Chapter 13- Skills, Abilities, Talents, Stats and Quests Part 1

(author note: the next four chapters have little story elements in them and are more to describe the stats and other elements of the story world. Be forewarned if you are not into that.)


{Emperor’s Diary}


I rested in the inn of a slave master that was butchered today by his brothel girls. I laid down in the bed when I became tired, but I was unable to sleep. In fact, my eyes were wide open looking at the plain wooden boards above me. Only my lady could hear my inner thoughts freely, and I couldn’t help but feel uneasy at the cost of life. It wasn’t a natural thing for me, I’ve only killed wild animals before. There was lots of things to do as my lady organized the new people and sent off the others that didn’t want to stay. I would rather not have to deal with all this crap in this crappy world. If there’s another way to spend a happy life and have children with my lady that will lead to them having a happy and secure future, I’ll take it.


As hermits, we could have lived a sound and quiet life, but what about our children? If they were born as dragon1dragonspeciesnewts, like she mentioned they would, then what future did they have? However, the fact still remains, even if I’m not the person that actually killed everyone, I’m still to blame. I would have rather stayed in my old world than deal with this guilt. My lady would have most likely either died or be renewed as a slave if I didn’t come along though. I laid awake as I heard the victors party downstairs break open the inn’s wine storage. I then closed my eyes in deep thought.

‘I’ll never be welcomed in such an environment now.’ (Emperor’s Mental Link to Empress)


I let that thought slip, then my lady responded instantly.

“It’s because of you that such an environment exists at all. You have given these people, your people in fact, a future where none has existed before. Otherwise, they would have been sealed inside their own bodies without an escape.” (Empress)

My thoughts drifted to the time that we were in the cave. It was a short time, but it was rather pleasant. I didn’t have to feel these things either. They say that ignorance is bliss, but I don’t regret making the choices I’ve made so far.


Just like before, I rode in a wagon with my lady when we traveled. We now had a population of over three thousand people. I also spent my time reading up on my stats while we traveled.



Plantology- Level 3 =12%

Herbology- Level 2 = 22%

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Nut Science- Level 2 = 02%

Sword Proficiency- Level 1 = 00%

Shield Proficiency- Level 1 = 00%

Light Armor Proficiency- Level 1 = 05%

Mercantile- Level 3 = 14%

Spirit Magic- Level 6 = 78%

Curse Resistance- Level 6 =58%

Lover- Level 1 = 12%

Alchemy- Level 3 = 45%


There were a bunch of other random skills after that ranging from quite useful stuff such as war planner, all the way to constipation resistance. They were all two levels or less as well. The lover skill level was a low blow in my opinion. All these years alone before coming into this world accounted for nothing I guess. As if feeling my deep resentment to that, I heard my lady speak.

“If you were bigger and thicker, I would be pleased more.” (Empress)

She then raised her shoulders in disappointment. I can’t help how I am. She gave me a sweet smile after thinking about that.

“You’re still the best lover I’ve ever had.” (Empress)

I couldn’t help but almost feel like she was mocking me, but I saw how serious her face was. I was her first partner that she actually wanted to have. Not only that, but there was a deep seed of trust there as well. Maybe when the horses are resting later she can train me more in that area. When that crossed my mind, I forgot that there’s no filter between my thoughts and her reading them. I then gave up and looked at the next area we were heading to. Of course, my mental wish would come true later on.

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Skills are something everyone has, and they can also be inherited to a certain degree. The poison resistance skill is a skill that everyone typically receives at a young age by either tasting wild plants or being fed weak poisons by their parents to train it. Skills are harder to get as you get older though. However, skills are more linked to jobs contrary to what you might think. For example, ‘eye for wood’, it’s a skill that someone would instinctively understand to cut a tree, or to carve a piece of lumber. Very few skills have only one or two jobs they are related to, but they do exist. One such skill is ‘no will’, which slaves have. This skill makes slaves obedient, but cuts their intelligence sharply as well.

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