Chapter 119: Everything has its own circumstances.

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As we realized that the fox was a monster, I started to calmly analyze the situation while still being surprised. Despite the fact that I’ve already seen monsters spawning on Earth, because Metron had sent them to harass me, but I never expected to see a monster here on the mountain. It truly baffled me.


« General Information »
Name: Nayame
Race: Human Fox Tribe
Level: 02

« Points »
Health Points: 120/300
Magic Points: 350/350

« Skills »


After successfully appraising the fox, it turned out that it was really a monster since it had a transformation skill. More of a fact that it also had a name, Nayame, which could only mean that someone gave it that name, as if someone else is also aware of the existence of this monster on Earth. Though I wonder who might have named this monster like that. As I continued to analyze the situation, I found something strange, and asked Meru about it.

“How did you knew that it’s a monster?”

I took out my phone and looked at Meru while pondering the situation.

“I brought various information with me the last time we visited my former master’s room to teach him a lesson as you ordered, Desu.”

I just remembered that I sent her to Metron’s room when I was about to start my first fight against Scala. I totally forgot about it from the intense battle. Karen who was listening to our conversation grabbed my shoulder and showed an expression as if she were asking for an explanation.

“Hey, what were you talking about now? Is there something here I can’t see?”

She shook me back and forth from my shoulder while insisting for an answer. Despite her persistence, I still found it somewhat difficult to explain the situation for her.

“Ah, yeah! Well, there is fox monster here and—”
“I want to see it.”

The moment she heard the word ‘fox’ from me, Karen said that she wanted to see it with her calm and usual voice tone. She may look passive from her expression, but she was definitely interested in the fox monster. I could notice how her eyes are slightly more open than usual, which often implies her curiosity.

However, even if she asked me to show it to her, I don’t think I have the ability do that. I wonder how am I supposed to tell this little sister of mine whose brimming with curiosity that she can’t see the fox right now. As I kept thinking of a way to tell her that, Meru said something completely unexpected, and save me from the trouble.

“That should be possible, Desu.”

Immediately after hearing those words, Karen stopped shaking me back and forth and turned to look at Meru inside my phone, and asked her for confirmation in surprise.

“Yes. Master, please hold hand with Karen-sama.”
“Eh? Uh, okay.”

I followed Meru’s instruction and grabbed Karen’s hand. Having her hand held by me all of a sudden, Karen looked at her hand as if it were itchy, but I paid it no mind.

“Master, you need to provide some of your magic power to Karen-sama through your hands, Desu.”
“Is she going to be fine if I did that?”

I kind of feel like providing her with my magic is dangerous as her body might not be able to endure it or something like that.

“It won’t cause a problem if it’s just a small amount of magic, Desu. If you provide her with more magic than the required amount, then it may get dangerous, Desu.”

I need to be careful in that case. I closed my eyes and concentrated on Karen’s hand. I started pouring a small amount of my magic energy into her and naturally pumped more strength into my hand while still grabbing her hand tightly.


Karen let out a faint noise and stiffened her body from feeling my magic streaming inside of her. I believe this is enough for now, I need to stop pouring more magic.

“Can you see it now?”

I stopped pouring my magic into her then asked if she can see the fox. Though judging from the impressed reaction she revealed by looking at behind the small shrine, I think that she can see it now.

“It’s really there. And it has two tails.”

It looks like she can clearly see it now. Meru advised me to not let go of her hand even if she can see it well, so I kept holding onto her hand just in case. Now that this problem is solved, I turned to look at the fox once again. The two tails aren’t due to my illusion, after all. I then asked Meru about the reason for this monster to be on Earth.

“Hey, Meru. Why is there a monster here, on Earth? Isn’t the God of this world supposed to be dead? Didn’t he die a long ago?”

Metron is supposed to be responsible for the Earth right now, but I don’t think that he is smart enough to manage the monsters here on Earth. He’d rather get absorbed in his own games instead.

“Uuum, let’s see… “

Meru took out a bundle of paper out of nowhere and checked them before continuing.

“Long ago, the God of this world used to spawn monsters in a different way than any other God would spawn them.”
“A different way?”

Meru nodded to my question.

“He created the monsters in a way that they’d be able to grow like humans. Unlike the monsters in the world of my former master, the monsters here have a high intelligence and ego. The God of this planet created them in the hopes that they would coexist with humans in near future, Desu.”

So long story short, the monsters here have intelligence and ego so that they could co-exist with humans. As I was pondering over Meru’s explanation, I noticed that this fox looks like a creature I’ve already heard of.

“Could it be that these monsters are called as ‘Youkai’ by the humans living on the Earth?”
“That’s is correct, Desu. They are also called as ‘Demons’ in other places.”

After having Meru affirm my doubt, I revealed an astonished expression while Karen sparkled her eyes and stared at the fox. So Youkai do exist after all! I was speechless there for a moment after realizing this shocking truth while at the meantime, Karen asked Meru about something interesting.

“But why aren’t there any youkai around anymore? This is my first time seeing a Youkai.”

Meru replied by telling Karen to wait as she turned the pages of the papers she was holding in her hands. A short moment later, she found what she was looking for and continued.

“At first, Youkais were created in a way that they stay invisible to human beings, however, one day, a human incidentally witnessed a youkai and got frightened by its appearance which led him to immediately resort to a violent solution; that is, to exterminate the Youkai, Desu.”

Karen and I frowned upon hearing Meru’s explanation on the matter. I can easily predict the rest of this story. That is the foolish nature of humans; they assault anything that frightens them.

“After that, Youkai feared that humans would exterminate them and decided to never show up in front of them again. There was also a small group of Youkai that chose to counterattack, but humans started using sorcery and exorcism in order to deal with them.”

I have heard similar stories as well. As Meru continued to divulge into the history of Youkai and humans, I remained silent and continued to listen to her while guessing the outcome.

“Humans continued to defeat all the Youkai who decided to counterattack. The God of Earth then stripped the humans of their abilities in a haste which resulted in a relatively peaceful environment for Youkai. It was at that time when the God of Earth passed away. Thereafter, Youkai stayed invisible for the humans except for those who harbored enough magical energy to see them. Until now, they are still living while hiding from the eyes of humans, Desu.”

As she finished reading the document that was in her hand, Meru asked for my thoughts, but I couldn’t answer her at that time as I was still astounded by the excessive information. It was quite the dark history. Karen was probably thinking the same thing since she looked somewhat sad.

“That was a sorrowful story.”


Even Meru agreed with me. If humans didn’t mess up from the start, we could have been living in a completely different society today. As I kept on thinking about the possible future outcomes that we could be living today, Karen shook my shoulder again and pointed at the fox.

“Aren’t you going to help it?”

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Ah! I completely forgot that the fox was wounded while listening to Meru’s explanation. I moved my hand to the place where the fox was wounded and created a faint light that covered his wound for a few seconds. When I removed my hand from the wound, it had already disappeared without leaving a trace. It should be alright now. The fox slowly opened its eyes and looked confused.

“Hm? Where am I?”

The next moment the voice of a child left its mouth. Both I and Karen widened our eyes from the surprise.

Did this fox just speak?

I did somehow anticipate that it is capable of speaking, but witnessing it speaking like this is still amazing and astonishing. I shook my head to control my emotions and tried talking to the fox.

“Are you okay? You seemed to be wounded earlier.”
“Eh? A-A human?!”

The fox was surprised to see me and glared at me for a moment, but once he realized that I was human, it promptly stood up and made a distance from me. Well, I guess that’s the natural reaction it would do if a human suddenly talks to him. He kept staring at me while shivering, so I tried calming him down.

“We’re not planning to harm you. Rather, I’ve just healed your wound.”
“Healed my wound?”
“You were hurt in your leg, were you not? I healed your wound for you. If I wanted to harm you, I’d have done so long ago.”

After listening and understanding my explanation, the fox looked at his leg and let out a delighted voice after confirming that it had been healed. It then started running around us for short while before it came near me.

“Thank you for helping me!”
“Glad you’re okay.”

With a smile, I patted the fox’s head. It then started purring like a cat while enjoying that pat. Karen who saw me doing so told me that she wanted to pat it as well. We then took our turns in patting the fox.

“It’s good that it’s okay, Desu.”

I left Karen to pat the fox as she muttered about how cute it was frequently, and replied to Meru. When Karen got tired from patting it, she moved back her hand. The fox turned to look at me once again and talked me.

“Uwa! Human!! You have a great spiritual power!!”
“Spiritual power?”
“That’s another term for saying magic, Desu.”

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I tilted my head while confused, but luckily Meru explained me of what the fox meant. So, Youkai can measure people’s magic, sounds interesting. The fox who noticed my overwhelming amount of magic began to happily run around me again.

“Yeey!! This is the chance for Ouka-sama to be saved!!”

Again, I didn’t quite get what it was talking about. The fox stopped running and came to ask me for a favor.

“Please!! Come with me to meet Ouka-sama!!”

Who’s this Ouka? Before I was able to ask the fox, it had already run over to the small shrine and was asking us to follow it.

“Follow me!!”

When we started following, the fox dashed into the small shrine and disappeared. I was taken aback when it vanished all of a sudden, but then assumed that it used some sort of teleportation magic.

“What are we going to do now?”

Karen, while still holding my hand, asked for my answer. I contemplated for a moment and answered her right away.

“We’re following him.”

It doesn’t seem like he has set up a trap for us. Even if it were the case, I can use my 【Time – Space Magic】to manage it somehow. Karen approved my decision and prepared herself. I extended my hand to the shrine and right when my finger touched it, the scenery in front of my eyes got engulfed by a white light.


The light was too bright that I reflexively covered my eyes with my hands. The next thing we knew, Karen and I disappeared from that place.


“Hey, chief~”
“What is it? Rouga.”
“I heard a new character showed up today.”
“Ah, you mean the fox?”
“Was it cute?”
“Yeah, it was cute.”
“I see-…”
“Hey, hey, where are you going?”
“I’m going to hunt it. Gotta get rid of any threat.”
“Stop it.”

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