Chapter 77: Leaving the Hospital

The next morning, Cheng Yu drove to the hospital. When he entered the ward, Yao Na and her parents were having their breakfast.

“You came. Did you have your breakfast? There’s still some porridge if you want,” Yao Na told Cheng Yu while pointing at a bowl of porridge.

“Thanks! How’s Uncle feeling right now?” Cheng Yu asked about Yao Na’s father who was still lying on the bed.

“Haha! I am feeling extremely good. You must be Xiao Yu. I heard from my wife that you were the one who saved me. I didn’t expect you to possess such formidable skills since you are so young! I am really thankful!” Father Yao put down the bowl of porridge and spoke in a tone full of gratitude.

Though he was unconscious while in shock, he had an idea of what happened during the treatment. His injury at that point of time was very dangerous.

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Yesterday night, after he woke up, he heard stories of Cheng Yu’s miracle. He was able to treat everyone’s injuries in the ward within moments. Yao Na’s father was supposed to become a cripple whose legs were going to be amputated. Cheng Yu’s miracle allowed him to maintain his legs.

He felt that his wife was exaggerating Cheng Yu’s actions because he thought that it was a bit too unrealistic, but he knew that his body’s state was even healthier compared to before he was injured. If he was not afraid that his wife and daughter would be worried about him, he would have already requested to be discharged. Staying in such a high-class ward, he knew that the hospital bills were going to be very expensive.

“Haha! It’s just a small matter. Besides, Nana’s problem is my problem. Treating Uncle’s injury is what I should do,” The people in front of him may be his future father and mother-in-law, so Cheng Yu had to phrase things in more appealing manner. Besides, he had done them such a big favor, so they wouldn’t disapprove of him being in a relationship with Yao Na, right?

Cheng Yu always believed that he must strike while the iron was hot. As he intended, when Father and Mother Yao heard Cheng Yu’s words, they looked back and forth. When they saw Yao Na’s face had turned red, they didn’t know what to say. “This scoundrel, what nonsense is he spouting! Why must he phrase it in such a dubious way!” Yao Na thought.

“Haha. Xiao Yu, you are so young, yet so capable. May I know what your current occupation is?” Mother Yao chuckled.

With regards to Cheng Yu, she was very satisfied with him. If she were to have him as her son-in-law, no illnesses, regardless of how lethal, would be an issue to them in the future. Also, this young man seemed to be very rich. Otherwise, their daughter wouldn’t have asked him to loan them $200,000.

He was also a very understanding person. Since yesterday, he never requested anything from them, and he treated everyone so amiably. It didn’t seem like an act.

Besides, they were able to tell that the way he treated their daughter was with genuine caring and protectiveness. Women always dreamt of finding a young and promising man as their husband. Therefore, if her daughter were to get together with him, Yao Na’s mother would definitely approve their relationship.

“Haha! I am just collaborating with a partner on a small business plan,” Cheng Yu replied.

“Oh! Your business should be doing quite well. With such capabilities, I guess there must be a lot of pretty girls chasing after you.”

“Haha! The business is sustainable, but I am single right now. The ladies all feel that I am too young and that’s why they don’t take a liking to me,” Cheng Yu laughed as he looked at Yao Na.

“What’s wrong with being young? Besides, you are so young and capable. In addition, you know how to dote on people. Would you mind dating someone older than you? Like Xiao Na’s age?” Mother Yao didn’t wish to miss out on such a good opportunity to obtain a good son-in-law as she tried to drop an obvious hint in the conversation.

“Haha! If a girl, who’s like Xiao Na, so pretty and virtuous, were to become my girlfriend, I am more than willing to accept her. Xiao Na doesn’t seem like she has any feelings for me,” Cheng Yu said in a regretful tone.

“Since you also thinks that Xiao Na is that good, I will help you convince her. This child is always like that, she never listens to us and always causes us to worry about her,” Mother Yao was filled with happiness as she promised Cheng Yu quickly.

“Mom! What are you talking about!” Yao Na blushed. Her mother had really taken Cheng Yu’s words seriously. Furthermore, Cheng Yu was her student! If she was to get into a relationship with her student and it leaked out, how would she continue being a teacher?!

“What is so embarrassing about this? There has always been a Chinese saying that ‘A man should get married when coming of age, and so should a woman.’ Besides, Cheng Yu is an outstanding man.”

“I’m not going to argue with. Cheng Yu, follow me out!” Yao Na pulled Cheng Yu along with her.

“Auntie, I will go and help you handle Uncle’s discharge procedures. Furthermore, I am very willing to become your son-in-law. Please help me to convince Yao Na!” While getting pull by Yao Na, Cheng Yu shouted into the ward while grinning.

“How can you keep spouting nonsense everywhere you go?” After exiting the ward, Yao Na asked Cheng Yu unhappily.

“Since when am I talking nonsense? I really wish to become her son-in-law!”

“Hmph! Don’t even think about it! Follow me, let’s go and handle the procedures to get my dad discharged from the hospital. Anyway, I don’t have the money to afford the high class ward, so you have to pay for it!” Yao Na said unreasonably.

“Haha! Relax, with me around, there isn’t anything related to money that can’t be solved. Even if it isn’t something that can be solved using money, it’s still not a problem.”

However, when they were handling the procedures for discharge, the hospital actually didn’t charge them any money because they said the dean ordered them not to. Cheng Yu didn’t say anything. Since they didn’t want it, he would not force them to accept the payment.

When the dean was informed that Cheng Yu was handling the procedures for the patient’s discharge, he hurried over to send them off. This was really an immortal! He couldn’t afford to offend him! Even though he was the mayor’s nephew, with just his ability to bring the dead back to life, he was already worthy for people to curry favor with him.

The dean and a couple hospital doctors came to send off Cheng Yu and the patient with their family. However, Cheng Yu chose to ignore their existence. However, Father and Mother Yao didn’t dare to do that. Although they witnessed Cheng Yu scolding the dean yesterday, to them, the dean still held a high status in society. They couldn’t possibly just ignore him like Cheng Yu did.

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Usually, even if it was just a doctor, they would already feel extremely honored. As since they had always been poor, they were always fawning others. But now, when her father was discharged from the hospital, there was so many people sending them off, including the dean. How could they not feel nervous?

Today, Cheng Yu drove a BMW 7 series to the hospital. He bought this car while he accompanied Lan Ya to buy a car earlier. He bought this SUV because he felt that sometimes it would be very inconvenient if he were to send people back home in a two seater.

When he battled with Guan Shiyuan previously, he actually destroyed Lan Ya’s Porsche. Without a choice, he volunteered to buy her another car. This time, she didn’t want a Porsche. She decided to go with a Maserati instead.

When they saw Cheng Yu’s BMW, Father and Mother Yao were stunned. They didn’t imagine that Cheng Yu was really so young and capable. He must definitely be very rich since he was able to afford an expensive car.

When they saw the car had drove off, those doctors standing at the exit were feeling puzzled. They had no idea what was going on as the dean had only ordered them to all come out and sent a patient off without informing them why.

At first, they thought the person was some big shot, but they didn’t expect it to just be some commoners. They couldn’t quite understand what was going on, but they still didn’t dare to question the dean in front of everyone.

As the doctors often came out personally to send people out before, they knew how those big-shots would usually act when they did so. But judging from the way how the other party acted, they really couldn’t tell anything special about them.

What was more annoying was that when people usually saw them, they would try their best to fawn on them so that they would put in extra effort to take care of the patients. But that young man actually didn’t even give them any face and just ignored their existence. How could they not feel annoyed?

“Dean, who were those people? Weren’t those people just commoners? How dare they act so arrogant? They actually didn’t even bother to look at us for a moment,” One of the directors could no longer tolerate their behavior as he complained to the dean.

“Shut up! If that young man ever visits our hospital again, all of you better show him the same amount of respect you would show to a god. If any of you dare anger him, I will make sure that person would become the environmental ambassador[1] for the hospital!” Li Wenbo said sternly.

The doctor that had conflict with Cheng Yu yesterday had already been fired by him. Dean Ji Wenbo no longer dared to treat Cheng Yu as only a master in the medical field. He treated him as a saint.

This kind of figure, if he was able to get acquainted with him would already be the luckiest thing he ever got the chance to do as it was the same as giving him a second life regardless of the other benefits from the relationship.

Seated in the car, Yao Na’s parents were feeling very happy as they had never once sat inside such a luxurious car before.

“Xiao Yu, isn’t your car very expensive?” Mother Yao leaned back in her seat and felt it was extremely comfortable to lean on.

“Haha! Still affordable. If you like it, I can buy one for you so that when you go out next time, it will save you a lot of trouble when travelling around,” Cheng Yu wasn’t someone who would usually flaunt his wealth. But to him, money wasn’t something he actually attached much importance to. With the current speed he was earning money, buying the piece of land[2] his Uncle reserved for him was just a matter of time. The only issue was acquiring the spirit stones from the cultivation world.

[1] – Editor Note – This job basically means the head of the janitors aka a really unfavorable position.
[2] – TL Note – The mayor had promised him a piece land in one of the earlier chapters.

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