Chapter 80: Stunning

As it was dinner time, the neighbors who were eavesdropping on their conversation all went back.

“En. These sweet and sour pork ribs are very tasty. Uncle has a talent for cooking. Auntie is so lucky!” Cheng Yu ate the pork ribs on the table and praised the taste.

“Haha! If you like, please eat some more. Don’t worry about my good fortune. What is more important is if Nana would have the blessing to be able to find a good husband. Xiao Yu, what do you think?” Mother Yao gave Cheng Yu more pork ribs as she laughed.

“Yes. What Auntie said is right! But Auntie, trust me, I will definitely treat Nana well, and I will not let her suffer any injustices,” Cheng Yu’s heart burst in joy. This mother-in-law was too straightforward. However, Cheng Yu liked this kind of directness. Cheng Yu’s dedication was clear, but it still provoked Yao Na to roll her eyes.

“Mom! What are you talking about! I already said Cheng Yu and I are just friends,” Yao Na said resentfully.

The more her mother talked about it, the more embarrassed Yao Na felt. Wasn’t she obviously trying to match Cheng Yu and her? What kind of person was Cheng Yu? Of course, he was looking forward to it. If this continued on, would they not have to prepare for their wedding by next week? Therefore, she had no choice but to voice her opinion.

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“Xiao Yu, tell me, what’s your relation with Nana?” Mother Yao was very dissatisfied with her daughter.

“Auntie, I already know that Nana doesn’t like me. But I will definitely continue to work hard and will always dote on her as if she was my wife,” Cheng Yu stated with a disappointed tone. After that, he looked at Yao Na with a face filled with tender sentiments.

“En. Auntie believes you. Be at ease, I have already set my mind on you being my son-in-law. I will definitely make Nana marry you,” Cheng Yu’s attitude made Mother Yao very satisfied as she openly declared.

“Mom!” Yao Na was speechless.

“Auntie, I am really grateful that you want me as your son-in-law. Here, you should also have some pork ribs,” Cheng Yu was extremely satisfied with this mother-in-law. Furthermore, she had even openly declared that he was her son-in-law, so it basically meant that she was giving her daughter to Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu picked up pork ribs as he placed them into Mother Yao’s bowl.

While looking at these two talking about her, Yao Na suspected that Cheng Yu was her mother’s son instead of her. Father Yao, who was sitting at the side, was also laughing. He was also very pleased with Cheng Yu. So, he was just following his wife’s ideas.

“By the way. Auntie, I have some pills here. They will allow you to look younger by 10 years and also slow down the process of your aging. Of course, you can choose not to eat the pill that will make you look younger by 10 years if you find it is inappropriate,” Cheng Yu took out the red and blue pill bottles as he told Mother Yao.

“Younger by 10 years? There is such a mystical pill?” Yao Family trio looked at the two bottles of pills Cheng Yu had placed on the table.

“That’s right. However, if Auntie feels that becoming 10 years younger would cause others to gossip, you can just consume the Eternal Youth Pill.”

“Eternal Youth Pill? Is this the pill that has been recently advertised on tv? But what they advertised is not as mystical as what you just said?” Yao Na said in amazement.

Although Yao Na hardly owned any cosmetic products, she would still have at least some understanding of cosmetics. Ever since the Rejuvenation Pill and Eternal Youth Pill hit the market last month, there has been advertising on all of Yunhai media. Furthermore, its mystical effects were also acknowledged by the vast amount of female consumers.

“Haha! Those pills have all been processed by me. Naturally, they can’t be compared to the original ones,” Cheng Yu said complacently. He was also fond of looking at Yao Na’s amazed expression.

“What! They have been processed by you? That is to say, those pills that were advertised on tv were all yours?”

“Of course! Otherwise, how can there be mystical pills being sold in this world?”

At long last, Yao Na finally believed that this little kid was very rich. On tv, a small bottle of the pill costed $3880. If it were to continue selling at this speed, would he not get crushed to death by all his money?

On the other hand, Mother Yao’s eyes were shining. When she heard Yao Na’s words, she remembered the Eternal Youth Pill that had been advertised on tv.

The person in front of them now was actually the creator of this product. At that time, when she saw the advertisement, she had said that they were just robbing citizens of their money. She didn’t expect that the person who developed it was actually her daughter’s boyfriend! This solidified her belief that she must get him to become her son-in-law. Besides, he was very willing as well!

At such a young age, he was able to drive a luxurious car and could casually say that he wanted to buy a car for Nana. No wonder! This son-in-law was far from being just rich, he was simply a money printing machine!

“Auntie, I think it would be better if you didn’t take the Rejuvenation Pill. Otherwise, people here would question how you reversed your age by 10 years. It would cause too many problems. I can get someone to gift you the market’s Rejuvenation Pill, so you will slowly revert your appearance back to your 30s.

“Sure. You have the final say. I will only eat this Eternal Youth Pill,” Mother Yao was currently extremely happy as she picked up the Eternal Youth Pill and swallowed it.

“I still have a Longevity Pill here. It can help you to extend your lifespan. You and Uncle can have one each. I guarantee that you can at least live up to 100 years old without a problem.” Since they had already seen so much, Cheng Yu was not afraid to continue as he took out all the pills he had on hand, causing the trio to be dumbfounded.

What kind of person was he? Could he really be an immortal? Whatever he took out was truly too mystical!

“How about Nana?” Mother Yao took the pills happily and asked.

“She doesn’t need them,” Cheng Yu looked at Yao Na and laughed.

“Huh?” The Yao family trio failed to understand what Cheng Yu meant. The two elderly received one each, but how can he possibly not give it to the person he likes?

“Hehe. I am already treating her as my wife, so I will let her have longevity and youth like me.”

“Hmph!” Yao Na did not buy it as she turned her head away.


“Yo, Cousin, I heard that you were injured, and I specially came over to take a look, but I didn’t expect you to look perfectly fine! It also seems like you have become rich. The car that is parked outside is worth at least a few million dollars!” They were chatting happily at the dining table when, a middle-aged man, who was a bit fat, walked in and suddenly said eccentrically. Beside him was also a chubby middle-aged woman. Just by a look, you could tell that they were a married couple.

“Haha! It’s Cousin Tian and his wife! Have you eaten? We have just started eating, come over and join us,” Father Yao stood up and welcomed them in.

“It’s ok. We are not used to sharing the table and having a meal together with others,” The woman looked at the dishes on the table as she frowned.

“Nana, go and get a cup of water for Uncle and Auntie,” Father Yao said to Yao Na.

“There is no need to. We are not used to drinking water that tastes like mud. Let’s move on to proper business. Today, we are here because I heard that cousin had been injured. But it seems like you are perfectly fine, and your standard of living has been improving. So I guess it’s time for you to return the money you owe me,” the woman said directly.

“Cousin, didn’t we agree on returning it in installments each year?” Father Yao said awkwardly.

At that time, because they needed to pay for Yao Na’s university fees, they had spent all of their savings. Last year, because of a storm, the mountain behind them collapsed, crashing half of their house.

The government had only reimbursed them $10000. Without a choice, he had to borrow another $50000 from his cousin as he repaired and renovated the whole house. At that time, both sides agreed that Father Yao would pay $10000 every year. It had only been less than half a year before he found a new construction job. He had only been working for a month before he had an accident.

However, this distant relative was his uncle’s child, and their family’s relations weren’t that good. Furthermore, they hardly interacted with each other. Especially these recent years, their family had earned quite an amount of money from selling medical herbs causing them to distance themselves further from the Yao Family.

When they were asking them if they could lend them money, the Yao Na trio were just trying their luck. They did not expect them to really lend money. This caused them to be astonished. However, since both sides agreed on the terms, the Yao family trio had no idea why they suddenly came over and rushed them to pay.

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“Is that so? Since you are able to afford the car parked outside, I don’t think you lack a few grand, right? As for this person here, is he Nana’s boyfriend? I didn’t expect Nana to find someone who is rich as well. However, he looks so young and rich. I am afraid he should be some wealthy family’s young master. You should be careful of those young masters. Before you even get money from them, they will have run away with another woman,” The woman saw Cheng Yu was still very young and didn’t look like some big-shot. So, she taunted without any reserve.

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