Chapter 76: Recreating A Miracle

Cheng Yu wasn’t sure if what he did today was proper, but he wanted to let the doctors know that they are nothing. They shouldn’t act so arrogant and treat commoners as non-humans.

Although Cheng Yu had always been very arrogant, he would usually only show his arrogance to those who were very opinionated. If he faced people who were suffering, Cheng Yu would still be very caring and compassionate towards them.

When he looked at the middle-aged man on the bed, there was still debris stuck in his legs. Even though he was given anesthesia, he was still frowning. This shows that he was still suffering from the pain.

Besides, Cheng Yu wasn’t a saint. It was impossible for him to save every single person who was on the verge of death in the hospital. However, if they were people he cared about, he wouldn’t hesitate to put all of his effort into curing them. When he recalled the tears that Yao Na had shed, Cheng Yu felt heartbroken.

Compared to Han Xue’s incident, this kind of injury was a lot simpler to cure. During Han Xue’s incident, she experienced heart failure, which was why Cheng Yu needed to do a full body treatment. However, for Yao Na’s father, it was only his leg that was damaged. His leg’s blood vessels were clogged and preventing normal blood flow.

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For both cases, the patient’s life was at risk, but to treat Yao Na’s father, a Rejuvenation Pill would be more than enough. The only problem was Cheng Yu needed to remove the remaining debris that was stuck in his leg.

Normal mortal doctors would choose to amputate the legs of the patient when they faced this type of situation. These doctors chose to do so because they didn’t have the confidence in the recovery of the muscles of the patient once the debris was removed. If the doctors were unable to remove the blood clot, the patient would face another huge risk to his life because oxygen would not be properly delivered to the whole body. Therefore, to these mortal doctors, amputation was the best solution.

Once again, Cheng Yu destroyed the camera inside the ward and used the same method he used to treat Han Xue. He ejected out his spiritual Qi and wrapped it around Yao Na’s father, which caused his body to hover in the air.

“Ping, ping, ping!” The debris in his leg was slowly being extracted by Cheng Yu’s spiritual Qi. The debris that was extracted immediately flew and stuck into the walls surrounding the patient.

Following that, things became simpler as Cheng Yu started to heal the patient’s leg muscles and ligaments. Half an hour later, Cheng Yu walked out from the ward.

“How is it? Cheng Yu, how’s my dad?” Yao Na went forward and asked anxiously.

“Haha! It’s done. Let him rest for the night, and he can be discharged tomorrow,” Cheng Yu looked at Yao Na and smiled.

“Really? That’s great! Thank you so much, Cheng Yu!” Yao Na became overly excited as she went forward and hugged Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so he quickly hugged Yao Na tightly. “Hehe! How could I let such an opportunity be wasted? So fleshy and tender. So comfortable!”

After getting tightly hugged by Cheng Yu, Yao Na immediately realized her actions were inappropriate as she blushed. She quickly tried to push him away. Cheng Yu’s eyes brightened up as he said weakly, ”When I was healing your dad, I used too much energy. I am very tired right now. Let me lean on you for a little while.”

When she heard what Cheng Yu said, Yao Na was touched as she said softly, ”Thank you. Just to save my father, you put in so much effort.”

When Mother Yao saw the scene, she was very happy as she quickly entered the ward herself. Ji Wenbo and the other doctors didn’t want to disturb the couple who were hugging either, so they quietly went inside the ward behind Mother Yao.

Everyone who saw the patient was shocked because they had left him with mangled and bloody legs, but his legs looked as if they were never injured. If they ever spoke of what they saw here today, no one would ever believe them.

Ji Wenbo looked at the debris that was still stuck on the wall, yet he wasn’t able to figure out what had happened. He was only saving someone, so how did the debris get embedded into the wall? It was embedded so deeply! The saying “when immortals take action, no mortal will be able to understand what they have done” is true!

Outside, Cheng Yu felt very satisfied. He finally hugged his dream teacher. While Yao Na allowed Cheng Yu to hug her, she felt his embrace was very strong and warmth. In her heart, she felt very secure. However, when she realized that the nurses walking around were giving them strange looks, she felt embarrassed as she quickly removed herself from Cheng Yu’s bosom.

“Are you feeling better? How about you rest by sitting down? I will go and get you something to eat,” Yao Na supported Cheng Yu as he sat down in a chair.

“No need. By hugging you just now, I gained the best rest I could ever get,” Cheng Yu laughed while looking at Yao Na.

“You only know how to talk nonsense. I will go and take a look at my dad first. After that, let’s go out and have a meal together,” Yao Na walked into the room after saying that.

At this moment, Ji Wenbo and a few of his doctors came out of the ward. When they saw Cheng Yu sitting on the bench, they had no idea how to initiate a conversation with him.

“Little Brother…er Mr. Cheng, please be understanding and forgive us for the conflict that we just had. I will seriously educate my doctors,” Ji Wenbo stood in front of Cheng Yu and spoke carefully.

Ji Wenbo no longer dared to treat Cheng Yu as a doctor with a formidable skills. He was convinced that Cheng Yu was an immortal doctor. If he didn’t witness his miraculous techniques, he would not believe this was real.

What had happened inside the ward was too incredible. He only needed a moment to treat every single patient in the ward for them to have a full recovery. Furthermore, when the light shone on his own body, his body no longer felt any fatigue. Now, he felt that his body had been cleansed of all impurities, and he was feeling very refreshed.

Therefore, he no longer dared to address Cheng Yu as “Little Brother.” This kind of immortal wasn’t someone that he could be acquainted with so easily. He must definitely respect him from now on.

“Fine. I will not argue with you anymore. I only hope that all of you understand that this is a hospital, so it is your responsibility to save people. There’s a Buddhist saying: ‘It is better to save one life than build a seven-storied pagoda.’ Since you guys took up the occupation of a doctor, your priority should be saving lives and not earning money. After you ensure that the patient is saved, even if they didn’t have the money to pay for the fees, you can solve this issue through the legal way. If you guys decide to not save someone because you think that they cannot afford the treatment, you will become murderers. As doctors, don’t you feel guilty when that happens? Aren’t you scared that the moment they become ghosts, they will haunt you forever?”

“Yes, yes. Mr. Cheng is right. Regarding this aspect, our hospital has indeed handled it quite badly. We will definitely find ways to solve this issue,” With regards to what Cheng Yu said, Ji Wenbo agreed with what he had said.

When he was young and still studying medicine, he always wished to help the poor citizens with their health. But the moment he started working in the hospital under the pressure of society, he became tempted by greed. Money was tempting. He became so blind that he no longer remembered why he wanted to be a doctor in the first place.

When they saw Ji Wenbo and the other doctors didn’t dare to raise their heads while Cheng Yu was educating them, the bystanders were stunned. They had no idea what the background of this young man was. He actually dared to educate the dean, and the dean didn’t even display any hint of dissatisfaction.

A group of nurses looked at Cheng Yu with traces of admiration. This kind of man was every girls’ dream man.

“Cheng Yu, let’s go out and have a meal together,” Yao Na came out of the ward and said.

“Mr. Cheng, let me treat you all to a meal,” Ji Wenbo looked at Cheng Yu and said.

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“No need. You just need to help me take care of the patient well. That will suffice,” This old man was really stupid. Didn’t he see that I’m going to have a dinner date with a pretty lady? Why are you trying to be a killjoy!

“Alright. Mr. Cheng, don’t worry. We will definitely take care of the patient well.”

“What would you like to eat? I will treat you,” Exiting the hospital, Yao Na looked at Cheng Yu and laughed. Now that her father was already in the midst of recovery, her mood brightened up and her way of speech had become more cheerful.

“You are willing to treat me to whatever I wish to eat?” Cheng Yu smirked.

“Yes. Since you saved my father, I will treat you to a feast.”

“Compared to having a feast, I prefer…” Cheng Yu looked at Yao Na and cut off his sentence.

“Eat what?” Yao Na asked cheerfully, yet curiously.


“You pervert! Scoundrel! Lecher! Always thinking of perverted stuff,” When she heard what Cheng Yu said, Yao Na grabbed her handbag as she used it to hit Cheng Yu.

“What? That’s what you said! You said that I can eat anything I want!” Cheng Yu replied with melancholy.

“What I was referring to was food!” Yao Na said angrily.

“But I am more interested in eating you than food!”

“I am too lazy to bicker with you. If you don’t want to have a meal with me, forget it!” Yao Na ignored him as she walked off alone. Cheng Yu felt helpless. Aish! It looked like there was still a long way to go before I can get her!

After dinner, Cheng Yu didn’t return back to the hospital, but went straight home.

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