Chapter 69: Battle of the Foundation Establishment Realm (Part 1)

This time, it can be said that bad things turned into something good. Not only did Lan Jinsong get rid of the Kunlun Sect, but he had even found someone stronger to become his backing.

Furthermore, he was the nephew of the mayor. This relationship could also mean that he had a connection the mayor now. In the future, he could rely on this connection to gain better prospects.

“Since you have already handled it, it’s great. You should go ahead and greet the other guests first. I can’t possibly make the main actor stay here to accompany me for the whole night, right?”

“Ok. I shall go and apologize to the others. I will leave first. Later on I will be back to drink a few glasses with the mayor!” Lan Jinsong picked up his wine glass and walked to to other tables.

“Mayor Zhao, Madam Zhao and Ms. Yang, I shall toast you with this glass of wine. The problem today was caused by me and has made everyone disappointed,” Lan Ya sat beside Cheng Yu as she poured herself a glass of wine before holding the glass up high and toasting. After that, she drank it all in one shot.

“Ms. Lan is being too polite. Since the matter has already been settled, everyone should start enjoying themselves then,” Zhao Minglong voiced his opinion.

“Alright! Let’s eat! Stop toasting each other, don’t you feel tired doing that? I am already starving!” Cheng Yu rolled his eyes.

However, the atmosphere around the table was not that lively as it was supposed to be, especially when having the meal. Lan Ya occasionally would place food onto Cheng Yu’s plate, and when Yang Ruoxue saw that, she got quite annoyed.

After mealtime, the guests started to leave. Cheng Meiyan looked at Cheng Yu and said, ”Xiao Yu, let’s make a move as well.”

“You guys go first. I will go home myself later.”

“You didn’t even drive here. How are you going to go home alone when there isn’t a valet here.”

“It’s alright, Lan Ya will drive me back later,” Cheng Yu said.

“Ok then. Your uncle and I shall make a move first then.”

Yang Ruoxue glanced at Lan Ya. After that, she glared at Cheng Yu before walking out with Cheng Meiyan.

“Why didn’t you follow them back?” When his family had left, Lan Ya asked curiously.

“Of course it’s because I am reluctant to leave you. You are so attractive, I couldn’t extricate myself from you.”

“Stop b*llsh*tt*ng with me. I can tell that Yang Ruoxue is quite interested in you. When we were eating just now, she kept on glaring at me.”

“Therefore, I always warn you girls that I am very charming. You should always grasp the opportunity or I will get snatched by another girl,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Are you trying to hint that you have a lot of women outside?”

“I can’t even count them all!” Cheng Yu said shamelessly.

“Enough, let’s get to business! Are you thinking that Fang Wenxuan will deal with you later, and that’s why you chose to leave alone?” Lan Ya asked seriously.

“Hehe! People always say that big *** women have no brains, but you have such big ***, but you are also so intelligent.” He had to praise Lan Ya for her insight.

Fang Wenxuan didn’t dare to slaughter him in front of others, but if there was no one around, they didn’t have to take anything into consideration. Cheng Yu also wished to get rid of them in a faster manner. He chose to go off alone so that they will have an opportunity to attack him, which would allow him to have the chance to get rid of them as well.


Cheng Yu drove Lan Ya’s Porsche out of the villa. After driving for around 500 meters, at one of the junctions, a car started to follow him.

Cheng Yu looked at his rear mirror and smirked. After that, he drove towards the outskirts.

“Teacher, that woman is heading towards the outskirts,” Fang Wenxuan said while following the Porsche in front of him.

“It’s very likely that the driver is that little fellow and the woman should not be in the car. He’s purposely luring us. Follow him! Even if he is from Limitless Palace, after we kill him, no one would know,” Guan Shiyuan wrinkled his eyebrows as he spoke resentfully.

After driving for 30 minutes, Cheng Yu arrived at a forest teeming with wildlife. He got out of the car and leaned against it while waiting for Fang Wenxuan.

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2 minutes later, a car with very bright headlights pulled over.

“Not bad, quite fast. I thought that I would still have to wait for another 10 minutes,” Cheng Yu laughed when he saw Fang Wenxuan and Guan Shiyuan came out from the car.

“Young fellow, you are quite courageous. Although your cultivation is not bad, you are quite dumb. Just because you are in Foundation Establishment Realm, you actually dare to lure us here? You think you will be able to survive?” Guan Shiyuan looked at Cheng Yu as if he was already a dead man in his eyes.

“Haha! Although your cultivation level is just a bit higher than mine, you really think that you have the ability to kill me? Even though there’s two of you, one of you is just a piece of trash.”

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“Hmph! Don’t be too arrogant. After you died by my hand, we will know who the trash is,” When he heard Cheng Yu call him trash, Fang Wenxuan was furious. Although he is in the Qi Training Realm, at his age, to be able to cultivate to that level, he can be considered a genius and yet, Cheng Yu dared to called him trash, how could he not be angry?

Since he was here to kill people, than he should no longer talk nonsense with him. Cheng Yu waved his hand, causing a strain of spiritual Qi to turned into a spiritual slash as he swung towards Fang Wenxuan.

Fang Wenxuan didn’t expect Cheng Yu to be so quick. They had just finished debating with each other and he had already made his move. To a cultivator who was at the Qi Training Realm, they had no way to project out their spiritual Qi and wrap themselves in it. They could only protect their internal organs.

Facing Cheng Yu’s spiritual slash, he really had no way to guard himself against it. He could only choose to dodge it. Otherwise, even if he wasn’t slashed into pieces, he would definitely become a cripple.

Since Cheng Yu had suddenly attacked him, how could he possibly evade it? Fang Wenxuan’s complexion changed. Fortunately, Guan Shiyuan made his move. He projected out a huge amount of spiritual Qi, blocking Cheng Yu’s spiritual slash.

However, Cheng Yu was just probing his opponent’s strength. When he felt that Guan Shiyuan’s cultivation stage was just stronger than him by a little, and wasn’t stronger than him by a full realm, his confidence increased.

Cheng Yu punched out once again. A big white spiritual fist rushed towards them. Guan Shiyuan put his hand on Fang Wenxuan as they flew up, dodging the fist. However, the white spiritual fist actually hit their car behind them. “Boom!” As a result, the car exploded.

Fang Wenxuan’s complexion turned pale when he saw the situation. F*ck! The disparity in their realm was so big! If this were to land on his body, wouldn’t he became dust?!

After Guan Shiyuan moved Fang Wenxuan into the air, he took out a long sword from his storage bag[1]. He waved a few slashes at Cheng Yu, causing a few sword light to shoot towards him.

Cheng Yu quickly dodged it. As a result, the Porsche Lan Ya had lent to him exploded due to the sword light impacting upon it. D*mn it! This was a car I just borrowed! Later on, I will have to walk back by foot!

He was raging deep down in his heart. He joined his hands together causing a lion head to be formed in the sky. The moment it roared, Fang Wenxuan who was a distance away was frightened as he quickly covered his ears.

At this moment, Guan Shiyuan also felt that his ear was in pain and his chest felt tight. His opponent’s strength was far too powerful! Although he was in the middle stage of Foundation Establishment Realm, and his cultivation was higher than him by a stage, his opponent’s spiritual Qi was denser than his! Furthermore, his opponent’s attacks were all very mysterious. It didn’t seem as if he was a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator.

When he saw the lion head was flying towards him, he covered his sword with his spiritual Qi as he slashed at the lion head. “Ping!” The moment the sword made contact with the lion head, a fierce explosion occurred. The lion head had already disappeared, but Guan Shiyuan’s sword had also broken into pieces.

Because of the might of the explosion, it caused them to retreat back by around 10 meters. At the corners of their mouths, there was a flow of blood coming out. Because he had to block against the lion head, Guan Shiyuan’s injury was heavier than Cheng Yu’s injury. After he had used a large amount of spiritual Qi to block the attack, he would definitely be at a disadvantage if he were to continue to fight with Cheng Yu.

At this moment, Cheng Yu wasn’t feeling that good as well. The summoning of the lion head had consumed a large amount of his spiritual Qi. He quickly consumed a few spiritual Qi pill to replenish his Qi.

He had decided that he would definitely not let his opponent escape today. Although he was using the name of Limitless Palace, it was impossible for him to hope that Limitless Palace would give him a hand in this. Therefore, he cannot let them escape or there would definitely be a calamity.

Even though the Kunlun Sect would definitely search for him, it would still take them some time to do so. Besides, since they are from the Kunlun Sect in the secular world, their experts would definitely not make a trip down because of this. As most of their experts had already gotten used to the dense spiritual Qi in the cultivation world, they will definitely not want to come over to the secular world ever again to experience the sparse spiritual Qi here.

Therefore, what he needed now was time. After he had entered the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm, his chances of survival would definitely increase. At least when facing the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm, he shouldn’t have any issues defeating them.

After he consumed a large amount of spiritual Qi pills and felt that his spiritual Qi had been replenished, he dashed towards Guan Shiyuan and punched him with his fist. The fist was very terrifying, as in front of the fist, there was a whole spiral whirlpool swirling very violently and the momentum behind it was very extraordinary.

[1] – Editor Note – Storage bag is just like the storage ring that Cheng Yu made and currently uses. In this novel’s world, storage rings are just one kind of dimensional pocket that one can carry.

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