Chapter 395: Hundred Transformation Clones and identifying women by their fragrance


Bertha came back to her senses and sighed as she dispelled her Vanishing Magic, revealing her tiny figure outside Long Yi’s tent. A few years ago, the Fox Clan’s Vanishing Magic that Bertha was immensely proud of had been completely useless against Long Yi. Even after she trained hard and made huge progress in her Vanishing Magic, it was still useless against Long Yi. A deep sense of powerlessness appeared in her heart, could it be that it was impossible to hide from this man?

Before long, a breeze blew against Bertha’s face. The curtains of Long Yi’s tent flapped in the wind and in an instant, a handsome man with an evil smile on his face appeared in front of her. He seemed to appear out of thin air, and Bertha wasn’t even able to catch a glimpse of his shadow. Obviously, who else could the handsome man be other than Long Yi?

Long Yi looked at Bertha with a smile, before sizing her up from head to toe. She was as beautiful as before, and her pretty and innocent face didn’t remind him of the world famous Fox Clan which were well known for their bewitching appearances. Compared to before, when Bertha still had an unripe figure, she was currently well developed with curves in all the right places. Her figure under her snow-white fur robe was still exquisite and sexy. Moreover, she had a bushy white tail which was slowly swaying with her every motion. Long Yi’s mouth and tongue went dry whenever he looked at that cute little tail.

Bertha felt uneasy when she saw Long Yi’s unbridled gaze and she couldn’t help but to angrily say, “What are you looking at? You still haven’t changed even a bit after so long.”

Long Yi smirked and asked, “Who said I haven’t changed? Can’t you see that I have grown more handsome after so many years?”

“You have indeed changed.” Bertha muttered to herself.

“As the saying goes, rivers and mountains change, but it is hard to change one’s nature. It is my nature to love beautiful things, and appearances have nothing to do with it.” Long Yi retracted his smile and said with a serious face.

Bertha couldn’t help but smile. This fellow was still glib-tongued as usual. Even though he was praising her in a disguised form, she felt delighted in her heart.

Looking at Bertha, Long Yi felt like her smile was able to flip the world around. In his heart, Long Yi thought that although this little fox looked incomparable pretty and innocent, her destructive power might not lose to other beauties in the least. Sometimes, Bertha’s innocence and prettiness possessed more seductive power than those women who were flirtatious to the bones.

“By the way, did your aunt tell you to come look for me about that matter?” Long Yi took out that blue necklace as he asked.

Bertha’s pretty face reddened as she nodded her head. Looking at the ground in a shy manner, Bertha said in a soft voice, “My aunt said that as long as you help us achieve our objectives, we agree to all of your conditions.”

“Agree to all conditions? I remember that you were part of my conditions too.” Long Yi casted his glance at Bertha who was bashfully standing in front of him. He felt as though a cat was scratching at his heart. This little fox was extraordinarily tempting and Long Yi’s breathing quickened whenever he looked at her.

Having heard Long Yi’s words, Bertha became hesitant. Her eyes flashed with a little bit of dejection, as she felt as though she was being sacrificed for the sake of the clan. As the sole Fox Clan member with the silver fox’s bloodline, perhaps this was her fate.

How could Long Yi not see the complicated and difficult expression flashing in Bertha’s eyes? After thinking about it for a moment, Long Yi understood what was going through Bertha’s mind. As a matter of fact, Long Yi added Bertha into his list of demands as he wanted to make things difficult for Mea Empress. He didn’t actually want to use Bertha as a condition for his help as he never wanted to obtain her by force. If Long Yi was honest, his impression of the Fox Clan changed because of Bertha. During the Barbarian Bull Clan’s martial arts convention, Long Yi developed a deep impression of this unyielding little fox who refused to concede. Later, when Bertha took off her fox-fur robe and placed it over him when he was pretending to fall asleep on the mountain, the deep impression changed into a good impression. Her little actions made Long Yi develop a good impression of her in his heart.

“Little fox, you can completely disregard the conditions I have set before. I was only joking then, you don’t have to become my woman for me to help the Fox Clan.” Long Yi broke into a smile as he said.

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Bertha was startled and her beautiful face instantly became pale. Suddenly, Bertha raised her head and grabbed Long Yi’s hands with her own. In an anxious voice, she pleaded, “No, I am willing to become your woman. Please help the Fox Clan……”

Long Yi calmly patted Bertha’s little hand and said with a smile, “You misunderstood what I meant. I will help your Fox Clan, but you don’t need to be my woman in order for me to help your clan. In other words, you are free. You don’t need to sacrifice your happiness for your clan.”

Bertha looked at Long Yi blankly for a moment. She was startled and all kinds of emotions welled up in her. In an instant, Bertha was at a loss. She didn’t know what to do when Long Yi said that he didn’t want her. Instead of feeling happiness, Bertha felt a sense of loss.t

“What’s up? Aren’t you happy?” Long Yi patted the little head of Bertha as he asked her.

Coming back to her senses, Bertha stared at Long Yi for a long time before nodding her head with a happy smile on her face.

“Long Yi, aren’t you going to the Huangmang Plain? Take me with you!” Bertha exclaimed excitedly at Long Yi. Bertha used to dream about adventuring the Blue Waves Continent, exploring every corner of the land. However, her aunt always had high expectations for her, not allowing her to move around on her own. As a result, she had never visited anywhere else other than the Hengduan Mountains and Mea Principality.

“Huangmang Plain is a very dangerous place, there are many magical beasts there. Aren’t you afraid they will eat you?” Long Yi tried to intimidate her and had a scary expression on his face.

“Do you think I have anything to be afraid of? You are so powerful, of course, you will protect me. Besides, I can defend myself even if you don’t protect me.” Bertha said with some pride in her voice. Currently, she behaved as though she was Long Yi’s little sister.

“Oh? So you can protect yourself now? Does that mean that you have achieved great success in ‘Thousand Extreme Illusions’?” Long Yi asked with a smirk on his face.

Bertha blushed and said softly, “Thousand Extreme Illusions is so difficult to cultivate, how can I achieve great success in such a short period of time? Although I haven’t achieved great success in Thousand Extreme Illusion, I have already successfully cultivated Hundred Transformation Clones.”

“So awesome! Care to show me your skills so I can widen my knowledge?” Long Yi rubbed his chin and encouraged Bertha with a smile on his face.

Bertha let out a charming shout and disappeared into the thin air without any demur. In an instant, the air in front of Long Yi started to spin, causing Long Yi to face a dizzy spell.

Suddenly, Bertha who had disappeared just a moment ago, reappeared. However, when she reappeared, there wasn’t just one Bertha, there were dozens of Bertha. These dozens of Bertha interlocked with each other, multiplying their numbers again. In an instant, there were more than a hundred Bertha figures in the air and they seemed to fuse with the spinning air around them. These figures seemed to induce a sleepy feeling whenever someone looked at them directly.

Long Yi looked to his left and right. He even tried looking upwards, but all he saw was Bertha’s spinning figure. The most important thing was every figure had the same amount of spirit power as Bertha. Even if one knew that this was an illusion, it was extremely difficult to break out of it as they won’t be able to distinguish the real Bertha. This illusion could also confuse people, and they would be driven to the point of insanity if Bertha didn’t break the illusion after a long time.

If an average person was trapped in Bertha’s illusion, they would have already collapsed. They might even be driven crazy. However, was Long Yi an average person? Obviously not. Long Yi had unimaginably powerful spirit power as well as firm and tenacious determination. This small trick by Bertha was nothing in his eyes.

Having felt enough, Long Yi flicked his finger towards the real Bertha who was hiding somewhere in the illusion. Along with a hissing sound, the illusions in front of Long Yi instantly collapsed. Bertha fell to the ground with a red face and she clutched her chest with both her hands.

Long Yi was startled. As a matter of fact, he had flicked Bertha’s arm. How could he have mistakenly flicked her chest? Could it be that his true qi cultivation was tainted with his lecherous habits?

“Long Yi, you… you rogue.” Bertha gnashed her teeth and cursed.

“My bad, this is purely an accident. It is your fault that your chest was such a clear target.” Long Yi grinned and laughed at Bertha.

After hearing Long Yi’s words, Bertha burst into rage at this hoodlum.

“Well, I really didn’t do it intentionally, don’t be angry.” When Long Yi looked at Bertha who was about to explode with anger, he couldn’t help but admit defeat. Eventually, Long Yi conceded and apologized to Bertha, calming her down a little.

Bertha rolled her eyes and took a deep breath to calm her emotions. Even though Long Yi was standing some distance away from her, she didn’t dare to put her hands down. She kept her hands on her chest, as she felt Long Yi’s gaze glued onto them.

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“What are you doing? If other people see you like this, they would think that I was the one who molested you!” Long Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry as he rebuked Bertha.

Even though Bertha was embarrassed, she managed to snort out a reply, “Do you think I am willing to put my hands down? You keep looking at me in a weird way, I have to defend myself.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Long Yi said with a smile, “Since when did I stare at your chest? Even if I did steal some glances at them, don’t exaggerate your reaction. Haven’t you noticed people staring at your chest when walking down the street? I don’t see you getting embarrassed when other people stare at you, why are you getting embarrassed now?”

Eventually, Bertha stopped clutching her chest reluctantly. However, she still had a sense of unease and she quickly shifted the topic. With a slight blush on her face, Bertha asked Long Yi, “Just a moment ago, how did you recognize the real me?”

“If I say that I managed to locate you due to your smell, would you believe me?” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said.

“Why would I believe you when you are sprouting nonsense?” Bertha grumbled. She apparently thought that Long Yi was still teasing her.

“Since you don’t believe me, then forget it. Nowadays, people believe lies instead of truths. When I tell the truth, people see it as nonsense anyway……” Long Yi put on airs and sighed while shaking his head.

In any case, Bertha was really curious about how Long Yi located her. The spirit fluctuation of her real body was exactly the same as the spirit fluctuation of those illusions. It was almost impossible to tell the difference between the real Bertha and the Illusion. If it was easy to tell the location of the caster, Thousand Extreme Illusions wouldn’t deserve to be called one of the two great magic spells of the Fox Clan. Only after staring at Long Yi’s face for a long time, Bertha finally couldn’t control herself. She hesitantly asked, “Did you really notice me by smell? How did you sniff me out?”

“Obviously I used my nose to sniff you out. What else am I supposed to use, my foot?” Long Yi smiled and teased Bertha.

“You… You are infuriating me.” Bertha had always known Long Yi’s for his revolting behavior. Even though she was prepared to be teased by Long Yi, she was still unable to control her anger. In order to vent her frustration, she picked up a handful of snow from the ground and flung it at Long Yi.

With his lips curling upwards, Long Yi dodged the snowball thrown by Bertha. After dodging the snowball, Long Yi continued, “Well, don’t be noisy, listen to what I have to say.”

After seeing the serious look on Long Yi’s face, Bertha stood still and paid attention to whatever he said.

“As a matter of fact, it’s not worth mentioning. In fact, it is really simple to tell your location by smell. You should know that everybody has their own unique smell, especially women. Generally, a small number of highest grade women would emit a kind of body fragrance. It can either be strong or weak, but that is not the point. This kind of fragrance is completely different from the fragrance of perfumes. However, most people would be unable to smell the difference between the two. However, my nose is more sensitive than other people’s. Although the wind blew your fragrance everywhere, I managed to locate you by locating the source of the fragrance. The source of the fragrance would obviously have a stronger smell than the illusions, and it wasn’t difficult for me to pinpoint your location. The so-called ‘identifying women by their fragrance’ refer to this ability. Now, do you understand?” Long Yi looked at Bertha with a smile and explained. However, when Long Yi was talking, he had an expression that resembled a boorish uncle trying to prey on unsuspecting girls.

“Identifying women by smelling their fragrance? Then, is my body fragrance strong or weak? Is it pleasant to smell?” Bertha unexpectedly asked Long Yi questions about her own fragrance instead of the battle. Looking into her shining eyes, Long Yi could see that Bertha was more interested in her own smell than the battle earlier. Since Long Yi had stated that only a small number of highest grade women have their own fragrance, Bertha wanted to know if she was considered the highest grade woman in Long Yi’s eyes.

“It’s neither strong nor weak, but you have a wildflower’s fragrance that is just right.” [1] Long Yi said in all seriousness. However, a trace of a teasing smile formed at the corner of his mouth.

[1] Wildflower can also mean a woman of easy virtue

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