Chapter 70: Battle of the Foundation Establishment Realm (Part 2)

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When Guan Shiyuan saw Cheng Yu started to consume some spiritual Qi pills, he also swallowed some pills. Spiritual Qi pills were a must-have pill for cultivators. Spiritual Qi pills have always been used as a currency for transactions between cultivators, and the pills are very useful during cultivation or battle.

Every year, the Kunlun Sect would gather a large amount of medical herbs just to refine pills. Although the secular world’s medical herbs aren’t comparable to the cultivation world’s, there is a large amount of people and abundant resources. With so many people, they can harvest a large amount of medical herbs. Furthermore, as a Kunlun Sect elder, he wasn’t lacking spiritual Qi.

When he saw Cheng Yu was making his move, Guan Shiyuan’s heart was trembling. The way this guy fought was as if he didn’t care about his life. Every move he used became more and more ruthless.

Guan Shiyuan’s dantian was filled with spiritual Qi. He gathered his spiritual Qi in his right palm. He looked at the flying fist before sending a palm strike to block it. However, his palm strike was very puny compared to the fist that was targeting him.

“Bam!” Both strikes collided into each other. Guan Shiyuan’s strike was destroyed the moment it made contact with Cheng Yu’s whirling spiritual fist and the spiritual fist landed on Guan Shiyuan’s hand. “Crack, crack, crack.” Sounds of bones shattering were followed by Guan Shiyuan being knocked back by 10 meters.

Guan Shiyuan fell to the ground and vomited blood. He felt cold sweat going down his back. He looked at his broken hand, and his complexion was constantly changing. He didn’t expect his opponent’s spiritual Qi would be so terrifying.

At this moment, Cheng Yu didn’t bother to show any compassion to his opponent as his complexion was still very cold. His spiritual Qi started to surge on his hand, and he prepared to kill off his enemy as he rushed once again.

Just as they were about five meters from each other, a bright blue light shined on Guan Shiyuan’s waist. The blue light flew towards Cheng Yu, causing him to turn his body to dodge the attack.

When the blue light brushed pass Cheng Yu’s left arm, it left behind a long sword wound. Cheng Yu turned his head back to look at the blue light and shouted, ”Flying sword!”

His opponent actually had a flying sword! To a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator, this was a very precious object. Not only can a flying sword help a cultivator to fly, it can also be counted as a multi-purpose tool. It was the best weapon to be used for assassinations!

Originally, Cheng Yu wanted to craft a flying sword, but the requirement to craft it was very high. It needed superior quality crystals to be able to craft, and he didn’t have the time to search for it in Yunhai City. Although there was superior quality ores, the difference between the ores and crystals were too big. The sword crafted from ores could only be used for flight. If it were to be used for fights, the moment it touches a crystal-based flying sword, it would end up being like the long sword Guan Shiyuan had used before, broken into pieces.

Furthermore, the amount of Qi needed to craft a flying sword was too high. It wasn’t worth doing so. Besides that, how can he possibly fly here and there in such a busy city. Therefore, even if he crafted it, it would be a useless tool.

Currently, in front of him was a flying sword. Every flying sword required a contract done through a blood pact to recognize an owner. If he were to kill Guan Shiyuan, the flying sword would turn into an ownerless object. Of course, the contract would automatically vanish as well.

At this moment, Cheng Yu’s desire to kill Guan Shiyuan grew even greater. When he saw the flying sword was flying towards him again, he dodged. This sword was something that should never be grabbed directly!

“Haha! I didn’t expect you to actually have a flying sword. You will definitely have to die today,” Cheng Yu looked at Guan Shiyuan as he laughed. He punched his fist out once again. A white whirling fist flew towards Guan Shiyuan again.

Since Guan Shiyuan’s right hand was already crippled, he had to use his left hand. His flying sword hovered over the top of his head. He waved his hand causing the sword to flew towards the white fist.

The flying sword clashed with the white fist. However, this time, the situation was the different. The flying sword suppressed Cheng Yu’s fist. The clash was in equilibrium for a moment before the fist broke and the flying sword flew towards Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu immediately evaded it. However, the flying sword was too fast, so it left a long sword wound on Cheng Yu’s left arm again.

The flying sword flew back towards Guan Shiyuan and he laughed, ”Haha! Little fellow, you didn’t expect it did you? Although you are powerful, can you block my flying sword? You are dead this time. I will definitely let you experience the consequences of crippling my right arm!”

Guan Shiyuan consumed some spiritual Qi pills again. The blue light emitted from the flying sword grew brighter as it flew up into the sky.

“Aurora Sword Shadow!” Guan Shiyuan roared. This was a unique skill from the Kunlun Sect. The sword stopped itself in the sky and slashed downwards. Numerous sword reflections came towards Cheng Yu.

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Cheng Yu realized that he could not evade this technique, and he panicked. He no longer thought of evading and consumed a bottle of spiritual Qi pills. He started to do some hand signs before he shouted, ”Spiritual Mirror!”

On top of Cheng Yu, a 10 meter wide spiritual Qi whirlpool formed. The whirlpool’s revolving speed grew faster every second. It started to look like a big mirror as it has dazzling white lights shot out of it.

Cheng Yu adjusted the mirror’s position to ensure that it was facing Guan Shiyuan. All the sword reflections that were shot into the mirror were shot back to Guan Shiyuan.

Guan Shiyuan’s complexion turned ashen as he was startled. He fell back several steps before trying to escape. However, these were sword reflections, how could he outrun them? He screamed before he was annihilated by his own sword reflections.

As for Fang Wenxuan, he was frightened to death. Previously, the moment he saw Guan Shiyuan’s hand was crippled, he was already preparing to run away. However, the moment his martial uncle brought out his flying sword, he was elated. However, the situation turned worse! He thought that Cheng Yu would die for certain this time, so he didn’t expect that the situation would take a turn for the worse where even his martial uncle would also get annihilated!

However, he had to escape! Fang Wenxuan experienced many firsts in this latest trip to the secular world. The first time he was scared for his life. The first time he had experienced a life-or-death situation. The first time someone opposed him.

When he was at the Kunlun Sect, he would often spar with his Senior Brother and Sister who were in the Qi Training Realm, so he had never experienced such a setback. After all, the cultivation Fang Wenxuan had right now was all due to his dad using all kinds of pills on him. He hardly had any true experience in real battles.

Furthermore, the disparity between Qi Training Realm and Foundation Establishment Realm was really too big. It was like a child versus an adult who was holding a gun. Even if he had used external means, he still wouldn’t be able to contend against Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu could hit him from miles away, but Fang Wenxuan could only fight in close quarters where he could not win at all.

In this scenario, Fang Wenxuan thought that he made the right choice of running away. However, it was impossible for Cheng Yu to let him escape to bring another calamity for him.

Regarding Fang Wenxuan, he wouldn’t use the method he used to handle Guan Shiyuan. A trail of spiritual Qi flashed as he shot towards his leg. Fang Wenxuan collapsed and fell face first on the ground.

Cheng Yu dashed to him, ”Please don’t kill me. I am wrong. I shouldn’t snatch your woman and shouldn’t have troubled you. Please let me off, Senior!” When he saw Cheng Yu advancing towards him, Fang Wenxuan was at a loss of what to do so he begged.

“Sure, but on one condition. If you were to be able to answer my question with a satisfactory answer, I will let you off,” Cheng Yu looked at Fang Wenxuan’s distress before making the proposition.

“Thank you Senior! Thank you Senior! I will definitely tell you everything I know and not keep any secrets!” When he heard Cheng Yu was willing to let him off, Fang Wenxuan was elated.

“Ok, tell me, what kind of relationship does the secular world Kunlun Sect have with the cultivation world Kunlun Sect?” Right now, the most important thing was to understand the overall relationship of the Kunlun Sect. He mustn’t be too active right now or he would definitely get caught off guard by them.

“The secular world Kunlun Sect is a branch of the cultivation world Kunlun Sect. We help them gather medical herbs and accumulate wealth. In addition, we would also foster some disciples.”

“Oh? Then what kind of expert does the secular world Kunlun Sect have? What realms are those experts in?”

“The most powerful group of people in the secular Kunlun Sect are our elders. They are all in Foundation Establishment Realm. The most powerful person is my Father. He’s the sect leader of the secular Kunlun Sect and is called Sect Master Xuan Yang. He’s in the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm.”

“That’s to say that the secular Kunlun Sect doesn’t have any experts who are in the Golden Core Realm?” This was the main concern Cheng Yu had. After he got the confirmation, his heart calmed down.

“Nope. The moment someone in the secular Kunlun Sect enters the Foundation Establishment Realm, they can either choose to be an elder in the secular Kunlun Sect or go back to the cultivation world to cultivate in the main Kunlun Sect.”

“En. You answered all my questions very well. However, I will still not let you off,” Cheng Yu slapped the top of Fang Wenxuan’s head, sending him to an immediate death.

After that, he used the Six Phoenixes Spiritual Flame to burn Guan Shiyuan and Fang Wenxuan’s bodies, turning them to ashes. From today on, they will no longer exist in this world.

Cheng Yu looked at the one foot long flying sword. The pitch dark appearance made it seem like an ordinary dagger. Cheng Yu shook his head. It was only a Low Grade Treasure, but it was still better than not having any at all.

He cut his finger and dropped his blood on the flying sword. Immediately, a dazzling blue light came from it. It shook for a moment before Cheng Yu was able to feel his mind had a connection with the sword.

He gave out an order from his mind. The flying sword turned into a big sword and was covered in dim blue light. Cheng Yu jumped on top of it as he flew towards the city.

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