Chapter 81: Purpose

The two came over this time with a scheme in mind. As they were living in the neighboring village, when they heard from the villagers that his cousin had come back, they thought that he must be back because he could not afford the medical fees. So, they thought that they could take advantage of him to achieve their goals.

However, they did not expect that when they came, there would be a million dollar BMW SUV parked outside their house. This caused them to be surprised. What was more surprising was that when they went in the house, they saw their cousin was actually perfectly fine!

When they looked at those people at the dining table, they realized that the car owner was most likely that young kid sitting among them. As the woman was afraid of this young kid helping Yao Na to return the money they owed them, she wished to chase this young master off.

When the woman saw Cheng Yu was sitting there expressionlessly without speaking a word, but the Yao Family’s complexion turned very ugly, she became very haughty as she said, ”Nana, don’t blame your aunt for being a busy body, but nowadays, rich young masters are very playful, and they always like you because they see you as a kind of tender and delicate tofu. But the moment they have tasted you, you will see that they no longer contact you, and they would even publicize that they have played with you. By then, how are you going to be able to show your face in society?”

“Thank you, Auntie, for the warning, but I know how to handle my own matters. There’s no need for you to worry,” Yao Na clenched her fist and said gloomily.

“Since it’s like that, then return our money! The total is $60,000!” The woman said.

“$60,000? Isn’t it supposed to be $50,000?” Yao Na and her mother asked astonished. After that, they turned and looked at Father Yao. Father Yao looked very embarrassed as he had no idea how to answer them.

“That’s right! Although you did borrow $50,000 at that time, cousin agreed that the amount he will be returning us is $60,000. Are you going to renege on the debt now? Besides, I still have the IOU for the loan,” The woman took out a piece of paper from her handbag and waved it in front of the Yao family trio.

“Cheng Yu can you lend me $60,000 first? I will return it to you in the future,” Yao Na looked at Cheng Yu and pleaded.

“I don’t have any money,” Cheng Yu said tranquilly.

The Yao family trio was stunned. They had no idea why the usually magnanimous Cheng Yu would say such words at this moment. This caused them to be caught unprepared and rendered speechless.

“Haha! How was it? Didn’t I tell you? This young master only wanted to taste this tender tofu. During crucial moments, they won’t be of any use. In the end, you still have to be grateful to me. How would you be able to see his character so easily?” The woman laughed at the side. This was the outcome she had been waiting for as she quickly gave her husband a meaningful glance.

“Cousin, since you don’t have the money to return, we shall not make things difficult for you. We do not want this sum of money anymore,” When he saw his wife’s meaningful glance, the man quickly took over.

“Really?” Father Yao asked unconvinced. It was $60,000! It was impossible for them to not have it returned. Besides, their family’s relation were never very friendly.

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“Of course! We have thought about it. Since your living conditions aren’t that optimistic, and we are currently doing quite well, we are relatives. No matter what, we should help you guys out. So we decided that you do not need to return this sum of money, but we have a condition,” The woman said with the impression of thoughtfulness.

“What condition?” Father Yao asked curiously. He knew that there was nothing precious with his family. He was curious what he had that made them willing to give up on $60,000.

“Isn’t cousin the village chief of the Yao Family Village? It is truly a pity to use the Yao Family Village’s 500 mu of land to grow rice. But if cousin is willing to give me this 500 mu of land, I can give you $300 per mu every year. Isn’t this better than you growing rice?” The man laughed.

Cheng Yu giggled. He knew that the opposite party definitely had an aim since they had chosen to rush over here and asked them to pay their debt when they knew the Yao Family was in trouble. If it was not to make things difficult, it would be because of a scheme they had in mind. Father Yao’s cousin was from a family who grew medical herbs. A few years back, he became acquainted with a medical herbs merchant as he bought all the neighboring farmland in order to grow a large amount of medical herbs. In those villages, there were lots of people who were working outside of the village. These families all had land around their villages, but they didn’t use the land. So they decided to rent the land, which generated income from land that was just sitting there. Each family earned around $2000 a year.

However, it was different for the Yao Family Village. Very few people went to work outside of the village, so the majority decided to farm on the land that they had. Compared to generating an income of around $2000 a year passively, they preferred to grow thousands of kilograms of rice.

More importantly, Yao Family Village is not like its neighboring villages. As the Yao Family Village was near the mountain, it didn’t have the wide spaces those neighboring villages had and their land was not flat like theirs. That time, when someone offered to buy their land, everyone said the price was too low and they were not willing to sell. But when they wished to reconstruct their village, even though they had offered a sky high price for those contractors, they were not willing to take the job. That was also the reason why the Yao Family Village was the only village that was not under re-construction.

“Impossible. I am not selling it. This small amount of money, don’t bother asking them, even I am not willing to lend at that rate,” Father Yao rejected his cousin.

“Cousin, you are the village chief. You can always persuade them. They will definitely agree. Besides, even if the money is very little, didn’t you also receive the $60,000 already?” The man laughed.

“This kind of thing, I will not do. Furthermore, don’t treat me like a fool. Even if you were to give up on your $60,000, aren’t you profiting more from me when you acquire my land? Besides, it was only $300 a mu? Our Yao Family Village has always been relying on farming to make a living for generations. With just $300 a mu, how do you expect everyone to continue to survive with such a small amount of money?”

“Cousin, how much a mu then?”

“At least $1000. I also need to discuss with my villagers about this.”

“What? $1000? Are you crazy!” the woman shouted. Although she would still make a profit, after subtracting the cost of hiring people to manage the plantation, the leftover profits would be a very tiny amount. Just the cost to run the place already costed so much, so who would be willing to accept such a thing?

“The one who is crazy is you. $300 for a mu? Even if I were to grow wheat, it wouldn’t be this cheap. You people still dare to give me such a price? Within a year, thousands kilograms of wheat would also fetch a higher sum than you paying us $1000 a mu per year. Let me ask you, would you be willing if you were us? What’s more, even if you were willing to fork out $1000 a mu, others also may not be willing to sell it to you,” Mother Yao stood up and shouted. In the first place, their family’s relations were already very bad, but at that time, they really had no choice, so they could only ask them for money. But they did not expect the reason for them to be willing to lend the money was because they were eyeing their farmland.

Even if they want to buy all the farmland, they should at least give them a reasonable price. Although growing crops for a year would not make them rich, at least they would not be afraid of starving. But now, they actually dared to offer them $300 a mu, wouldn’t that be only around $1000 a year for them? How could they possibly survive with just this meager amount?

“So you are saying you would rather pay the $60,000? You better think clearly. The reason why I am giving you such preferential treatment is because you are my relative. And just to remind you, $60,000 is not a small amount,” The man said calmly.

“You don’t have to worry. We will definitely return the money. I will go and start borrowing money from others and will definitely return the money back,” Since the conversation had come to this point, Father Yao no longer wished to argue with them any longer.

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“Good! We will not force you. I will come and collect the money three days later,” The man beckoned his hand as he walked out of the house.

“Wait!” At this moment, Cheng Yu opened his mouth and shouted to the couple. The Yao family trio was very confused. Why would Cheng Yu stop them at this moment?

“Are there any other problems?” The man turned around and said impatiently.

“Nana, go to your room and bring your bag here,” Cheng Yu said to Yao Na.

“For what?” At this moment, Yao Na was in a very bad mood. This scoundrel had actually rejected her when she asked him to lend her some money just now.

“Just go and get it!”

“Hmph!” Yao Na went to her room unwillingly. Everyone was puzzled. Why would he need her bag? They all had no idea what Cheng Yu was trying to do. Yao Na carried her bag out of her room and threw the bag at Cheng Yu impatiently.

Cheng Yu did not mind it as he pulled open the zip on Yao Na’s bag. He placed his left hand into the bag and scooped out a pile of money and placed it on the table. He continued to scoop piles, until there were a total of six piles of money placed on the table. It caused everyone present to be dumbstruck.

Yao Na’s parents stared at Yao Na. This girl’s bag actually had so much money! Why did she not bring it out earlier? If she did, would there still be a need to look at the opposite party’s disgusting countenance?

However, the person who was most confused between them was Yao Na. Since when did her handbag have so much money? She witnessed with her own eyes how Cheng Yu took money out from her bag! Was this magic?!

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