Chapter 403: Strange magic pattern


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Looking at the seven statues again, Long Yi sized them up. Long Yi was sure that there was something wrong, however, he had no idea what it was.

The statues in this hall were exactly the same as the statues outside. They had no differences in their appearance, demeanor and even their posture. Even the clothes they wore and weapons they held were similar. Yet Long Yi still felt as though something was wrong.

As he stood in front of the Light God statue, Long Yi decided to take a closer look at the Fire God statue. As he walked over to the Fire God statue, his eyes remained on those towering breasts. Memories of him groping the Fire God statue’s breasts flashed past his eyes.

Of course, Long Yi hadn’t degenerated to the point where he would go and molest a statue. Moreover, the Fire God statue he had seen inside the underground secret room had slight differences to this statue in front of him. Although the statues looked similar at first glance, he was able to make out the tiny differences between the statues when he looked closely. Did the magic robe’s lapel on the Fire God statue in the underground secret room have a fiery red crystal implanted in it like the Fire God statue inside this Holy Temple?

After staring at the seven statues for a good while, a smile appeared on Long Yi’s face. Now he finally knew what was wrong with these seven main gods’ statues. In the Holy Temple, the statues had a magic attribute crystal inlaid on their chest unlike the statues he had seen outside. To be exact, there were six statues with crystals inlaid on their chest. Only the Water God statue didn’t have a crystal on it.

“Strange, what is the use of these crystals? Why doesn’t the Water God statue have it?” Long Yi pondered and felt like there was something strange with those crystals. If they were normal crystals, why would the city lord of the Holy City bother to inlay them onto the statues?

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“Long Yi, did you find something?” After looking through the entire Holy Temple, Wushuang didn’t manage to find anything. When she saw Long Yi deep in his thoughts as he looked at the seven statues, she realized that he must have figured it out.

Long Yi nodded his head and said, “That piece of silver paper, let me take a look at it again.”

With a flip of her hand, Wushuang took out that piece of paper. She passed it to Long Yi and Long Yi began to study the diagrams on the paper carefully. As he was studying the patterns on the paper, he muttered under his breath, “Sea of Souls…… Sea of Souls…… Could the Sea of Souls actually be a kind of crystal?”

Long Yi didn’t make a random guess when he said that the Sea of Souls was a type of crystal. Among the seven main gods’ statues, only the Water God statue didn’t have any crystal inlaid on its chest. As such, Long Yi assumed that the ‘Sea of Souls’ mentioned in the silvery piece of paper would be the water crystal on the Water God statue. If the Sea of Souls was really the water crystal, the map he was holding should show the location of the Sea of Souls.

Coincidentally, Nalan Ruyue and the others returned empty-handed. Long Yi immediately explained his conjecture to the group. Hearing his explanation, everyone felt it was indeed very likely that was the case.

“But this map is too vague… The sea is too vast, how will we find the location marked on the map?” Wushuang sighed.

“There is a way, and I am quite confident about it.” Long Yi showed a confident smile as he suddenly thought of the mermaid princess, Liu Li. After going to their so-called Undersea City, Long Yi decided to start the search there.

Looking at Long Yi’s confident expression, Wushuang nodded her head. She subconsciously believed in him because she knew that her sweetheart was an extraordinary person. He was always optimistic and he was confident in everything he did. It seemed as though there was nothing he couldn’t do in this world. Although it might seem like an exaggeration to say that there was nothing impossible for Long Yi to accomplish, there were facts to back this statement up. Long Yi definitely had great capabilities. Even while contending against various powers, he was able to walk around leisurely as if he was taking a stroll in a quiet and peaceful courtyard. In times of danger, he thoroughly remoulded himself. His strength, as if sitting on the rocket, rose rapidly. Now, he had already surpassed her. When Wushuang thought about it, when she saw him for the first time, he was weak, extremely weak. However, even though she was much stronger than him in the past, he improved rapidly. Currently, she was the one relying on him… She had no idea why Long Yi experienced such rapid improvement.

At this moment, an ear-piercing sound resounded within this Holy Temple. Everybody subconsciously turned around and saw that the crystal on the Earth God statue’s chest was emitting a dazzling yellow light. It shot into the ground and pierced a hole in the Holy Temple’s white jade floor. In an instant, the earth element in the air became denser. Barbarian Bull who was standing beside the Earth God statue stared at it in shock.

“Barbarian Bull, what did you do?” Long Yi asked.

“You said that these statues had crystal embedded in them and that you found them strange…… All I did was press on them.” Barbarian Bull scratched his bull horn and said.

Looking intently at the hole which was formed by the yellow light beam from the earth crystal, Long Yi saw that there were other holes on the white jade floor. After counting all of them, he realized that there were exactly seven holes.

“All of you step back, I will test the remaining ones.” Long Yi instructed.

Everybody retreated, and Long Yi tapped his foot. As a gust of wind blew through the entire Holy Temple, Long Yi formed five afterimages and attacked the crystals on the other god statues.

Swish, swish, five different colored light beams shot out from the crystal inlaid on the chest of these five main gods’ statues. They perfectly filled the five holes on the ground and the entire Holy Temple appeared magnificent and illusory.

The moment all six beams of light shot out from the statues, they were reflected back from the holes in the ground. Interweaving each other, they formed an illusory pattern in mid air.

“Ah! It’s so pretty!” All the girls exclaimed in admiration as they saw the beautiful pattern formed by the lights.

“It looks like there is something missing…” Long Yi murmured as he stared at that beautiful pattern in mid air. If his guess was right, the pattern formed in the air should be a seven sided diamond. However, the pattern in the air only had six sides. It was clear that the light from the water crystal was missing. The water crystal should be the Sea of Souls which was mentioned by the city lord in the silvery paper Wushuang found.

Bertha was fascinated by this illusory beautiful scenery and she involuntarily walked forward towards the light. She wanted to take a closer look at those pretty lights as this was the first time she had seen anything like it.

Without warning, Bertha let out a shrill scream. As if she encountered a black hole, Bertha was rapidly sucked into the beautiful pattern in mid air.

“Ah… Long Yi, save me!” Currently, Bertha was trapped inside the pattern. She was convulsing as if she was a mad sheep and her beautiful face was twisted out of shape.

Long Yi was startled when he saw Bertha’s appearance. It was as though the six different magic elements were pulling her apart.

In just a few seconds, Bertha’s screams became weaker and weaker. The seven orifices on her body started to bleed and Long Yi could see that Bertha was entering into a state of death.

Long Yi didn’t hesitate. Using his spirit power and internal force to form a protective cover around his body, he rushed into the pattern.

Boom. The moment he entered the pattern, Long Yi felt as though all the blood in his body started to flow backward. Surprisingly, the six different magic powers destroyed his protective cover instantly. Long Yi’s body also started twisting as the magic elements began to pull on his body. As he was about to scream in pain, the various element vortexes in his sea of consciousness began to rotate. They started dispersing the pulling force around Long Yi. Lightning, Fire, Dark, Light. These were the four elements which were countered by the vortexes in his body. Although only wind and earth attributed magic powers were left in his body, it pushed Long Yi to the limit of his endurance.

Long Yi grabbed Bertha had the intention to throw her out of the pattern. However, he had never expected that the suction force from the pattern to be so strong. He wasn’t able to move Bertha, let alone throw her out.

Seeing as Bertha was about to take her last breath, Long Yi didn’t have the luxury of time. Throwing caution to the wind, Long Yi roared loudly and injected the origin magic power from the four vortexes into Bertha’s body. This resulted in a drop in Long Yi’s defense and the magic power which entered his body ran wild. Both Long Yi’s spirit and ** suffered inhumane torment as the magic powers which entered his body thrashed about. Fortunately for him, Long Yi had experienced numerous pain and hardship in his life. This allowed Long Yi to temper his endurance to a ridiculous level.

The suction force on Bertha gradually lessened and Long Yi took this chance to kick Bertha out of the pattern. As for himself, Long Yi vomited a mouthful of blood and a muffled groan escaped his mouth.

“My husband……” Nalan Ruyue’s heart was torn apart. When she saw the injuries Long Yi sustained, her heart broke.

As for Wushuang, she tried to make things better by casting a Divine Water Domain. Gnashing her teeth, she tried her best to keep the situation under control. To her dismay, it had zero effect. Barbarian Bull also tried his best to destroy the pattern in the air. He tried digging out the crystals on the statues, but he was flung away by an invisible force whenever he approached a crystal.

After kicking Bertha out of the pattern, Long Yi’s origin magic power returned. He was finally able to resist the insane twisting power of the six magic powers but he was unable to leave. Long Yi had nearly exhausted his origin magic power and felt utterly powerless as the magic powers assaulted him. As he stayed in the pattern, Long Yi eventually felt as though his magic power was being sucked out of him as the vortexes in his sea of consciousness stopped moving.

Long Yi’s spirit power was already exhausted and within moments, he would become like Bertha. He would be endlessly assaulted by the six different magic powers and he would bleed from seven orifices before dying.

Long Yi couldn’t help but to make a wry smile in his heart. It seemed as though the end of his journey was here. Just when Barbarian Bull and the others were trembling in fear for Long Yi, the crystals inlaid on the six statues started to darken. The light coming from the crystals started to fade and the pattern in mid air dissipated. As the pattern changed into specks of light, Long Yi who was trapped in it started falling to the ground. Before he could hit the ground, he was caught by a pair of strong arms.

“Boss, are you all right?” Barbarian Bull hold onto Long Yi tightly as if Long Yi was a child. Barbarian Bull’s eyes showed deep concern and remorse. He thought that if he hadn’t arbitrarily pressed the crystal on the chest of the Earth God statue, Long Yi and Bertha wouldn’t fall into such a miserable state.

“If you are the one holding me, I’ll become sick even if I have no health problems. How many times have I told you to take a bath every day? Your mother! How long has it been since you last took a bath? Do you want to kill somebody with your smell?” At this moment, Long Yi who didn’t even have the strength to stand up became really talkative. The main reason for that was because he was truly unable to withstand Barbarian Bull’s stink.

Barbarian Bull laughed in embarrassment before handing Long Yi over to Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang. They were glaring at him as though they were going to tear him to pieces if he kept holding on to Long Yi. After placing Long Yi beside the two girls, Barbarian Bull said in his silly voice, “It’s too troublesome to take a bath every day. I’ve just taken a bath half a month ago. Do you know, Yinwa (Barbarian Bull’s wife) likes my smell? She said that I have a very masculine smell.”

Long Yi rolled his eyes. If he could stand, he would have definitely kicked the ** out of Barbarian Bull. It seemed to Long Yi that the behavior of the beast-men was really weird compared to the behavior of mankind. Fortunately, the Fox Clan was the exception among the beast-men clans. Bertha’s body fragrance was soft and fragrant, which could intoxicate people.

“This is a big loss. Help me to sit up, I want to heal my wounds.” Long Yi said in a weak voice. If he missed the best time to heal his wound due to Barbarian Bull’s bullsh*t, he might leave behind some long term problems. That wouldn’t be funny anymore.

Wushuang helped Long Yi up As for Nalan Ruyue, she went to treat Bertha. When she was sucked into that pattern, Bertha had suffered heavy injuries. Her face was covered in blood and it appeared very terrifying,

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