Chapter 394: Bertha appears


The sleeping Nalan Ruyue was startled awake by the loud boom. When she turned her body and saw that her sweetheart wasn’t by her side, she quickly put on her clothes and rushed out of the tent. Wushuang snapped out of her deep meditation with a start. She wasn’t able to continue her meditation with the ground rumbling and decided to leave her tent to take a look at what was going on. When the two women came out of their tents, they saw Barbarian Bull standing still while holding Greenstone Rule. He was stuck in a downward smashing posture, and there was a huge split in the ground in front of him. As for Long Yi, he was standing near Barbarian Bull. Long Yi was deep in contemplation as he stared blankly at Barbarian Bull.

“Long Yi, what happened to Barbarian Bull?” Wushuang walked over and asked. However, there wasn’t anyone here who knew what exactly happened to Barbarian Bull.

Long Yi shook his head and answered, “I have no idea, he suddenly appeared as if he was possessed by a demon. My guess is that Greenstone Rule is the source of the problem. Do not touch him for the time being, let us watch for a little longer before doing anything.”

“My husband, was this crack created by Barbarian Bull?” Nalan Ruyue asked while pointing at the crack in the ground.

“Yes, that’s pretty terrifying. Even I felt pressured from the aura he emitted just a moment ago. However, I could feel that the aura didn’t belong to Barbarian Bull, but someone else instead.” Long Yi nodded his head and said. With a sudden change in his expression, Long Yi turned to face Wushuang and asked, “Shuang’er, didn’t you say that an incomplete soul of the Violent God is sealed within Barbarian Bull’s Greenstone Rule? Is it possible that that wisp of soul wants to seize Barbarian Bull’s body to rebirth?”

“I have heard of such a legend…… Wait, if that was the case, wouldn’t Barbarian Bull……” Wushuang instantly became worried. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that Long Yi could be right.

Just when the three of them were worried for Barbarian Bull, his body suddenly shuddered. In an instant, all color drained from his face and his complexion became deathly pale. He slowly spat out a mouthful of chaotic qi, and his eyes began to move again.

“Barbarian Bull, are you alright?” Long Yi took two steps forward towards Barbarian Bull. Seeing that there was a familiar look in Barbarian Bull’s eyes, Long Yi eventually calmed down.

Barbarian Bull stretched his body and his joints made a series of cracking sound. Looking in front of him, Barbarian Bull saw the long crack in the ground. Taking a deep breath, Barbarian Bull asked Long Yi, “Boss, I am fine, but, was I the one who did this?”

“Yes, you did this. Think carefully, what happened just a moment ago?” Long Yi asked.

“Just a moment ago? Just a moment ago, I felt a huge amount of power flowing into my body from Greenstone Rule. I felt as if I was about to explode, and then my consciousness become rather blurry.” Barbarian Bull scratched his bull horn and said. Clearly, Barbarian Bull didn’t understand what happened to him a moment ago.

“Do you feel anything different about your body now?” Long Yi asked.

Immediately, Barbarian Bull started to feel about his entire body. Before long, he replied, “The only difference I feel is that my breathing became extremely smooth. It feels like there are no obstructions when I breathe. Also, I feel as though something sprouted inside my brain. The thing feels extremely long, and it seems to have just appeared inside my brain.” Barbarian Bull said as he pointed towards the space between his eyes.

“How long is that thing?” Long Yi casually casted two light balls which floated beside Barbarian Bull. He carefully stared at the space between Barbarian Bull’s eyebrows. That place seemed to have a vague mark which couldn’t be seen clearly due to the fine hair on Barbarian Bull’s face.

Long Yi looked higher and after carefully looking for a long while, he said to the two girls, “You two, come over and look. Is there a mark between Barbarian Bull’s eyes?”

Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang immediately approached Barbarian Bull and stared at the space between his eyes. Finally, they came to a conclusion that there was a faint golden mark which couldn’t be seen if one didn’t look carefully at Barbarian Bull’s face.

“The appearance of this seal looks somewhat familiar…” Long Yi muttered under his breath as he rubbed the beard stubble under his chin.

Long Yi walked left and right, deep in thoughts. After thinking for a little while, Long Yi took out a magic mirror and threw it at Barbarian Bull and asked, “Barbarian Bull, look at this yourself, what is this mark?”

When Barbarian Bull caught the magic mirror, Long Yi’s gaze was fixed on Greenstone Rule which was in Barbarian Bull’s hand. Before Barbarian Bull could say anything, Long Yi shouted excitedly, “I know where I have seen it! Barbarian Bull, look at the handle of Greenstone Rule. Doesn’t the mark on your forehead look like the mark on Greenstone Rule?”

Barbarian Bull looked at his reflection in the magic mirror for a long time before looking at the mark on Greenstone Rule. Finally, after alternating between his reflection and Greenstone Rule, Barbarian Bull said, “Indeed, they are very alike. However, how is this possible?”

Long Yi shrugged his soldiers and replied, “Ask the Violent God sealed within your club, how would I know?”

Finally, Wushuang opened her mouth, “If my guess is correct, that mark is the mark of the Violent God.”

“Probably…… Since this mark appeared on Barbarian Bull’s forehead, does this mean that he is the next Violent God?” Long Yi smiled and guessed. After all, Long Yi obtained the Lightning God’s inheritance, it would not be unimaginable that there was a Violent God’s inheritance.

“That, I don’t know. Now, we can’t do anything about it but throw wild guesses. We can only wait and see what happens in the future.” Nalan Ruyue cut in.

“Yes, yes. Since the sun isn’t even up yet, it is a good time for us to catch some sleep. Okay, Barbarian Bull, return to your tent and rest. Remember to feel the changes in your body.” Long Yi smiled and said to Barbarian Bull. After he was done talking to Barbarian Bull, he stretched out his hands casually and grabbed both Nalan Ruyue and Wushuang with them. Long Yi quickly walked towards his tent, pulling both of his wives with him.

After entering the tent, Wushuang felt that something was wrong. Struggling in Long Yi’s grasp, she wanted to free herself and escape into her own tent. “You two can sleep together, I will sleep on my own. Let’s not disturb each other……” Wushuang said with a tremor in her voice.

“What do you mean by not disturbing each other? Whether we disturb each other or not, you have the answer in your heart.” Long Yi said with a bad smile plastered on his face.

“Isn’t everything all your fault, you pervert.” Wushuang glared at Long Yi and said gnashing her teeth.

“Well, don’t stir up trouble. I will just go to sleep while hugging the both of you. I assure you, I won’t do anything bad to you.” Long Yi said in all seriousness.

“Yes, big sister Wushuang, sleep together with us! Our husband happens to have two shoulders, one for each of us. You should know that Long Yi’s bosom is really warm……” Nalan Ruyue happily persuaded. She already knew that monopolizing Long Yi was just a pipe dream. Since she knew that it wasn’t possible to monopolize Long Yi, she realized that the next best thing was to have a good relationship with her other sisters.

Wushuang’s internal struggle eventually disappeared and her expression also relaxed. About Long Yi’s embrace, she naturally knew how comfortable it was. From the bottom of her heart, she also coveted that warmth. If Long Yi was able to keep his promise to only hug them and sleep, Wushuang would be very willing to sleep in Long Yi’s tent tonight. However, Wushuang knew that if Long Yi were to keep his promise, the sun would rise from the west tomorrow.

Finally, after a show of reluctance, Wushuang yielded. In the end, Wushuang ended up on Long Yi’s big bed. Currently, Long Yi was lying on the bed with Wushuang on his left and Nalan Ruyue on his right. They were both using Long Yi’s chest as a pillow and they could hear his firm heartbeat while lying on his chest. His firm heartbeat made the two of them feel at ease.

It was beyond Wushuang’s expectations but Long Yi didn’t take advantage of this occasion to pull off his tricks.  His big hand was only moving about her back to appease her. This gave Wushuang a feeling of being pampered and she enjoyed it very much.

Compared to Wushuang who had a sense of unease at first, Nalan Ruyue fell asleep easily. The moment she lied on Long Yi’s chest, she entered dreamland. As for Wushuang, she eventually started feeling sleepy when she head Nalan Ruyue’s deep breaths.

At this moment, Wushuang was starting to feel sleepy and Long Yi’s hands were still on her back. He really didn’t break his promise which made to Wushuang when they entered the tent. This gave Wushuang a subtle feeling of gratefulness. Suddenly, Wushuang tiny hands grabbed Long Yi’s hand as they pulled Long Yi’s hand downwards. Pulling on Long Yi’s arm, she eventually pressed his hand on her plump and soft breast.

“Wushuang, you…” Long Yi was stunned and he didn’t know how to respond for a moment.

“This is your reward. Just put your hand here and don’t move about randomly, you are not allowed to reach for a yard after getting an inch. I am going to sleep now.” Wushuang yawned and using Long Yi’s warm chest as her pillow, she closed her eyes, entering her dreamland.

Long Yi couldn’t help but knead the plump and soft ** in his hand. Eventually, after playing with it for some time, Long Yi had a wry smile on his face as he muttered, “I really have no idea if you are rewarding me or punishing me. Seems like making you come here to sleep tonight was a wrong decision.”

The currently asleep Wushuang snorted softly as if she was refuting Long Yi.

Long Yi calmly held Wushuang’s ** with one hand and reached out his other hand towards Nalan Ruyue’s bosom to catch her Jade Hare. Comparing them with each other, he discovered that both of them were similar in size, and both of them had a fine elasticity. Both of them gave him a tactile impression and Long Yi realized that both Wushuang and Nalan Ruyue were evenly matched.

As he was thinking about whose ** was better, Long Yi started to close his eyes. However, Long Yi had only closed his eyes for two minutes before he opened them again. Rolling his eyes, he cursed under his breath, “It seems like I will not be able to sleep tonight…” Although he said so, he didn’t intend to get up.

When they had set up camp, Long Yi placed three sensing nets around their camp as a precaution in case anything happened. The moment something or someone intruded their campsite, the sensing nets would immediately send the general outline of the intruder to Long Yi’s sea of consciousness.

Looking at the intruder’s outline, it was clear that the intruder was human. The intruder wasn’t very tall, but when Long Yi used his divine sense to scan the area, he was unable to detect anyone. Could it be that the intruder had a higher cultivation realm than him?

Finally, after some time, the intruder managed to break through the sensing nets. The moment the intruder broke through, Long Yi used his spirit power to locate the intruder.

The only thing Long Yi managed to see was a bright light when he tried to locate the intruder. However, a smile appeared on Long Yi’s face and he instantly guessed the identity of the intruder. The moment he made his guess, Long Yi immediately turned the space inside his space ring upside down and took out a treasured blue necklace that was emitting lustrous light. This was the necklace he had forgotten to return Mea Empress in the past. As such, she was able to locate Long Yi just by sensing the whereabouts of this necklace.

Long Yi dared to confirm that the intruder was definitely fox girl Bertha. He came to this conclusion after seeing the intruder’s body shape. Mea Empress was taller and even more well-developed compared to Bertha.

“Why in the world is this little fox coming here to find me? Could it be that the big fox can’t wait anymore?” Long Yi thought in his heart and recalled Mea Empress’s fiery hot figure. Her coquettish expression made her charming to the bones and Long Yi involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Bertha used her Fox Clan’s Vanishing Magic to conceal herself and walked to the entrance of Long Yi’s tent. When she thought of Long Yi, a complex feeling appeared in her heart. Bertha didn’t hate him, and it can be said that she had a little interest towards him. However, giving herself to him for the sake of the entire fox clan was an entirely different matter altogether. That wasn’t the love she yearned for as she was just using herself to exchange for the clan’s interest.

However, Bertha had to admit that at this moment, she earnestly wanted to see him.

“Little fox, why are you standing there blankly? I have already removed the barrier, making it easier for you to enter.” Long Yi’s voice resounded in Bertha’s ears as if he was right beside her. She shouted in fright and jumped in shock as she didn’t expect Long Yi to detect her.

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