Chapter 79: Kiss

“Haha! Cheng Jian did have a serious injury. Nana’s boyfriend already healed his injury though!” Mother Yao stood out and proudly spoke.

“What! His injury has already healed? This is Nana’s boyfriend? Are medical skills so formidable now? Within a day, his injury has already been healed to the point that he looks perfectly fine to us! I guess the treatment should have been very expensive right?” Shun Zi was surprised. Although Brother Jian was standing in front of him, he could not believe that he was already fully recovered.

Shun Zi and the others were villagers, but the advancement of their technology wasn’t lacking compared to cities. Naturally, they knew about the current standards of medicine. Just solely by falling down from the stairs, the injury would take up to a month to recover, let alone the injury Brother Jian had received yesterday. This was really too inconceivable.

“Haha! I don’t care whether you believe it or not. In any case, Xiao Yu does have such abilities,” When she saw everyone’s surprise, Mother Yao felt very satisfied.

Even the neighbors, who were standing at the side, were also very surprised. From the way Shun Zi and Qiang Zi had described it, it seemed like Brother Jian’s injury was very serious. Although they did not yet fully believed Mother Yao, when they saw the two men’s reaction, they realized that Mother Yao had spoken the truth about his injury being fully healed! However, they still weren’t convinced that Yao Na’s boyfriend was the one who healed Brother Jian.

“Mister…Mister, how do I address you?” Qiang Zi looked at Cheng Yu while stuttering.

“My name is Cheng Yu. Since everyone here is either Nana’s elders or neighbors, you can call me Xiao Yu,” Cheng Yu did not treat commoners with arrogance, but rather with affection if they are related to someone he cares about.

“How is this appropriate? I think we should just address you as Mr. Cheng. Is Mr Cheng a doctor? Qiang Zi said with traces of embarrassment.

As he had always been working in the city, naturally he had seen a lot of luxurious cars. Their boss also drove a BMW, but it didn’t seem as nice as Cheng Yu’s. This young man’s attire may seem a bit simple, but you could still tell he was a rich man just by looking. How was it appropriate for them to address him as Xiao Yu?

“I am not a doctor and don’t hold a job in a hospital. I just know how to do a few kinds of operations. That’s all!” When he saw Qiang Zi seemed a bit too excited, Cheng Yu was puzzled. Could it be that he wished to learn some medical skills?

“Erm…Sister Jian, did Mr. Cheng truly heal Brother Jian? Since he’s so formidable, can you help me request him to help heal my father?” Qiang Zi looked at Mother Yao and asked embarrassingly. When he saw Brother Jian had actually fully recovered after Cheng Yu’s help, he was looking forward to Cheng Yu helping his father as well.

“Cheng Yu, Qiang Zi’s father suffered a stroke last year, and he has to lie on the bed with a lot of people needed to serve his daily needs. Because of his father’s illness, Qiang Zi and his family has also gotten into huge debt. If possible, can you try to cure his father?” Mother Yao couldn’t determine if Cheng Yu was really able to ensure Qiang Zi’s father a full recovery. After staying in the village for so long, they had already bonded as villagers. They would always try to help each other if possible.

“Sure!” So it was like this. If it was just curing an illness, Cheng Yu wasn’t unwilling to help. He took out a Reversal Pill and passed it to Qiang Zi. ”Feed this pill to your father, and he will definitely recover within three days.”

“Really?” Qiang Zi was stunned. Everyone here was also stunned because this was unheard of. Previously, Yao Na and Mother Yao knew that Cheng Yu was able to save people, but they didn’t expect him to be able to heal someone with just a pill. He could actually cure a patient who suffered a stroke after two years!

Everyone was looking on in disbelief. Was this a fairytale? Just with a pill, he was able to cure an incurable disease. Could this pill be an immortal pill? If this was really an immortal pill, would he really gift it to people so easily? Just to get one, it would definitely cause a huge amount of money and effort to obtain.

However, Mother Yao still held on to her belief in Cheng Yu, and she was filled with anticipation. She must definitely convince her daughter to date him. This was such a golden opportunity! They must not miss it! Such a son-in-law, she must not let him get snatched away.

“Qiang Zi, trust him. Since Xiao Yu has already said that the pill will be able to cure your father’s stroke, it will definitely heal him,” When Mother Yao saw Qiang Zi’s expression, she knew that he didn’t believe him. So, she tried to convince him.

“Alright. Thank you, Mr. Cheng and Sister Jian. If my father really recovers, I will bring my whole family over to kowtow,” Although he still didn’t believe it, since Cheng Yu had given him the pill with a kind intention, how could he choose not to accept it? Besides, with Brother Jian as an example, what if this pill was really so miraculous and capable of healing his father?

“Let’s go in the house and enjoy some tea. After standing outside for so long, it’s very tiring,” Afterwards, Mother Yao continued to elaborate Cheng Yu’s miracle she witnessed in the hospital. Her impression of Cheng Yu was that he was an immortal.

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Everyone just chose to roll their eyes as they thought that she was just overpraising her future son-in-law. They knew that Mother Yao was very pleased with her future son-in-law, but must she brag to this extent? It was like they had not seen how society works. The way she bragged sounded just like a fairytale.

Inside the room, she heard her mother keep on praising Cheng Yu. Yao Na looked at Cheng Yu who was lying on the bed resentfully. She used her leg and kicked him ruthlessly, ”Are you satisfied now? My mother describes you as an immortal. Are you happy now?”

“Hehe. I am an immortal. Your mom is just reciting a fact. Can’t you tell that the medical technique I used was really an immortal technique?” Cheng Yu sniffed Yao Na’s fragrance from her bed as it was intoxicating.

“Tell me the truth. Where did you learn the technique from?” Yao Na had been wanting to ask Cheng Yu about this, except that she can’t find the appropriate opportunity to question him.

“You wish to truly know?” Cheng Yu laughed.


“Sure, let me give you a kiss first, then I will tell you about it,” Cheng Yu smirked.

“Hmph! If you don’t wish to tell me about it, forget about it! It’s not like I really wish to know,” Yao Na harrumphed.

“Alright. I will tell you. Come closer. This is my biggest secret. I will only speak of it in a very secretive manner,” Cheng Yu compromised, but it still sounded like he was cheating her.

“Really?” Yao Na confirmed.

“Of course.”

Yao Na slowly leaned forward and used her hand to supported herself on the bed. She stopped when her head was in front of Cheng Yu, ”Tell me. I promise that I will not tell anyone else.”

“The secret is…” Cheng Yu looked at Yao Na as he said it in a slow and steady tone. Then, he tilted his body and pushed Yao Na to the bed.

“EHHHH!” Just as Yao Na wanted to scream, her lips were sealed tight by Cheng Yu’s lips. Yao Na’s hands kept on hitting Cheng Yu’s back.

When he felt the sweet and fragrant taste from Yao Na’s lips, Cheng Yu felt intoxicated. Slowly, he started to move his tongue into Yao Na’s mouth.

While Yao Na was stunned by Cheng Yu’s kiss, her body started to turn soft. However, when she suddenly felt Cheng Yu’s tongue entering her mouth, she immediately sobered up as she widened her eyes and bit his tongue.”

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“Ah!” Just as Cheng Yu was enjoying the kiss, he screamed and stood up. ”Nana, can you be a bit gentler? My tongue was almost bitten off by you!” Cheng Yu played with his tongue in his mouth and was relieved that it was still fine. Otherwise, his tongue would have just been traded for a kiss. Wouldn’t that be the most embarrassing matter for him after he was reincarnated?

“Hmph! Who asked you to do something so despicable to me? If you dare do it again, I will definitely bite your tongue off!” Yao Na blushed and scolded Cheng Yu.

“Didn’t you enjoy it as well? How is it a despicable act when you enjoyed it as well?” Cheng Yu smiled sinisterly.

“You still dare to talk about it?!” Yao Na grabbed her pillow and started hitting Cheng Yu.

Mother Yao knocked on the door and shouted, ”Nana, what happened? Call Xiao Yu out to eat.” When she heard Cheng Yu screaming, she was curious as to what had happened in the room.

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