Chapter 402 – What Should She Do?

She could follow the reincarnated girl’s example and exact her revenge. She could use this chance to kill Bai Chen Feng. But if she were to do that, won’t she be the same as the venomous reincarnated girl?

Huan Qing Yan was grief-stricken, she silently shed tears as she gazed at Bai Chen Feng with misty eyes.

“Bai Chen Feng, you should know that there are two souls in my body. One was the Huan Qing Yan of the past, the person who loves you, the other is me. The person you love will never appear again, she has died, and I do not love you. On the contrary I loathe you…”

Bai Chen Feng was rubbing her tears away with his hand when it stilled. It was unknown what was his expression, only his voice could be heard carrying a hint of indulgent, “Ok, and?”

“And I hope you never appear in front of me again. The person I like is Young Master Ya, it’s Young Master Ya! Not you.”

When Huan Qing Yan recalled Young Master Ya misunderstanding her and abandoning her without a care, her heart felt immense pain.

Bai Chen Feng replied with an ok, “Little Yan, are you telling me all this because you want me to leave you. Your worried that Young Master Ya will seek revenge, right? There is no need to worry, Young Master Ya is a person of renown and repute, since he’s given us his blessings, he will definitely stand by his words. This time, as we’ve trespassed into the academia’s forbidden grounds, we might be placed under confinement. Little Yan do not be afraid, Teacher Kang is only doing a formality and will quickly release us.”

When Huan Qing Yan heard his words, she noticed that it contained an indulgent tone… he did not believe me?

He did not believe that there were two souls!

He assumed that she was thinking about his safety…

Huan Qing Yan felt like she was drowning in helplessness. Young Master Ya had gravely misunderstood her, he left her without even a chance to explain.

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That’s only natural, “she” had stabbed Ji Mo Ya with a knife and tried to harvest his heart’s blood. He was already being very merciful by not killing her on the spot, why would he give her another chance?

Bai Chen Feng had also established a terrible misunderstanding about her as well!

Seeing as how Bai Chen Feng was being so blindly confident with himself to such an extent, made Huan Qing Yan to feel utterly powerless.

Everyone did not believe her!

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What could she do? What should she do?

Suddenly, the sounds of commotion came from not far away…

“The two Alpha Hall students who trespassed into the forbidden grounds are here, quickly come catch them!”


Huan Qing Yan was captured by the people of Zero Light Hall and was locked up at the Cliff of Reflection.

Even when Teacher Kang came to find them, he was unable to do anything because no matter the reason, anyone that has trespassed into the forbidden grounds must be confined. Thus, both Bai Chen Feng and Huan Qing Yan were locked up.

The Surging Wave Academia had nine halls, seven Light Halls, two Shadow Halls.

The Zero Light Hall was the hall that oversaw punishment and the enforcement of rules. Anyone who broke the rules set by the academia would be judged and punished by them.

The Cliff of Reflection was a sloping cliff located in an area of the deep sea. The cliff was filled with small caves,the entrance of which were fenced with iron bars. Although there was air within the caves that allowed one to survive, outside the cave was the boundless ocean.

Anyone who locked within the Cliff of Reflection, would have all their Water Repelling Talisman confiscated.

In short, you could only obediently stay inside the cave, if you tried to destroy the fence and escape, only death by drowning in the boundless oceans awaited you.

Huan Qing Yan did not know where Bai Chen Feng was locked, she had been locked up higher on the cliff face at a rather secluded cave, several days had passed and all she saw and heard the entire time was the water in front of her and the still quietness of the cave she was in.

It felt like a stretch of dead sea, there were no lifeforms to be seen at all.

Not even tiny fish.

There were also no signs to differentiate day or night. Only one phenomenon could be seen, a constant gloom that seemed to shed some light on hear and yet also made it feel like there was none.

Every few days, someone would deposit food packages at the entrance of the cave by letting it plummet straight into the cave.

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