Chapter 102: Special Mealbox


Restaurant Ju De is a high-end restaurant in the capital.  Mr Si’s lunch are usually bought from that restaurant.

The takeouts for the staffs today are pretty normal, two meat dishes and two vegetarians.  The ones who sent the takeouts were Mr. Si’s personal staffs.

The mealbox on top of Zhuang Nai Nai’s table does not look very different from other people’s from the outside, but, when she opens it…..

There are definitely more varieties of dishes inside, completely different from what other people have.  There are even abalones inside!

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When the rest of the people hear that colleague’s surprised exclaimation, everyone gathers around to ogle at her dinner.  That one lunchbox probably costs around 1000 RMB.

They start pointing out the differences between her mealbox and theirs while looking at her curiously, “Why is yours different from ours?”

“Ah, her’s has no ginger.  Ours does.  Perhaps, her’s is especially ordered?”

“Did she personally order this?”

“No way!  I saw May, the president’s secretary, putting this on her desk.

“Did May mistakenly placed this here?”


While the rest of them are busy discussing over the abnormalty that is her mealbox, Zhuang Nai Nai simply stands there, frozen.

Back in high school, she would always eat her lunch with Si Zheng Ting in order to pursue him.

One day, just like any other day, she ate while speaking non-stop.  Si Zheng Ting ignored her throughout the entire one-sided conversation.  Zhuang Nai Nai looked around before putting all the gingers on her bowl onto Si Zheng Ting’s.

Si Zheng Ting immediately stopped eating. He turned to her, frowning, “What are you doing?”

Zhuang Nai Nai looked at him innocently, “Ginger repels cold, it is better if you eat them more!”

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“Then why didn’t you eat them?” Si Zheng Ting asked.

“Because I do not possess an ice-cold face!”

Si Zheng Ting: …………….

He looked at the ginger in his bowl, putting down his chopsticks before picking up his bowl and leaving.

Zhuang Nai Nai clutched her own bowl while hastily following him, “Wei, are you angry?”

He turned to her indifferently, “Do not put ginger in my bowl again after this.”

Zhuang Nai Nai stared at him earnestly, “Why?”

“I do not eat things that have been in other people’s bowls,” Si Zheng Ting replied, a little impatient now.

“Are you scared of eating my saliva?”

Si Zheng Ting choked a little when she said that.  He stared at her incredulously.

Zhuang Nai Nai nodded earnestly, “I understand!  I will put them in your bowl before I start eating next time!”

Si Zheng Ting: …………………

He walked on while she hastily followed him.  They put their bowls in the cart for used plates before leaving the canteen.  Zhuang Nai Nai continued chasing after Si Zheng Ting, “Alright, alright!  Don’t be upset!  To be honest, I don’t like ginger very much, that’s why I gave them to you.  From now on, you can give me the things that you don’t like.  It’s okay, I don’t find you dirty~”

Si Zheng Ting glared at her furiously.

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