Chapter 78: Taking Mother-in-law Home

“Haha! We are very delighted to hear your good intentions, but please don’t. You can tell that we are just some poor villagers, and we are already so old. If you are willing, you can buy one for Xiao Na instead,” Mother Yao laughed. When she saw Cheng Yu was actually being so generous, she was extremely elated. Which mother didn’t wish that their son-in-law would be so generous to them. Now she was determined to get Cheng Yu to be her son-in-law.

“Mom! What are you talking about! Why would I need him to buy for me a car!” Yao Na asked furiously in the car.

“Do you know how to drive?”

“Yes. I learned it during school.”

“Let’s go and get one then. Since you need to visit your parents every week, it’s very inconvenient for you to keep taking public transport. Besides, if something really serious actually happened to them, you wouldn’t be able to rush over.”

“That’s right! What Xiao Yu said make senses. Every weekend, you always visit us. With a car as transport, it will be much more convenient and safe for you. Xiao Yu and you will also be able to visit us more often!” Mother Yao replied quickly when she heard Cheng Yu’s words.

“I don’t need it! Did you really earn all this money from your business?” Yao Na couldn’t believe that Cheng Yu was actually so filthy rich.

Although her mother believed him, that was because she didn’t know that Cheng Yu was still a student. If one day, she were to realize that Cheng Yu was still a student, she really didn’t know what kind of disaster she would bring forth. It had been a long time since her mother was satisfied with a man. She didn’t want to expose Cheng Yu to destroy his image in her mother’s heart.

“Why would I lie to you? I will bring you to buy a car next time. Take a look at the school. Which teacher in the school doesn’t own a car? Besides, our Teacher Yao is so pretty, you can’t possibly get looked down upon by your peers, right?”

“In any case, I will not accept it,” Yao Na turned her head and looked out the window.

While looking at the roadside that was filled with couples holding hands, Yao Na’s thoughts started to drift off. Yao Na wished that she was able to find her Prince Charming soon.

However, in reality, how could she find her Prince Charming so easily? During her university days, there were numerous guys courting her. They were either handsome and charismatic, romantic and caring or even rich young masters. However, she never once agreed to date them.

The reason was simple. They only liked her for her appearance, not her personality and hobbies. Not a single one of them was able to give her a sense of security.

Cheng Yu was different. When she was with him, she felt very relaxed and protected. She didn’t expect that she had really started to develop feelings for her student. Although Cheng Yu looked young, his thoughts were all very mature. He may look sloppy at times, but he was actually very protective of those around him.

When he was in front of her, he would appear to be very perverted. But, even if there was an opportunity, he would never do those despicable things. Like the time that he saved her from her evil old friends the time she was drunk in the nightclub.

If he hadn’t sobered her up, he could have easily done something lecherous to her. But he didn’t. He was more worried about her safety than anything else.

This time, when her father had an accident, she asked him for a loan of $200,000. He didn’t even say anything and agreed to loan it to her. She didn’t spend a single cent of it, because he had actually treated her father himself. The whole incident showed her how much care he cared about her, which caused Yao Na to feel extremely touched by him.

If it wasn’t because of their student-teacher relationship, she would really wish he could be her Prince Charming. No matter what happens, he would always be there for her.


With Mother Yao giving the directions, after around three hours, they finally reached Yao Na’s old home, the Yao family village. This was one of the small villages that was under Yunhai City’s jurisdiction.

Most of the roads in the village were under construction, and every village was connected to the main road. Hence, when Cheng Yu was driving in the village, he hadn’t met any obstruction. However, the SUV that Cheng Yu was driving was very luxurious and eye catching. It caused all the villagers to look on in envy.

Yao Na’s house wasn’t that far inside the village, and it was connected to the main road. When Yao Na’s relatives heard the car’s sound, they quickly ran out. They quickly welcomed them when they saw it was Yao Na and her parents.

“Cheng Jian, I heard that you had an accident while working, but from what I see, you look perfectly fine. Who was the person spouting nonsense?” A chubby middle-aged woman asked Father Yao when she saw him getting out of the car.

“Haha! Sister Qiu, he did have an accident. Yao Na’s boyfriend already treated his injury.” Mother Yao responded happily while getting out of the car.

Mother Yao was determined to have Cheng Yu become her son-in-law. Other than being so capable, he was also a rich, caring and generous man. Although her daughter was too embarrassed to voice it out, since she was her mother, she would never allow such an excellent son-in-law to get away.

“Mom! Stop calling him that,” Yao Na pulled her mother’s arm as she said softly. Her face also turned red due to embarrassment.

“Oh? It’s great if he’s fine now. This is Yao Na’s boyfriend? He looks quite handsome. Is he a doctor? The doctors now are so rich! He can actually afford such a luxurious car. Sister, Nana is really fortunate to be able to meet this man!” Sister Qiu sized up Cheng Yu as she envied her.

Although he seemed a bit young, nowadays, all the old men liked to find ladies who were 18 years old. So what if this young man were to look for an older girl?

The villages were more materialistic compared to urban citizens. There was no such thing as well matched. As long as the couple liked each other, no one cared if they were in the same social class. Which maiden wouldn’t want to be with him? Whoever was able to be with him would really be blessed.

“Haha! Hello everyone. My name is Cheng Yu, and I am Nana’s boyfriend. I am currently working in a small business. As for being a doctor, it’s just a part time hobby of mine,” He felt extremely honored by how his future mother-in-law addressed him when speaking to her relatives, so he greeted everyone enthusiastically. As for Yao Na, she kept on pinching Cheng Yu’s thighs while standing behind him. However, Cheng Yu only felt a tingling sensation and no pain as he continued to smile at everyone.

“Haha! So you are a businessman? However, I have never heard of people who are businessmen, but continue to be a doctor as a hobby. Besides, since you were able to treat your father-in-law, your medical skills must be very good?” Aunt Wang asked.

“Aunt Wang, you are right! Xiao Yu is really very skilled. If not for Xiao Yu, Cheng Jian would have had to amputate his legs. Even the dean in the City Hospital didn’t dare to voice his opinion when Cheng Yu was there. When they saw how Cheng Yu treated Cheng Jian’s injury, it startled to the point that they even chose to send us off from the hospital at their own will,” When she recalled when the dean and some doctors actually sent them off from the hospital, Mother Yao started to get even more excited.

If someone witnessed Cheng Yu’s techniques on tv, they would most likely think that it was just a green screen effect. Since she had witnessed it with her own eyes, and Cheng Yu was someone she had taken a fancy to as her future son-in-law, Mother Yao’s mouth never stopped praising him.

“Ha? There was such a matter? Isn’t it a bit too scary when they do that?” Those neighbors who were around them also did not believe her. Cheng Yu was just a hobby doctor, how formidable could his medical skills be?

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Everyone assumed that Mother Yao was just trying to give her son-in-law face by creating some artificial praise. When they looked at Father Yao, who seemed perfectly fine to them, they guessed that it must have been some skin injury and nothing serious. Besides, he was so young, they felt that he couldn’t even speak normally in front them, so how could they believe that he was capable of treating serious injuries?

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“Brother Jian! It’s really you! It’s good that you are alright. You really frightened us to death this time,” Two men who seemed younger than Father Yao ran over.

These two men were called Shun Zi and Qiang Zi. They were colleagues of Father Yao. When he had the accident, they were the ones who notified Mother Yao. When the accident happened, it really scared them. They had grown so old, but never encountered an accident as bad as the one Cheng Jian was in before.

“Haha! I have recovered. Why are you guys at home and not working?” Father Yao laughed.

“Isn’t it because of you? For the past few days, they stopped everyone from working and asked them to rest at home for the time being. But Brother Jian, did you encounter a miracle? Yesterday, your injury was so serious, yet you seem perfectly fine today and your legs don’t even look like they received any injury at all?” Shun Zi looked at Father Yao as he asked curiously.

“That’s right, Brother Jian. Yesterday, your legs were pierced by so much debris! But now, your legs look perfectly fine to me. Could it be that the person injured wasn’t you? But during that time, your legs were full of blood!” Qiang Zi went forward and touched Father Yao’s legs as he asked curiously.

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