Chapter 14- Skills, Abilities, Talents, Stats and Quests Part 2

{Emperor’s Diary}



Peddler Level 3– You’re able to sell small cheap items on side roads and in small villages without drawing much attention to yourself. If caught in an area were your not permitted to sell, you will be fined a smaller amount than normal. You will also be given a 2% reduction. You also don’t need to pay taxes on what you peddle.


Herbalist Level 4– You’re able to easily identify basic and some intermediate healing and poisonous herbs. You can also make simple potions out of them. If used untreated, their effects are 12% more effective. Potions are also 20% more effective and has a longer average duration.


Poison Resistance Level 2– By sampling various lesser poisons, you have grown a basic immunity to them. Most raw weaker poison, or poison effects, are completely negated. Your disease immunity is above average for an individual as well. You can also identify poisonous objects by just looking at them.

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Curse Resistance Level 6– Due to intense and prolonged exposure to various curses6cursesstory mechanic, your resistance to them has increased beyond normal mortals. As more curses and miasma is drawn into your body, your resistance will increase in turn as long as you can survive it. You are also immune to any curse under level six. At level six, your immunity is at 95%. At level seven, your immunity is at 75%. At level eight, your immunity is at 25%. As a side effect though, you’re barely positively affected by holy healing magic5magicstory mechanic, so you take an additional 50% damage from holy magic in response. You are also immune to instant death magic, and necromancy spells won’t work on you. Mind altering magic is also greatly reduced and you’re able to detect the effects on those close to you or those in your immediate area.


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Acceptable Mate?- You have found an individual of the opposite gender that can be your life long partner. This level is affected by their intimacy toward you. When you’re alone with your mate, your true feelings become more easily exposed. When you’re near your mate, your base stats increase as well. When you find your mate, or the lineage of your mate is in danger, then you enter an overly aggressive state. In this state, your stats and abilities will be amplified by your intimacy level, as well as your aggression level.


Pain Tolerance Level 7– Your body is riddled by natural pain due to curses. In addition, knowing intense hunger and physical exhaustion, you have tolerances to pain above some of the most seasoned warriors. If you were a woman and gave birth, you won’t even scream at the level you’re currently at. Your physical pleasure will also be intensified. When you have physical acts with another person, you share what their feeling as well. You can also feel what they’re currently feeling to a certain degree. This will be greatly enhanced if the other person is your mate during breeding while the female is in heat. It’ll also increase the impregnation rate in females during such times as well. Warning! If a female recently breeds with another male after breeding with her mate, the odds of becoming pregnant by that male is increased as well.


Telepathy Level 2– Due to being mute, you have developed a form of mental communication with another person that has an ability like yours. This gives you a form of protection against mental attacks as well. Your mate links you through this greatly increased mental defense. The two of you will also share a small bonus in your mental and spiritual attack and resistances. When speaking to your mate, you will never be misunderstood, and the reverse is true when using this link as well. There is also a greater chance of your spawn inheriting your memory when two parents each have this link. There is a greater chance that the spawn will inherit all of both parents skills and abilities at an equal or lesser degree as well. There’s a guaranteed chance that the spawn of both such parents will receive at least one of their physical or mental attributes being affected for higher growth. There is no range limit or barrier resistances for linked mates to speak of. Warning! Severing this link will forever harm your mate’s mental stability and your own. Only accepting the others death will restore normality.


Curse Manipulation (Great) 4– You have been constantly riddled with various curses and miasma. However, because you draw the harmful substances to yourself, it doesn’t affect the environment around you. Those that have had their curses taken by you will have a greater trust and affinity for you. After taking in more than one thousand curses, the ability curse absorption has evolved into a greater form. Instantaneous activation of a defensive aura around you will be created once you feel hostile intent from within the active range of the field. This defensive field automatically casts the highest level curse you posses on individuals that are hostile towards you. This also reduces the strain on your body from curses. You can also draw on the curses you posses and inflict them on any individual in a greater area than your defensive field as well. However, if a person doesn’t want to be lifted from their curse, they won’t be. You have also gathered a natural instinct over curses and miasma, so you can create or alter any curse you’re inflicted upon and put it on another person. Because you absorbed the curses into yourself in order to help others, you have gained an affinity toward the world and the holy powers respect. As a hero who carries a heavy burden, you can resurrect at any friendly holy ground or world spring source. However, you will lose all accumulated miasma and it will be returned to the world as a purified source as long as you keep a positive balance with the world.


World Magic?– Because you hold a terrible amount of power and haven’t used it for ill purposes, the world has viewed you as a friendly force. If you go to any healthy world source, you will be able to purify the miasma and curses on your body. This option is only available as long as you are on good terms with the world. It you go to any world source and use the miasma for your own purposes, you will become an enemy of the world. However, you will also become a greater demon. If you manage to purify the voice of the world, the world will grant you one request within its power. Wielders of world magic affect the world around them in unknown ways. Normally, the world affects them positively if in favor of it, and negatively if an enemy. The world is always watching you. Every action you take affects the world’s opinion of you!


There are a few other minor abilities as well that weren’t really noteworthy, like scavenging. What got my attention the most though was world magic. As soon as I read it, I received a quest notice.

‘Help purify the world’s voice.’ My old world was about to collapse onto itself, so I don’t wish this world to do the same. After that, a new menu appeared called quests. A second option also appeared called records, then I heard my lady say.

“Well, that’s new.” (Empress)




Abilities are similar to skills, but with one big difference. Skills are knowledge based, while abilities are active. In other words, they’re an action or a series of actions. However, abilities can be passive as well in some instances. For example, curse resistance skills and abilities are quite different. The skill refers to the odds of success to resist a curse, but the ability better describes how that’s done. To give a specific scenario, a ball is coming toward you. The probability of knowing that you aren’t getting hit in the face by that ball is a skill. However, ability is an action that would increase those odds. For example, dodging or blocking the ball with your arms.

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