Chapter 82: Kunlun People Arrive

Yao Na took back her handbag as she immediately looked through it. Other than her stuff, there was nothing else inside it. After that, she picked up a pile of cash and took a look. It was real! It didn’t seem fake at all!

“Do I look like someone who would pay using fake cash?” Cheng Yu looked at Yao Na’s funny appearance as he said annoyed.

“When I asked you to lend me money now, why did you not lend it to me?” Yao Na asked angrily.

“I was just curious as to why they suddenly came here? Now that their goal is to ask for money, I just gave it to them.”

So it was like that. The dissatisfaction the Yao Family trio had for Cheng Yu immediately disappeared. Mother Yao was filled with happiness as she took up the money on the table and walked towards the couple.

“Here. Both the principal and the interest amount are added together, $60,000. After taking this, we shall go separate ways. Give us the IOU,” Mother Yao spoke in a lofty manner.

Although they did not manage to get the land, at least they still got their $10,000 in interest. It could still be counted as a blessing, so the couple gave the IOU to Mother Yao and left.

Cheng Yu chatted for a while longer with Yao Na’s parents. Because it was Sunday, Cheng Yu sent Yao Na back to school as well. For the whole journey, Yao Na was very curious as to how Cheng Yu managed to take out $60,000 from her handbag, but Cheng Yu did not speak about it and just smiled in response. It caused Yao Na to be extremely irritated as she got off the car and ignored him. Since he was able to see the side of Yao Na acting like a small girl, which he had also witnessed when she was drunk, Cheng Yu felt very happy as he ignored her as well and drove straight home.


“Boss!” The moment Cheng Yu entered the classroom, Fatty greeted him, but Cheng Yu kicked him back.

“I told you so many times, when you are talking to me, stay at least a meter away from me! Look at your lovey-dovey face, I don’t think now is the season of love, right?”

“Hehe! Boss, next week is the start of the second mock exam. Ever since I ate boss’s miraculous pill, my memory has become extremely good. I feel that this time, I will definitely score well on the tests!” Fatty patted the spot Cheng Yu had kicked as he moved forward and said softly.

“En. It’s good that you are confident. Regardless of whether is it studying or not, you should not be concerned if it would be successful, but whether you are confident in yourself. As long as you are willing to work hard, I will definitely help you shine brightly like a polished diamond.” It can be said that the only brother Cheng Yu had in this world was Fatty. Therefore, with regards to Fatty, Cheng Yu hoped that he could help Fatty walk down a unique path in life, but before Cheng Yu was willing to help him, he still needed to test Fatty first.

“En. I believe in boss. I have always believed that since I chose to follow boss, it was the best decision I made in my entire life!” Fatty patted his chest that was comparable to a woman’s, producing a “Piak” sound.

“You’ll be proud of the choice you have made in the future,” Cheng Yu said to assure him.

“Are the two of you so shameless? One would always brag about himself, and the other one always bootlicks. Look at all those students that are judging you. The fact that the two of you did joint acting is really the biggest loss in the acting industry. You two idiots with your humor,” When Fatty and Cheng Yu were looking forward to their future, a voice interrupted them. The voice was from their class monitor, Chang Yuyue.

It was at this moment Cheng Yu realized that all the other students in class looked at them with extreme disdain. Cheng Yu felt extremely embarrassed. D*mn it! It was all because of Fatty, which caused his inner feelings to surge, as his mind wandered in his own imagination. Cheng Yu quickly returned to his seat.

“Who asked you to be cocky? Are you embarrassed now?” Lin Yuhan asked complacently.

“Hehe! So what if I am embarrassed? As long as the heart I use to think of you isn’t lost, nothing else matters. Don’t you think so?” Cheng Yu looked at Lin Yuhan and chuckled.

“Hmph! You only know how to flirt. I am pretty sure in the past two days, you must have ravaged quite a number of girls.”

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“You are thinking too highly of me. Don’t you know that female gangsters are savages. Especially those elegant youngsters like me, with such a handsome and confident appearance. It was their perfect target to ravage. You should be sympathizing with me instead,” Cheng Yu feigned a pitiful appearance and lied through his teeth.

“Only a ghost would believe you! In this world, is there even something scarier than shameless man?”

Cheng Yu had been studying obediently in school. Every day, he would tease Lin Yuhan, and Lin Yuhan was no longer as cold, but she would often blush.

As long as any female interacted with Cheng Yu, they learned that Cheng Yu was very brazen. Gradually, Lin Yuhan also got used to the way Cheng Yu spoke and was no longer afraid of him making fun of her.

Similarly, she would occasionally mock him as well. It can also be said that this had become Lin Yuhan’s biggest joy when it came to studying.

Sometimes when she was at home, she would recall the scenes of them teasing each other. It was inevitable that her heart had developed an indescribable happiness when recalling those scenes. In short, the current Lin Yuhan liked to be together with Cheng Yu. She felt that with him around, she was very relaxed and would not be worn out from stress.

At night, Cheng Yu walked out of the teacher’s hostel as he recalled to the previous scene and found it ridiculous. This woman was really turning more and more adorable.

Just now, after Yao Na had finished tutoring Cheng Yu, she asked him how he managed to take out so much money from her handbag. Cheng Yu did not expect her to be still so curious about it, so with a wave of his hands, a pile of cash appeared in his hand causing Yao Na to be dumbstruck.

“Is this magic?” Yao Na took the money from Cheng Yu hands as she asked because she was surprised.

“Do you think magic would allow money to appear on my hand with just a wave?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Then how did you do it? Did you use this money to buy the car you drove?”

“Do you really wish to know?”

“En,” Yao Na nodded.

“Sure, but you must let me kiss you. Then I will tell you about it,” When he saw Yao Na acting like this, Cheng Yu couldn’t help thinking back to the wonderful feeling yesterday as he smirked.

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Yao Na also recalled what happened yesterday as her face reddened, and she seemed inwardly angry. Just as she was about to chase Cheng Yu out, Cheng Yu turned his body as he pressed Yao Na against the wall and kissed her again.

At first, Yao Na was struggling, but the moment Cheng Yu’s lips landed on her’s, her body softened. This time, Cheng Yu was not as rash as he intended to turn Yao Na’s mind to disorder before extending his tongue into her mouth slowly.

This time, it was a lot smoother. Cheng Yu was not someone who was insatiably greedy. After kissing for about a minute, Cheng Yu backed off.

Yao Na immediately sobered up as she looked at Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu’s face was very close to her as he smiled, causing her to feel extremely shy as she wished she could find a hole to hide herself in. This was too embarrassing! She actually got toyed with by her own student!

“Do you also find it very wonderful?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“You still dare to talk about it?! In the future, you must not do it again. Now that you have already kissed me, shouldn’t you tell me what was going on?” Yao Na hit Cheng Yu’s chest angrily.

“Hehe! Alright. I am an immortal already. Didn’t you witness it the other day?” The moment he finished speaking, Cheng Yu opened the door and ran out.
Cheng Yu drove out of school, but after one kilometer, he realized a car was following him behind. So, he changed directions and drove towards Xinguang Nightclub. He wished to know who the person following him was.

Cheng Yu got out of his car and went into a private room on the 2nd floor of the Xinguang Nightclub. In the middle of the 1st floor, there was a stairway that directly lead to the 2nd floor. In the 2nd floor, the private rooms were separated into two sides. The surrounding private rooms surrounded the middle gap, forming a disk shape. This allowed those in the private rooms to be able to see what was going on in the 1st floor.

Cheng Yu had just sat down for two minutes when two old men walked into the Xinguang Nightclub. The moment the two old men entered the nightclub, a lot of people started laughing. Nowadays, even old men were so interesting. They would even come to a nightclub to play.

The two old men didn’t seem embarrassed as they found a table and sat down. They ordered two bottles of wine from the waiter. After that, they slowly sipped on the wine and occasionally looked at the private rooms on the 2nd floor.

Cheng Yu looked at the two old men. After that, he frowned and opened his window.

Cheng Yu grabbed the tea on his table and drank a sip of it. They looked around Guan Shiyuan’s age and should be Foundation Establishment Realm experts as well. It seemed like they were sent by the Kunlun Sect.

His cultivation level was too low! He was actually baffled by the two late stage Foundation Establishment Realm experts! However, Cheng Yu was not someone who would cower if he was to face people stronger than him. When he was in the immortal world, even when he was in front of the Immortal Emperor, Cheng Yu never felt fear!

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