definitely regret it for life,” Mother Yao’s current impression of Cheng Yu was full of praise. If she were to have such son-in-law, would there be a need for her to worry about them falling sick in the future?

“Mum, please stop talking about this.”

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