Chapter 71: Discussing Official Business in Kunlun

15 days later, inside the secular Kunlun Sect discussion hall, a person was seated. He looked around 50 years old. He gave off an imposing vibe. Eight elders sat around him. At this moment, the discussion hall was very quiet and no one had any idea what they were here for.

The man seated in the front of the table used his eyes to scan through the two row of elders. When he saw all of them had lowered their heads and were silent, he broke the silence by saying, ”10 days. It has been 10 days. Since we weren’t able to find Xuan’er and Elder Guan for the past 10 days, what are the elders’ opinions on this matter?”

The imposing man said it in a very tranquil manner, but after he finished his sentence, the echo lingered around the hall before it dissipated. All the elders in the hall were very fearful and apprehensive. Obviously, they were able to sense a hint of fury when he spoke.

Young Master Fang Wenxuan and Elder Guan Shiyuan had descended from the mountain this time to attend Lan Jinsong’s birthday banquet and they had been away for a very long time. One of them was an elder while the other person was the young master of the sect and they were important figures within the sect.

Not only was Fang Wenxuan the Young Master of the sect, he was also the only son of the Sect Master. Usually, he would dote on him. In order to increase his cultivation, he would even use precious pills from the sect to nourish and supplement his son’s body. That was why he was able to reach the Qi Training Realm when he was only 27 years old.

This time, they had actually disappeared after descending from the mountain. Cultivators were in a decline this generation. There shouldn’t be anyone in the secular world who would be able to contest them, especially when Elder Guan was a Foundation Establishment Realm expert.

However, there wasn’t any news about them right now, so how could Sect Master Xuan Yang not be frustrated. This was not only giving Kunlun Sect a tight slap, it was also related to the life of his son!

“Sect Master, I think this matter is too suspicious. Judging from the Young Master and Elder Guan’s cultivation, there is definitely no one in the secular world that would be able to harm them. And now, they suddenly went missing. There is a high chance that they met a cultivator from another sect,” The one who spoke up was the law enforcement elder, Xing Xing. He was the same as Sect Master as he was in the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm and was the first elder of the secular world Kunlun Sect.

“I have checked before, and currently, the only sect who still has activities in the secular world are the Shushan Sect and us. Besides, the Shaolin Sect doesn’t interfere with secular world matters. Furthermore, Shushan Sect has always been neutral towards us. Yunhai was in the east and Shushan was in the west. The area they covered would definitely not reach here. Even if Xuan’er had gotten into conflict with them, once his opponent knew that he was from Kunlun, they wouldn’t even make a move on him. In addition, with Elder Guan’s cultivation level, even if he had met an elder from Shushan, they wouldn’t even be able to kill him or capture him, let alone escape from them. Now, we don’t even have any news about them, I’m worried that they really met an mysterious expert,” Sect Master Xuan Yang gave his opinion on the issue as he spoke solemnly.

“Is Sect Master trying to say that there may be a chance that another sect has entered the secular world?” A cultivating elder thought for a moment before repyling.

“Perhaps. The technology in the secular world is advancing very quickly. Although their guns aren’t able to hurt a Foundation Establishment Realm expert, who can confirm that they didn’t invent something more powerful. Even if it is just an ordinary pistol, if Elder Guan wasn’t on guard, there may be a chance that a mishap can happen,” Elder Xing voiced out his opinion on the matter.

“Elder Xing has a point. It doesn’t matter who Xuan’er and Elder Guan offended, what is most important right now is to locate them. Did you receive any news from Lan Jinsong’s side?” Sect master Xuan Yang said.

“Those who went over to investigate just returned. They were waiting outside the discussion hall. I will call them in right away,” One of the elders who sat behind went out and called them in.

A moment later, the elder brought a young man in. The moment the young man entered, he kneeled down nervously. He greeted the Sect Master respectfully, ”Reporting to the Sect Master. I have investigated the Lan family for the past 10 days. According to the disciples that were stationed outside the Lan family, Young Master and Elder Guan had gotten into a conflict with a young man.”

“Oh? What conflict? What’s the reason?” Sect Master Xuan Yang frowned.

“Yes. Reporting to Sect Master, that day, at Lan Jinsong’s birthday banquet, Lan Jinsong’s daughter brought a young man back. Furthermore, she declared that the young man was her boyfriend. Because of this, Young Master got into a verbal conflict with him. However, Young Master didn’t battle it out with him, and he left the place together with Elder Guan. At first, the disciples thought that they would be heading back to the mountain, but after they left, they lost contact with them.”

“Did you check on the young man’s background? What kind of person is he?” This incident was definitely very strange. Judging from his son’s personality, if someone were to have insulted him, he would definitely humiliate them back in front of everyone. Since he had actually chose to leave, there was definitely something off about this young man.

“His name is Cheng Yu, 18 years old. He is a student in Yunhai City. He is also Mayor Zhao’s nephew. We can’t find any other information on him other than this,” The young man who was kneeling down right now was afraid that the Sect Master would punish him as he could only find so little information about his son’s locatio after investigating for 10 days.

18-year-old student? Does he have anyone around him when he goes around?” Since he was a student, the chances of Xuan’er letting him off was even lower. Unless, there was an expert protecting him.

“He doesn’t have. I followed him for seven days. Usually he would spend his time in school. During lunch, he would hang out with girls. However, I found out that he does have some relations with the underground syndicate, Blood Wolf Gang, in Yunhai City.

“Are they very powerful? What kind of experts do they have?”

“Blood Wolf Gang is one of the four local tyrant groups. It couldn’t be said that they are very powerful. I investigated them. They are formed by three brothers. Two of them learned some external martial arts while the other one did learn as well, except he was crippled by someone recently.”

“En. Enough. You can go off first,” Sect Master Xuan Yang told the young man.

“Elders, what is your opinion on this matter?” Sect Master Xuan Yang looked at those elders who were sitting down.

“I think the probability of Cheng Yu being the culprit is the highest,” Elder Xing said.

“Since the Lan family knew how powerful we are and they still dared to embarrass him, this shows that they found another backing and they wish to break off their relation with the Kunlun Sect. And judging from the way the situation occurred, this Cheng Yu should be their new backing. Although we still didn’t manage to find out his background, this incident is definitely related to him.

“What Elder Xing just analyzed seems very reasonable. Since it’s like that, we shall send someone to investigate this Cheng Yu. If he is really someone from the cultivation world, I don’t think they would send anyone who is in the Golden Core

Realm. At most, he would be at the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm. Elder Yun and Elder Feng, since both of you are also at the middle stage of Foundation Establishment Realm, both of you shall descend down the mountain and investigate him! You don’t have to make any contact with your target, but you just need to try to find the location of Xuan’er and Elder Guan. If you confirmed that this incident was caused by him, you have to bring him back. But if he is too strong for the both of you to handle, just come back and report to us first. We shall think of another plan,” Sect Master Xuan Yang looked at the two elders as he gave his orders.

“We shall descend the mountain. Oh yes, how should we handle the Lan family?” Elder Yun stood up and asked.

“Hmph! Since they want to be a disobedient dog, just slaughter them. However, don’t do it now, you can just ignore them and investigate how powerful their backing is first. Don’t act rashly and alert the enemy, or you will invite further troubles,” Sect Master Xuan Yang said seriously.


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Half a month passed and Cheng Yu had really became an obedient student. Every day, he would stay in school to do his assignments and during the night, he would go over to Yao Na’s place to study English. During the day he would tease Lin Yuhan, and at night, he would tease his beautiful teacher. This kind of life was really pure enjoyment!

“Teacher Yao, a woman like you who is able to cook and work, you mustn’t marry someone else before I get a wife. Otherwise, I will definitely regret not taking my chances,” Cheng Yu spoke while gorging on the food in front of him.

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“Just eat your meal. With so much rice in your mouth, you still can’t stop talking. Every day, you will definitely talk nonsense without fail,” Yao Na glimpsed at Cheng Yu. For this period of time, although Cheng Yu had been attending her tutoring every day, he would also always talk nonsense. Without fail, he would occasionally tease her. She had already gotten used to it. This had really become a headache for her.

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