Chapter 15- Skills, Abilities, Talents, Stats and Quests Part 3

{Emperor’s Diary}



Outworlder– Summoned from a foreign world, you have knowledge and skills unknown to this world. This enables you to recognize, gain, and create new skills, abilities, and talents that others don’t normally know about. It also increases your overall growth rate.


Intelligence– Your problem recognition is higher than normal people, and you’re also able to do more complicated problem solving. You also acquire and gain mental type skills, resistances, and experience easier. You can also evolve to have higher tiers for greater, more specialized, bonuses.


Mute– You’re unable to use auditory speech, and you can’t use magic5magicstory mechanic. However, your natural resistances to magic and miasma is quadrupled, and your growth rate of said magic and miasma is also increased by that amount.


Natural state: Lazy– You are unmotivated to improve yourself and you will actively seek the most optimal way to return to your natural state. You will not gain exp and your stat growth is four times slower than normal. However once motivated into action you will not stop till the job is done. This state is reduced in influence when near those you have a close relationship with.


Tactics– You have the ability to configure complex strategies and move people to your will more easily. It also doubles your base leadership stat and grants you the ability to open related skill trees more easily with enhanced growth. You can also evolve to higher tiers for greater, more specialized, bonuses.


Slave Rebel– Surviving the kill effect when a slave rebels against their master, you call no man master, even with a slave’s curse mark on your body. You’re also an inspiration to any good hearted slave. Evolved!


Slave Revolutionary– You’re the leader of a former slave army of non-human individuals. By previously demonstrating your ability of control over the army, they fear you. Despite your good nature and timidness, along with your weak stature, most of your forces are loyal to you without question. As you’re a key figure in freeing the slaves by taking risks, and coming up with the plans that have had repeated success, your orders won’t be heavily questioned either. Your army’s loyalty is also doubled, and the chance of desertion is greatly reduced.


Aspirations of an Emperor– You started with nothing, but you’re dreaming big now. Your bold and rapid actions have caught the local governments unwary attention. Even now, the kingdoms that are your enemy have no idea about the great threat growing among them. By setting firm rules as your foundation, you ensure a long lived empire upon its creation and stabilization. However, the chances of that happening are very low. The odds of an empire being successful after it’s creation is .0012%. The stability of an empire’s plans is 15%, and the estimated longevity of an empire is 200 years.

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Mate of Dragon Blood– The fire of a dragon1dragonspecies’s loins are legendary among all mortal races. It’s said that a pure bred pair of dragons breed for a full year without stop. While your mate isn’t a full bred dragon, they are still a high breed. While in mating season, the desire to breed increases more than normal with a partner that has dragon blood. If not satisfied, then that dragon blood partner may succumb to madness from lust, which breaks the mate’s trust. However, upon a successful first mating season, the intimacy between the two will greatly increase, and the severity of the mating season will lessen. If a mating season is broken early, then the perpetrator will face a blood lusted dragon. Dragons are high affinity creatures of the world, and part of the worlds balance. Base stats are also increased from having this talent. (limited due to the level difference) Affinity to the world is also increased, and a dragon’s affinity is increased. Warning! Vigor stat is too low to safely breed in mating season with a partner that has dragon blood. Notice! Due to your mate having high affection for you outside of mating season, your vigor stat needed can be lower than hers. Notice 2! Being given a quest of the world, the world has delayed your mates mating season in response. Upon higher affinity to the world, a bonus vigor stat will be given. You will also receive an additional 12 bonus vigor because of world affinity. Notice 3! Due to your mate being forcefully mated in their mating season in cruel practices, their sensitivity to unjust breeding is higher and their emotions are more easily swayed in such a situation. Notice 4! Due to your mate losing their first born child from cruel practices, she is much more reluctant to talk about yearning a child again with those with low intimacy.


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I couldn’t help but scratch my chin at reading all of that information. What I found most interesting though was the ‘Mate of Dragon Blood’ title. I learned a lot of information that basically leads to the fact that I need more sex. Personally, I knew that, but when something inside you plainly points out that you’re gonna die from having sex with your lover if she gets too into it, it’s a wakeup call. However, that was only a passing thought as I turned my attention toward ‘Aspirations of an Emperor’. That’s one serious flag. So much so, that I got three quests related to it upon fully reading it. I closed my eyes, then sighed mentally when it happened before I opened them up again, seeing my lady have her smallest finger hooked on her lip. I wasn’t sure whether I should be aroused or scared right now. Luckily, I was both. I reached out my hand to her with a gentle smile on my face, then she grabbed it. Without words, we understood each other. I then moved onto my character stats.



Name- #$%&$ &!!#%$

Age- 18 (30 Mental Age)

Level- 1

Experience to Next Level- 0% (Affected by Max Level Experience from eating Curses and Ailments)

Class- Hero

Profession- Slave Revolutionary

Strength- 39 (30 from passive mate bonus + 4 from world bonus)

Endurance- 38 (30 from passive mate bonus + 4 from world bonus)

Agility- 38 (30 from passive mate bonus + 4 from world bonus)

Intellect- 96 (18 from passive mate bonus + 4 from world bonus + doubled from related talent)

Wisdom- 46 (22 from passive mate bonus + 4 from world bonus + bonus from accumulation of random skills)

Charisma/leadership- 63 (30 from passive mate bonus + 4 from world bonus + 10 from tactics talent + 2 due to aspirations of an emperor)

Vigor- 30 (8 from passive mate bonus, + 4 from world bonus + 1 from lover skill + 14 from mate of dragon blood and related world bonuses)


Mental Resistance: 180%

Magic Resistance: 435%

Physical Resistance: 2%

Poison Resistance: 30%

Exhaustion Resistance: 25%

Disease Resistance: 10%

Corruption Resistance: Max


Karma Alignment: +51,236

Notoriety: +236, -25

Kingdom of Severance: -10,623




Talents are more like achievements and titles. One who has lots of talents usually also has the ability to express their skills, while someone with just a few will more likely shy away from things needing more effort. It should also be said that all talents aren’t the same. Each talent is special to the individual who has it, even if two people got theirs at the same time. Very rarely, with the exception of heroes, do talents give any benefits other than being a badge of honor.


Stats are a numerical value to the different attributes someone has. For an exaggerated example, a strength of ten would be at the level of a child. It’s typically someone not strong enough to pick up a small rock and throw it very far. However, a hundred would be considered near superhuman, and you will be able to hold and throw twice an adults average weight. Values over 150 are comparatively considered at a genius level. If someone had an intelligence of 150, they would be able to solve complex questions and riddles with little effort. If someone has 150 agility, their opponents movements would look slow to them if they focus. This stat isn’t comparable to all races either. If a dragon with a strength of 50, and a human with a strength of 100 competed, the dragon would always win hands down.

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