Chapter 101: Mr. President is Treating Everyone to a Meal~


Si Zhng Ting frowns, his usually expressionless face finally experiencing some ripples at the moment.

He answers the call and a woman’s gentle voice can suddenly be heard from the other line, “Mr. Si, tomorrow I will be making strawberry cake.  Will you come?”

The corner of his lips twitches a little as he answers, “En.”

The woman then says, “Alright, then you can come tmorrow at 10 am.  You must come, oh~”

Si Zheng Ting replies, “En.”

The woman pauses in the other line before taking a deep breath, “Can you answer using more than one syllable, son?”

“I understand.”

Lady Ding: ……………..He really replied with more than one word!

Lady Ding sighs, “Bring her with you tomorrow.  You two are already married, it will not be proper if you do not bring her back to your parent’s house.  I will still meet her sooner or later, even if she is ugly.”

Si Zheng Ting replies with an “En” before suddenly saying, “She is not ugly.”

Lady Ding: ………….

She sighs again, “Alright, what does she like to eat?  I will prepare whatever she likes.”

It is merely a polite inquiry, but she didn’t think that Si Zheng Ting would earnestly reply her, “She likes chicken wings, caramelized pork hocks….  En, to put it simple, she likes meat.”

Lady Ding: ……………!

Her voice becomes a little sour as she speaks, “You sure forget your mother quick enough after getting married.  You only care about your wife!  I bet you don’t even know what my favourite dishes are!  Anyway, have you eaten dinner?  Your stomach is not good, you should eat on time.”

“I understand.”

After exchanging a couple more pleasantries, Si Zheng Ting ends the call.  He suddenly remembers that Zhuang Nai Nai didn’t eat a lot during lunch.  She must be really hungry at the moment.

He turns to Ji Chen, hesitating a bit before finally saying, “Go and buy take-outs for all the workers who are working overtime.”

Ji Chen: “……….Yes, sir.”

At this moment, Zhuang Nai Nai who feels utterly famished feels like she has run out of energy to move.  All her movements right now are completely mechanical, her brain feels exhausted.

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She is putting another document into the copier when she hears people outside saying things like ‘Mr. Si is very generous’ and all.  Distracted, she accidentally leaves her hand inside the copier and ends up having it wedged between the lid and the copier.

She hisses, pulling her hands back out.  One of her fingers hurt and she immediately puts it inside her mouth, sucking it.  After a moment, she takes it back out and discovers that it has become swollen.

She wants to cry.

She endures the pain and continues copying.  Once she finishes her task, she walks out of the copying room and can smell the aroma of food wafting in the air.

The people from the Design Department are working overtime.  She discovers them grouping up in one corner, seemingly eating.

Someone sees her and says, “Zhuang Nai Nai, today, Mr. Si is treating everyone who is working overtime to a takeout.  You are so lucky, this is your first day at work.  Go on and eat your’s.”

That person goes to Zhuang Nai Nai’s table and opens the takeout box that is sitting on her table.  She is stunned when she sees the luxurious meals inside.  She compares it to her own bento box and exclaims, “Why is your’s different from the rest of us, Zhuang Nai Nai?”

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