Chapter 72: Gonna Get Rich!

“Teacher Yao, I think your salary isn’t that high, right? Especially teachers like you, who are still an intern. Every day, you cook me delicious food, but you most likely have spent a lot of money on it, right? How about letting me pay for the meals next time?” Cheng Yu asked seriously. After interacting with her for so long, Cheng Yu had understood his teacher’s lifestyle. Her room was very simply decorated, and her cosmetic products were only a few of those cheap skincare products. This all showed that her living conditions were not ideal and could be defined as sub-par.

After he had followed Yang Ruoxue and Lan Ya out for shopping numerous times, he gained some knowledge on women’s lifestyles. Inside Yao Na’s room, she didn’t possess anything expensive, as even her handbag was also a very ordinary one.

Every day, Cheng Yu would have his dinner at her place, and it caused him to feel very embarrassed about it. She had been painstakingly tutoring him and also cooking for him. In addition to her beauty and her gentleness, she was really the perfect candidate to be a loving mother and wife.

“My salary isn’t that high, but if it were to you a meal every single day, I can still afford it. If you really wish to help me, then you should really take studying seriously. During the national exam, I hope you get good grades. This would be the best payment you can give me.”

“En. Rest assured. I promised you before that I will definitely get into Yunhai University.”

“That will be the best. I also believe that with your intelligence and your ability to learn, getting into Yunhai University won’t be a hard issue. But you mustn’t be complacent because of this. Studying is like walking against the current, you mustn’t retreat at all cost. You are left with a month more to the national exam. No matter how hard working you must be, it is also during this period of time before everything comes to head,” With regards to Cheng Yu’s learning ability, Yao Na wasn’t worried at all. It was that he was too lazy, and without any encouragement given to him, he will never do his best.

“En, en. I know. I have already heard you countless times. Tomorrow is the weekend. Let’s go out and have some fun.”

“Not going. During the weekends, I need to go back home,” Yao Na rejected.

“Where’s your home? Let me follow you back to visit my mother-in-law.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Who’s your mother-in-law? I am not telling you. In any case, it’s not that far from Yunhai.”

“I can at least send you there, so you don’t have to take the trouble of getting a car.”

“It’s fine. Alright, you go and study first. I will tidy up the dining area,” Yao Na started to clean up the plates on the dining table.


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The next day, Yang Ruoxue gave Cheng Yu a call and asked him to come over to her place to discuss the issue of how they should sell the Longevity Pill in the market.

“Ruoxue, the Rejuvenation Pill and Eternal Youth Pill have already been on the market for a month, how are the sales so far?” Cheng Yu laid down on the sofa as he asked Yang Ruoxue.

“We are only selling in the surrounding malls around Yunhai. Therefore the range of sales is quite narrow. The sales this month was around 700 million,” talking about the sales of the pill, Yang Ruoxue was elated.

Previously, when she was developing new cosmetic products, she needed a large amount of promoters to help her market the product and also needed a large group of researchers to continuously innovate and improve the product.

However, after Cheng Yu had passed her these two pills, there was no longer a need for that. The formula Cheng Yu had given her was perfect. The only thing that she need to worry about was the secrecy of the formula. As for sales, it was never a problem to her.

After a lot of advertisement, as well as the surprise reaction of users, the Rejuvenation Pill and Eternal Youth Pill were the hottest topic when women were in discussion.

“700 million? So much!” Cheng Yu was startled. Only on the market for a month and it already had sales of 700 million. If it were to be sold to the surrounding cities, or even the whole country, the profits he would be getting would definitely be a frightening figure.

“Of course. It is because the Rejuvenation Pill and Eternal Youth Pill comes in a set. Since they are going to buy one of them, they don’t mind getting the other pill as well. Besides, by buying both, there will be a discount for customers.”

“Can our manufacturing catch up to the demand?”

“Currently, there isn’t an issue. But if we were to sell in all the shopping malls in the nation, there may be some difficulty,” when it came to this point, Yang Ruoxue said awkwardly.

“We should expand the manufacturing then. At least prepare for the future when we sell to the whole nation.”

“En. I am preparing for it. It is just that I am still looking for bigger land. However, there are a large amount of shopping malls that wish to cooperate with us. They want to become our agents in order to gain the right of selling the pills. They want to act as exclusive dealers. What is your opinion on this?”

“Of course not. The only way to get the pill should be through us. In the future, there will definitely be more pills that will arise. Besides, this is the chance for us to scale up our production and it is not suitable to increase the supply in the market. At the current moment, we should just satisfy the demand of Yunhai City.” His pills were unique and unmatched, but was also something meant for profiting. Since he wasn’t going to sell the patent, why would he let others know the formula?

“How about the Longevity Pill? Do you still want to release it into the market?” Yang Ruoxue asked.

“Let’s not release it first. The Longevity Pill definitely has to have a sky-high price. It should be a luxury item, so the higher the price, the better. Not only can it bring in maximum profits, it will also lessen the pressure of production. Furthermore, it will also showcase it is a luxury. Extending one’s life is something that should only be afforded by the rich. If they are poor, it will be better for them to die early, why bother live a life of suffering?”

“You are really a profiteer. Only you will be able to think of such thing. However, what you said does have a point. Why would the poor buy a pill to extend their lifespan,” Yang Ruoxue laughed.

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“Ruoxue, whenever you laugh, you look so beautiful. You should really laugh more whenever you are with me. Like that, I wouldn’t need to eat the Longevity Pill, but I would also have a long lifespan.”

“Who is going to laugh for you? You should ask the big *** woman to laugh for you,” the moment she heard what Cheng Yu asked of her, Yang Ruoxue immediately restrained her laughter and said ill-humoredly.

“Hehe. Ruoxue, are you also jealous of her big ***? If you are willing, I can also help you grow bigger,” Cheng Yu smirked and said.

“Her big *** were caused by you?” With regards to Lan Ya’s enormous ***, Yang Ruoxue was really envious of them.

“Of course not. I don’t even know what the girl ate, but she was born with huge ***. Actually, your current size is quite perfect, too big isn’t always a good thing.”

“Hmph! I don’t need your opinion. My grandfather is looking for you. He has something he wishes to discuss with you. I hope you would be able make a trip down to his house.” When she heard Cheng Yu had praised her size was perfect, Yang Ruoxue felt a sense of happiness. She quickly changed the topic though.

“Your grandfather? Could it be he is finally going to betroth you to me? I guess I will have to prepare a betrothal gift then.”

“I am too lazy to bother with your shenanigans. Follow me.”


“Xiao Yu, I am afraid you have truly forgotten about this old man, right? It’s been so long since you visited me. If it was not because I asked Ruoxue to invite you over, I guess you will have also forgotten about the address of this old man as well.” The moment Cheng Yu was about to sat down in the hall, Yang Ruoxue brought over Yang Tianhu and several uncles.

“Haha! Recently I am busy with my studies, that is why I didn’t have time to visit Grandpa Yang. I hope Grandpa Yang would forgive me and not hassle me,” Cheng Yu stood up and laughed.

“Haha! I am just joking with you. How could I hassle you? You are currently our Yang family’s big benefactor.”

“Grandpa Yang, what you said seems like you are regarding me as an outsider. I have always considered Ruoxue as someone close to me. That is to say that we are like a family. Since we are a family, when is there such a word like ‘benefactor’ to a family.”

“I like what Xiao Yu just said. I always liked your straightforwardness. Not hypocritical or pretentious.” Regarding Cheng Yu, Yang Tianhu really liked him from the bottom of his heart. Besides, Cheng Yu was someone who had true ability, and even if he were to be called an extraordinary man, it was also not an exaggeration.

Yang Tianhu was someone who had witnessed all kinds of people, and he knew that Cheng Yu wasn’t a mortal and he knew that these people were usually very arrogant. However, Cheng Yu didn’t possess such haughtiness.

“Hehe, Grandpa Yang is overpraising me.”

“Xiao Yu, you are really very formidable. I heard from Xiao Xue that the pill you guys collaborated on had very good sales.”

“Haha! I am just earning some short change. That’s all.”

“Haha! Is it really just some short change? Xiao Yu, I invited you over today because it has been a long time since I have seen you and wish to have a talk with you. Other than that, I also have an issue that I need to discuss with you.

“Grandpa Yang, there’s no harm in saying what you are thinking.”

“I think we should talk about it in my study room. Xiao Xue, follow me as well. The rest of you, stay here. Also, get the kitchen to cook the meal earlier. I want to have a big feast together with Xiao Yu,” Yang Tianhu stood up and told his sons and brothers.

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