Chapter 402: Strange land


Wushuang received the crystal ball and started to examine it. After turning it in her hands, she exclaimed, “Encrypted Magic Crystal Ball! How did you get your hands on this item?”

After a moment of hesitation, Long Yi decided to tell her the truth, “This object appeared after the corpses of your mother and father disappeared.”

The moment Long Yi mentioned her parents, Wushuang’s face darkened. However, her eyes were still glued onto the crystal ball, and she appeared to be in a trance.

“Shuang’er, you don’t need to be sad. If you think about it, there is something strange about everything that happened. Just think about it, your father and mother’s hands had pierced through your chest, but there isn’t any injury on your body.” Long Yi started to console Wushuang who seemed to be sad. The lack of injury was one thing Long Yi was unable to figure out.

Nodding her head, Wushuang started to look around. As she waved her hand, she laid out a blue colored water barrier. After making sure there was no one around to spy on her, Wushuang pricked her finger and dripped a drop of her blood onto the crystal ball.

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The blood slowly seeped inside the crystal ball. As the drop of blood slowly disappeared, the crystal ball started to emit a dim red halo. Shortly afterward, the misty gas inside the crystal ball started to churn. The gas formed an image which was surprisingly clear, and it showed a tall handsome middle aged man. He had a pale face and had a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth. It was clear that he had suffered a heavy injury from the look on his face.

“Father, it’s father!” When she saw the image of her father after several thousand years, Wushuang started choking on her tears.

“Ning’er, father doesn’t have much time left. I won’t be able to go into too much details. Enemies of our Holy City have arrived at our doorsteps. They are here to kill every last one of us, and there is no escape from this misfortune. If you are able to see this image in the crystal ball, hurry up and enter the Holy Temple……” After Wushuang’s father spoke to this point, the crystal ball started flashing. After a few flashes, it suddenly returned to its original state. Both Wushuang and Long Yi could easily imagine that Wushuang’s father had been interrupted while recording his final words in this crystal ball.

“Father……” Wushuang sadly called out and her already calm feelings violently fluctuated again.

“Shuang’er, don’t be sad. Now, the most important thing is to find out who the enemy of the Holy City is. Furthermore, didn’t your father ask you to enter the Holy Temple? Everything happened so long ago, there is no use for you to be sad any longer. Now, you need to pull yourself together and find out who exactly caused the destruction of Lost City.” With one hand on Wushuang’s shoulder, Long Yi consoled and encouraged her at the same time.

Wushuang sobered up and her ice-cold beautiful face unexpectedly twisted a little. Gnashing her teeth, Wushuang said, “I must find out who were the ones who harmed my parents. They dared to destroy our Holy City, I must take revenge for the residents of the city.”

“Of course, hatred must be repaid, revenge must be taken. I will definitely help you.” Long Yi reassured Wushuang. The hatred between the attackers and Holy City was a huge blood debt and it was absolutely irreconcilable.

With a grateful expression, Wushuang stared at Long Yi. She felt that it was truly fortunate for her to have him by her side. Without Long Yi beside her, she wouldn’t have known how to accept the fact that her entire city was destroyed.

“Holy Temple. Since my father had instructed me to go to the Holy Temple, I shall go there immediately.” Wushuang said as she looked around. In an instant, she started clearing up the eastern courtyard that had already changed into a pile of rubble. Using her magic spells, she cleared up the entire courtyard. She had to clean up the entire courtyard as the entrance to the Holy Temple was in her father’s bedroom and she wasn’t able to find his bedroom in this mess.

After asking Wushuang some questions, Long Yi and the others started to help out as well. As they said, strength in numbers. The eastern courtyard was cleaned up very quickly under Wushuang’s leadership.

Relying on her memory, Wushuang started to search for the entrance of the Holy Temple. Releasing a thin stream of continuous light blue water magic power, a mysterious pattern started to form on the ground.

Along with a loud rumbling sound, the ground started to split open. A square shaped entrance appeared in the ground and it seemed to be endless.

“It’s here, let’s go down.” Wushuang turned her head to look at Long Yi and the rest before taking the lead. With a single step, Wushuang Jumped into the entrance of the Holy Temple.

With Wushuang in the lead, Long Yi and the rest followed. Jumping down one after another, they saw a long passage when they finally landed. The passage was illuminated by magic lamps which lit up the moment they stepped onto the ground. Long Yi was surprised that these devices were working. It had been thousands of years since anyone actually stepped foot onto this pathway, yet the lamps were still working. Long Yi thought that this was really amazing. At the same time, Long Yi wondered about the technology the Holy City used. They seemed to be years ahead of the Blue Waves Continent. If he thought about it carefully, the technology Holy City used was actually thousands of years ahead compared to the current Blue Waves Continent.

The passage seemed endless and there were many twists and turns along the road. Eventually, the group reached the end of the path which was situated deep in the ground. Although Long Yi didn’t sense any air vents along the road, the entire pathway didn’t feel stuff at all. Long Yi was fascinated and wondered how this place was designed. At the end of the path, they saw a conspicuous white light blocking their path.

Wushuang chanted the incantation the air around them trembled. Then, the white light began to move sideways and the continuation of the pathway appeared. It was pitch black and the pathway seemed to lead into the ninth layer of the underworld.

“This is the space gate leading to the Holy Temple. Our Holy Temple is built in another space.” Wushuang said.

Space gate? Does it lead to a different space like the dark space? What exactly was Holy City like? Why were the things they saw here so unbelievable? Long Yi and the others had many questions in their hearts. At this moment, a feeling of admiration was born in their heart as they sincerely admired the Holy City which was destroyed several thousand years ago. Compared to the Holy City which existed thousands of years ago, the current civilization on the Blue Waves Continent seemed worthless. Could it be that humanity on the Blue Waves Continent thousands of years ago lived in a primitive society?

Long Yi stepped into this space gate deep in thoughts. In an instant, he appeared inside a majestic hall. Behind him stood a singular space gate and Long Yi was stunned again as their journey through space took less than a second.

“Wow, this place is amazing!” Nalan Ruyue exclaimed. This Holy Temple was truly amazing. It was built entirely with first-rate white jade. In the middle of this hall, there were seven statues.

The seven statues were statues of the seven legendary gods of the Divine Realm. Individually the statues were of the Light God, Dark God, Water God, Fire God, Wind God, Lightning God and Earth God. Other than these seven statues, there was nothing inside the Holy Temple.

Long Yi carefully sized up these seven statues. The statue of the Light God was similar to the statue inside the Light Church on Blue Waves Continent. It was a birdman with eight pairs of wings, but his facial features were not carved clearly. The statue of the Dark God was also the same as the Dark God he had seen inside the dark space. A black robe covered his entire body from head to toe, and he had the appearance of a ghost who had just emerged from hell. The statues of the Water God, Fire God and Lightning God were similar to what Long Yi had seen. As for the last two statues, the statue of the Wind God and the Earth God, Long Yi had never seen them before. The Wind God wore a cyan colored light armor which was gorgeous. Just looking at those protruding chest and pert buttocks, he was sure that the Wind God was a woman. However, the facial features of the Wind God statue were vague and he couldn’t make out her appearance. As for the Earth God, he wore an earth colored armor. Crossing his arms in front of his chest, he appeared as if he considered himself the strongest being in the world.

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“Long Yi, I don’t understand. Why did my father tell me to come here to the Holy Temple?” After looking all around the Holy Temple, Wushuang said in confusion.

“There should be some kind of secret in the Holy Temple. If there isn’t, your father wouldn’t have asked you to come here. He probably didn’t have enough time to tell you what the secret was…” Long Yi guessed as he scanned this wide hall.

“I used to think there was a secret hidden here as well. However, I used to come here with my parents all the time. I didn’t see any secret when I’m here.” Wushuang shook her head and said.

“Perhaps it isn’t a secret…… Think about it carefully, why would your father ask you to come to the Holy Temple?” Long Yi asked.

“Not a secret… ah… I remember now. Over there, in that corner, there is a room. My father used to regularly go there to cultivate in seclusion. It is possible that my father left something there for me!” Wushuang thought for a while and said with a pleasant surprise.

Walking over to a corner of this Holy Temple, she knocked on the wall. A fan shaped magic door opened as it slid to both sides. The magic lamps inside the room simultaneously lit up and illuminated the room.

Hurrying over, Long Yi and the rest of the group entered the room together with Wushuang. This room greatly resembled a study. However, it was merely ten square meters and there wasn’t much inside. There were bookshelves on both sides of the room which were neatly arranged. On the side of the room with no bookshelves, there was a small bed and a large stone table. Even though no one had been here for several thousand years, there wasn’t a single speck of dust anywhere in this room. Long Yi was speechless.

Long Yi casually took out a book and looked at its exquisite front cover that was comparable to the most superior books in Blue Waves Continent. The title of the book was written in a very strange language. Flipping through the pages, Long Yi quickly realized that he couldn’t read a single page as it was written in a language he didn’t understand. The script was completely different from the current scripts on the Blue Waves Continent.

“This is strange…… Shuang’er, come and take a look at these books. Are you able to read them?” Long Yi browsed through dozens of books and found that all of them were written in the same language.

Taking a book from Long Yi, Wushuang looked over it and passed it back to him. In the end, she shook her head and said, “My father must have known it…… But he never taught me how to read books written in this ancient language. I have no idea what the books say.”

Long Yi was disappointed. He knew that these were definitely precious books. One should know that this magic civilization in the Holy City was much more advanced than the civilization in the Blue Waves Continent. If it was possible for him to read these books, wouldn’t it be possible for him to bring about earth-shaking changes to the entire Blue Waves Continent?

Even though he had no way to read these books, Long Yi didn’t throw them away. He placed them all into his space ring.

“Long Yi, look! What is this?” Bertha waved a strange silvery piece of paper in the air as she shouted in excitement.

Walking over, Long Yi took the piece of silvery paper from Bertha. However, no matter how much he looked at it, he wasn’t able to see any messages written on it. The only thing that was on the paper was a number of curvy lines and several round dots. It looked like a map was hastily drawn on the paper. On the lower part of the silver paper, three words were written in a sloppy Blue Waves Continent’s script: Sea of Souls.

“My husband this map is so strange! There are no other markings on the map. Not to mention the fact that there are no landmarks on the map, how are we supposed to find this ‘Sea of Souls’?” Nalan Ruyue said.

“Doesn’t these few things look like a sea?” Barbarian Bull suddenly said while pointing at those curvy lines in the middle of the paper.

When he heard Barbarian Bull’s words, Long Yi felt as though those curvy lines really resembled a sea. When he looked at those round dots again, Long Yi wondered if they could be simple navigation marks.

After looked at the map repeatedly, Long Yi started to become confused. If those curvy lines represented the sea, who in the world would know where the place marked in the paper was located? The sea was so vast, it was impossible to know exactly this ‘Sea of Souls’ was located in the huge sea. Although he was about to give up, Long Yi’s intuition told him not to. Perhaps, these dots and curvy lines were important clues.

After looking at the piece of silver paper for a long time, Long Yi decided to look around the room. He managed to find some interesting objects in the room. Picking up an interesting object, Wushuang explained to him that it was a magic tracking device. When he held it in his hands, Long Yi felt like these were like the tracking devices in his previous world. For an average person to track other people, they would search for the spirit power, magic power, or douqi the other party emitted. As for these magic tracking devices, they would emit a kind of special magic fluctuation when placed on the body of an individual. There would be another device which received these magic fluctuations and it would point the user in the correct direction. These tracking devices were really useful objects. Looking at these items, Long Yi let out an involuntary sigh. The high-end magic civilization was after all a high-end magic civilization. Not only did the Holy City possess a video camera like crystal ball, it also had this kind of items used for spying on others. If everyone in his Skynet Intelligence Organization was equipped with these items, it would certainly be like putting a stranded fish back in the water. It could also be described as giving wings to a tiger. The capability of the organization would be greatly boosted.

“Shuang’er, let’s slowly study these things. As for now, let’s go and see if there is anything else in the Holy Temple.” Long Yi said to Wushuang who was looking at the piece of silver paper with a frown on her face.

Long Yi and others walked out of the study and went around the entire temple to check to see if they missed anything.

“Something isn’t right…” As Long Yi looked at those seven statues of the main gods, he muttered with a frown.

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